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  • Would this idea do well on wattpad?

    I have been thinking about writing a fictional novel centered around the life a young Black woman, Sage, who has been abused by her schizophrenic mother, sexually abused by her grandfather and confused about her own sexuality.

    I want the book to explore Sage's life from infancy to adulthood, and how she is able to navigate her identity as a Black woman in inner city Houston, Texas.

    This book will delve into the themes of abuse, addiction,mental illness, homosexuality, colorism, Black femininity and poverty.

    It is still being developed, but I believe I have good thing going here. Anyone has any input on how I can avoid cliches and overall advice on how to develop a following a wattpad?

    Thank you in advance.

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  • What Should I Do About This Situation?

    I am 20 year old college student that is currently spending a semester at my parents home. One of my dad's friends happens to be spending the labor day weekend at their home, but he tried to make a pass at me tonight.

    I was walking into the kitchen to get some water, he told me he was wondering where I was. I was little taken back by that comment, he then told me that he loved me and that he thinks about me he asked for my number so he could "give it to his daughter" and of course I gave him a fake one.

    He then pulled me into a hug which I squirmed away from. I told him to let go of me and he shushed me. I immediately ran into my bedroom and locked the door. Where I am currently.

    I know I need to tell my parents but how, this is so awakward to explain. I feel so gross I want to vomit right now.

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  • Am I Wrong?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a mother that does not understand technology at all. I try to teach her what I can but I'm in school and I work, and sometimes I don't have the patience at all. She bought a new phone that came with a users manual and she threw that away -rolls eyes-, now she asks me every single question about the phone and it gets pretty annoying. Once I show someone how to do something once, I get kind of annoyed when I have to show them over and over again.

    I tell my mom all the time, that I'm moving out soon so she needs to learn, I won't be there to pay her bills online for her and do online related things for her. I dont mind doing it every now and again but when I have to do it every day it's like I'm taking on her responsibilities too. She started taking free computer classes but quit.

    I sometimes lose my patience and I'm trying to be more understanding and I'm trying to control my temper, but its hard. I blew up on her today when she kept asking about her phone camera, and now she's is not speaking to me.

    What should I do?

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  • What else can be done to help my schizophrenic sister?

    Hi everyone, I am in a desperate situation with my sister who is schizophrenic.

    She is dangerously obese, she is not taking her blood pressure medication, her blood sugar medication and she is not checking her sugar. She eats like a monster, and she keeps getting bigger each day. There are times she stops taking her meds to treat her schizophrenia and she has mental breakdowns every six months.

    She is so stubborn that you can t tell her anything. I ve tried yelling and threats and none of that is working. What should I do, my family and I can no longer take care of her, I am about to attend college fulltime and work a fulltime job, I simply can not do it anymore, its driving me crazy.

    I love her, but I can t provide the care she needs. If I let her live with me any longer, I m afraid she will die from health complications related to her weight and mental illness.

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  • How should I handle this situation?

    Today was the worst day for me at work,

    I have a manager that has a funny way of intimidating me whenever she is around me. I have been working at a department store for the past month, my first job, but, they never gave me real training, they just threw me at random departments.

    Whenever I ask for help at the register, she shrugs me off or she tries to make me look like a total fool. Today while I was helping a gentleman, she decided to stick around at the register, which was already embarrassing enough for me, because she embarrassed me in front of a customer prior to the arrival this gentleman.

    When I was trying to scan his items, she kept slapping my hand away and telling me I was doing it wrong, I literally wanted to cry, but being that I didn t want to create a scene, I kept it together. My co-workers were laughing about the situation, I felt so bad, I left work early.

    I ve already turned in my two week notice a week before, I just felt that their work environment is unhealthy for me mentally and emotionally.

    I want to talk to her about the incident tomorrow, I don t even know what to say. Tomorrow is going to be my second to last day and I am honestly excited to leave.

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  • How long did it take you to feel competent at work?

    Hey all, I just started a seasonal retail position at a department store and my first day was a complete flop lol.

    This is my first job ever, and I felt a little intimidated by my more experienced coworkers. They helped me a lot, but I felt that I was slowing down their work efforts.

    I can't even speak about the register, I was so confused especially with using coupons and what not, needless to say, I felt dumb.

    I hope that I'll be up to speed on the job soon.

  • How should I handle this situation?

