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  • What is the name of this movie I am thinking of, please?

    I'd say it was made in late 80's. There are two catholic school girls driving town to small town, knocking on doors trying to sell bibles alone, and they knock on the wrong door. I believe it was like a small gang including a woman who was even more evil than the men in it. I think they killed one of the girls right away, and the other they made run in the woods as they tried to hunt her. Anyone know what this title is? sorry thats all I remember.


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  • How do I keep my cat from climbing up on microwave/cart to look out