    Hello everyone, my aunt recently passed away i was very close to her. I went to her funeral today and boyfriends of my mother were there as well. One of my mom s friends looked at me shaking her head and began to criticize my natural hair. She showed up to the repass and told me to blow dry it and fix it. I was so hurt, she didn t ask me how I was feeling, she is always picking on me and it hurts me, I know she is very close to my mom but I don t know what to do. I am not a confrontational person, I was so offended that I left the repass. I appreciate rational opinions.

    Thank you.

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  • A few Questions for RN nurses...a fun questionnaire (Thank you in advance)?

    The Nursing Field Interview Questions

    1. Why did you become a nurse?

    2. Did you always have the desire to pursue nursing?

    3. What other career options have you considered?

    4. What factors contributed to your choice of area in nursing?

    5. Did you encounter any stumbling blocks as a new nurse?

    6. What tips would you give to nursing students?

    7. What do you consider to be the pros and cons of nursing?

    8. Are there any valuable skills you’ve learned from nursing? What do you consider to be the top three?

    9. In your opinion, what are the components of a good nurse?

    10. Have you ever considered working in a different setting? Why or why not?

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  • Attachment image

    Am I fat or just curvy? (photo included)?

    Be honest if you want, I weigh 142 pounds, and I'm pretty short because I'm 5'4, also, my measurements are 34-29-41. My friend has always teased me and calls me a fat *** because of my hips and thighs , although I know she's joking, it really hurts sometimes. I don't think it would hurt to hear different opinions. Thank you in advance.

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  • What do you think of the first Chapter of my novel?

    Title: The Sorrows of Master William's Plantation

    Chapter 1:

    Master Williams sat conflicted in his black recliner chair. he shifted side to side for a few moments glaring at the Victorian style paintings of his family, that led his eyes to recent photos of his much younger and attractive wife Evelyn and his adolescent son Calvin, whose frown faced the girl of bondage, Ruthie. She stood as still as a nutcracker, her eyes fixed on the photo of Calvin, and her hands tightly gripped around the handle of a cold pitcher that was as chilly as death itself.

    " More water please Ruthie" Ruthie ran to Master William's side, refilling his glass half empty, he motioned his hand to Daniel who held his glass towards the pitcher, the water became hot as it poured into his glass tipping the rim.

    "So Daniel, you want eave me alone about this plantation, I've already told you I'll find a way to pay you back"

    "When big brother? We've been here before. You can't even afford to keep half of your house and field ******* anymore. I have a home in Virginia, why not spend you days there"

    "Why would I be crazy enough to leave my folk under barbaric care?"

    "Simply because you owe me big brother, and you don't have the money to repay me for the ******* you purchased at the auction, so I'd be glad to take the whole plantation, and buy a couple of servants for you in Virginia"

    " Hold on Daniel, I promised you the first payment, so I'll give that to you" Master Williams frantically searched through his desk for money but realized that the money he found wasn't even enough to buy a slave a new shift, harvest time was over, and money ran dry when cotton became scarce.

    Daniel stopped his busy hand with a tight grip." I don't want your money big brother, I want the specimen that you bought at the auctions with my money".

    Master William's face grew grim, and the wrinkles around his cheeks stretched as he gritted his teeth.

    "Daniel, I am perhaps the kindest slave owner in all of Georgia. It's been that way since 1816, when you were just a mere boy. I refuse to pass my legacy to a man who chooses to treat these folk in savage manner"

    "Ha! Your folk will get punished by me if authority is being challenged! We have the upper hand, not them"

    Master Williams scoffed "Ruthie do you respect your Master?"

    Ruthie nodded in agreement "Yes suh, I sho do respect ya masta". The young woman jammed her self against the wall, the pitcher trembling in her hands as Daniel's green, serpent like eyes fixed themselves on Ruthie's maturing body.

    " I think I like your choice in specimen big brother" Daniel motioned his to Ruthie, who slowly crept toward the door.

    "Get out Daniel, your a pest of all sorts!" "Paul, please show Mr. Daniel out" the servant trailed behind Daniel ,fancied in a trim black and white suit that was well put together in comparison to Daniel's midnight bar attire.

    Master Williams rested his throbbing head on his desk. However he wasn't resting.

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  • Should I continue with my poetry book?

    Brenda: The abused Woman

    Blink, don’t flinch

    Just blink

    The pain will be over with

    Whimper, don’t scream


    He won’t think you’re so weak

    Walk, don’t run


    He won’t think you’re leaving him

    He will touch your shoulder

    He will say “sorry”

    A spoken sentiment

    A word he can’t act

    Turn around

    Look at him

    Say “I know”

    He will kiss you where it hurts the most

    He’s acting

    Not because he’s sorry

    He smells your weakness

    Your well adorned subjection to him

    A dog on the leash you are

    You received smacks on the bum

    With rolled up newspapers

    The leading story tells you to “wake up”

    Ignore it

    You’ve done it once


    So ignore the third time

    Take that load of pain

    Lift it as your burden

    You are the weaker vessel

    Yet you carry so much

    Now wake up!

    How the hell did I get here?

    When I yawn, my voice cracks

    When I stretch

    I ache all over

    When I was wide awake

    It was in his world

    If I was wide awake

    It was because I was his

    A broken back aint never hurt anybody

    That’s what my mama use to say

    But what if my arm is broken?

    What about my legs?

    What about my neck?

    My nose?

    The same man who made me a woman

    Painted me black and blue

    I was neither woman

    Nor a member of mankind

    But his property

    And he branded me everyday

    I smiled, but it was mechanical

    I laughed, but it was rehearsed

    And when the show was over

    I pulled back the curtains, and put on my sad mask

    But now that I’m here

    I’ll leave them open…

    It was a rainy afternoon

    I was putting the baby to sleep

    And he walked into the room

    He had his chest all puffed out

    His shoulders all high and mighty

    He said “Girl, didn’t I tell you to clean my shoes!”

    I looked at him and said…

    “Baby, I’m so sorry, I’ll get to it”

    I wasn’t acting

    I was scared out of my mind

    I attempted to get up

    He pushed me back into the rocking chair

    My back hit it with a hard thump

    The baby’s eyes opened

    But she didn’t cry

    She just looked up at me and giggled

    I returned a smile

    I gave my baby the attention he yearned for

    And it burned his soul like a fiery hell

    And he raised hell

    He went charging towards me

    A raging bull he was

    With steam blowing from his nostrils

    I held tightly

    I held my baby tightly in the safety of my arms

    But when…when he picked me up and tossed me aside

    My bundle of joy went flying with me

    My head hit the wall

    Her whole body smashed against the other side of the room

    I heard no cries

    No giggle

    No goo goo gaga

    No life out of what was mine

    I couldn’t hear

    I could only see what was left of her in

    this world

    Oozing blood spreading across the carpet

    I ran for her

    I screamed with all my might

    No tears came out

    I was too shocked to make tears

    My baby’s blood oiled my skin

    And it became my blood!

    A surge of swollen anger came over me

    He walked to me with tears in his eyes

    He was acting

    When he wasn’t acting up

    He was acting

    He put his hand on my shoulder

    And said “sorry”

    My back was turned to him

    I refused to face this monster

    I said “I know”

    He couldn’t kiss me where it hurt the most

    Because it was my heart

    And out my heart my blood pumps!

    I turned around and chocked the hell out of him

    I couldn’t stop

    He was bigger than I was

    But I acquired the strength of a giant

    He heaved and gagged

    And I cried and shouted

    “Paint me black and blue, but not with my blood!”

    I heard vicious knocks on the door

    But I refused to let go of his neck

    I was sitting on top of him

    Tightening my grip

    Police officers ran to the scene

    And they saw a warrior on top of a toy solider

    I let go

    And his head fell to the side

    And I released a glorious scream!

    My victory cry

    I ran for my blood and held her

    The police officers were mortified

    I was prepared for the worse

    I sat in the corner of the room with my blood in my arms

    And a female cop came running to me

    She threw a blanket around my shoulders

    And called me “sister”

    From that day I learned what it meant to be a warrior of womankind

    This aint his-story

    It’s your story

    It’s our story

    It’s my story

    It’s Herstory

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  • Do you think my short-story is good?

    Well, my short story is mainly about how euro-centrism has become a popular ideology for the black community not only in North America, but also in Africa. The main character is from a rural area in Ghana, and has resorted to black market surgery to feel beautiful. So I present to you : The Mask of Mashaula Mahon...

    Sit, and wait to be made new in the home-made office of an illegitimate doctor. Sit and wait, and see what will become of your body; perhaps skin as fair as Angelina Jolie's, no, eyes as fair as Kate Middleton's, refined hair that shines and flows, a face with a narrow nose; that is how beauty goes.

    Black skin that shines like leather brings no pleasure, black wholly hair gives others a scare; we are citizens of euro-center and the standard we obey the "blonde hair, blue eye" policy, and we live by it every day. I chose to confirm my citizenship with my new look.

    "Relax" A dry faced woman put her hand on my shoulder, it was a cold touch with no feeling, I shuttered.

    "Remove your clothes... This will burn, burn like hell, but just think about how pretty you will look".

    The room was fairly humid, but my blood ran cold. I could hear my anxious heart beat thumping in my mind.

    The woman began mixing up different chemicals in a small basin; skin bleaching products, hair relaxers, and cleaning bleach. The smell was unbearable, I found myself becoming dizzy.

    She rubbed each part of skin with the mixture, some areas, she decided to add more; that cold hand, in this now hot room, my spinning eyes turning every still object in sight; I blacked out, though I could still hear, voices weren't too far from me.

    "Give me the knife, so I can fix her nose and eyes" I blacked out again after hearing the word knife, but I awakened by my own screams.

    Blood drained from my nose as she kept on carving. My skin felt as if it was drilled by thousands of needles, I felt her cold hand cover my mouth. She then proceeded to drag me into her bathroom and put me in a tub filled with scorching hot water, my skin was on fire at this point.

    The scene turned frightening when I saw strips of skin floating on top of the water, my mouth shivered as I watched patches of my skin fall apart, it made the water murky.

    I cried and sucked on the blood drained from my nose. When she felt ready to finish the procedure, she used a pocket knife to scrape off the rest of my skin, and she put me in front of the bathroom mirror.

    "Look at you , Hollywood girl, that's what you are" I felt so stupid, so ashamed, what I saw was a ghost covered in blood and rashes.

    I left her office to face mockery from the people of the village. I stuck the confinement of my small home and covered my whole body with a black veil, only my eyes are left out for seeing. I evoked euro-centric citizenship.

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  • What does the word Woy mean?

    I've noticed that In most Caribbean creoles, when something dreadful or exciting happens we tend to say WOY!, but I've never really understood the meaning of woy.

    (Please answer and Thank you :)

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  • Should I continue writing my novel?


    Little Hopaul lives smack down in rural southern Georgia. They say that it was founded by a colored woman by the name of Hope, and a white man by the name of Paul who needed a secret place to express their love. It was the reconstruction period, and the exploitive system of share cropping caused great tension between white and colored folks; poor white farmers needed a new market. There they had built a community based on the idea of assimilation, where the newly freed slaves and white farmers settled for the prospect of starting a fish trade by the delta. Soon they formed a communal bond with one another as well their children and the children of their children. They inevitably became the lowest of the low to the outside world. They were the barbarians of the untouchable south.


    That Hopaul sign just sit there by the Delta; slanted over into the water, rusting and tattered with the scent of raw fish. We row past that sign and into our little by the Delta living. Names are so hard to come up with and I thought about how to name myself that day. Daddy sat with his prized fish turning over in his lap, he chewed on the wheat stock in his mouth, his straw hat stained with fresh blood. The boat stopped over some lily pads and fat mosquitos and it hit me... " I is Rubyblue today daddy!" " Is that so, that be your name now?" " uh-ha suh, it be my name" I proudly nodded my head, and daddy patted it gently messing up my untidy hair even more.

    We stepped out onto the grassy land, wetting the earth with our bare feet.

    "Yo mama gon' fry this fish on the stove with okra"

    " Fried fish and Okra !" I jumped up and down, Daddy just put his arm around my shoulders pulling me close to him as we walked back to our living.

    "Morning Jimpy!" Ms. Deeds called from her wooden porch, she was scaling her fish with a pocket knife, her secret to making good fish.

    It was Friday, yes in deed. Friday was the day for Fish, Okra and grits.

    " You save me some of that fish now Ms. Deeds !" Daddy shouted back, he tipped his hat off to Ms. Deeds' daughter of color, Missy Ell.

    Funny thing is, I couldn't see color not for a long time, I knew Ms. Deeds looked mighty different from me and Daddy, and that her Missy Ell favored us more. I never looked into how straight blonde hair could produce brown wholly hair, because that was just our living.

    I could smell my mama frying up Okra with pork stock. The aroma traveled from our kitchen window out onto the dirt road smashing into my nostrils. I ran ahead of Daddy, straight into the kitchen. The floor boards creaked with the pitter patter of my feet.

    " Girl you know that you ought to say good day to these ladies here" Mama shook the wooden spoon in her hand, pointing to the ladies of our living.

    I went chair by chair, leaning in to receive kisses and a chorus of how are you , and to end by saying good day ma'am. I looked at Mama and the ladies. Mama was mighty different, a different shade of brown more like a yellow light. It didn't bother me none, just a caught my eye. The different shades of Hopaul began to catch my eye on the sixth year of my life, and I took in its beauty.

    " Named yourself today?" Mama asked stirring grits on the fire

    " Yes'm, I is Rubyblue" I rocked back and forth on my toes.

    " Rubyblue, lord child, you aint running out of names are you?"

    "No'm" I shook my head, and felt myself being dragged back by a familiar hand, it was my little sister with no voice yet, I picked her up and put her over my hip, holding her up by her kerchief diaper.

    "Put that baby down now, you aint no mother to be Handlin chillun" I felt the smack of my aunts hand on my arm, she snatched my voiceless sister from me, sitting her on her lap.

    Aunt Nena was my least favorite aunt, she rarely spoke to children and when she did it was only to scold them. I flopped myself down on the hard floor in a fuss, resting my chin in my fists.

    " Nena that child big enough to hold her sister by now, you oughta let her" I heard some ladies whisper.

    My mind blanked out from their conversation and went straight to dressed up people walking through my living. They seemed very frightened by the site, our town wasn't exactly the neatest. A couple of women stopped in the middle of the dirt road, scanning the shanty homes, and dapping their foreheads with silk wipes. I saw the same pale color passing through and stopping on my civilization.

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  • Did the dances of the congo influence Jamaican dancing?


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    - Even though Jamaicans add a lot more tricks to their dancing I still see a correlation to the dance styles of the Congo and Jamaica, and when the women are dancing they seem to move their bodies in perfect timing, doing something new each step of the way. I just wanted to know if the Atlantic slave trade (which included slaves from the Congo) left an impact on Jamaican dancing? Above are links to two YouTube videos, please watch them.

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  • Is this is a good novel idea?

    Title: Unspoken Reasons

    Main Character: Mayetta Robinson

    Background: Mayetta was born during the reconstruction period of the United States after the Civil War and raised by her aunt after her parents ran off and left her with her extended family. Most of the men in Mayetta's family were sharecroppers barely getting by in life. Mayetta's aunt Malena raises Mayetta to be a good christian wife, knowing how to cook, clean, wash, sew and knit, and making it her duty to bring her family to church every Sunday. At age 14, Mayetta lost her virginity to one of the boys in her town. Her aunt discovered that her innocense was gone when Mayetta told her that her hymen was missing. Aunt Malena makes it her duty to find Mayetta a "good" husband. At age 16 Mayetta is married off to Johnny Smith, a farmer and share cropper (also an alcholic). He gives her two children, and a miscarriage that he blamed her for. After 6 years, Johnny dies from a stroke and Mayetta is put up on auction again by her aunt who claims that isn't good for a woman to die alone, and the same cycle of Mayetts'a voice not being heard continues.

    (Would you guys actually read this?, please give your feedback and THANK YOU A TON) also, please let me know what improvements can be made and thank you kindly.

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  • Does my novel idea seem cliche to you?

    Title: Silent Note

    Plot/Summary: Eve is an assassin whom is given the task of killing two young girls before they speak to FBI agents about the murder of their father. Eve stalks the girls for an entire day before deciding to kill them, entering through an open bathroom window during the night. Eve feels sorry for the helpless girls and decides to spare them, forgetting about the security cameras that Boss (the head assassin) installed in the home. Eve smuggles the girls in her home confused on her next move. Boss begins harassing Eve with phone calls, and puts a Grenade in her car. Eve struggles to keep the girls safe, and fight off other agents sent to kill her. In the end, Eve has a two day final showdown with Boss, the battle ends at train tracks, where Boss puts a bullet to his head and lies down on tracks preparing to be ran over. Eve puts the girls in foster care, and returns to Boss' mansion discovering a new Boss smoking a cigar, with Boss' old girlfriend (an enemy of Eve) standing by his chair, a woman (Lily ) in a maid's uniform hold a cigar case for the new boss, I want the next book in line to focus on Lily.

    1. First off, how should I begin this book? (interesting, not cliche, to get readers hooked from the start)

    2.What would make it more interesting?

    3. Does it sound cliche, or reminds you of other books you've already read?

    4.What could I do to avoid that?


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  • What is the Origin of the last name "Watkis" ?

    That's my last name, but I have idea where it comes from? this will hep me with my ancestry more.

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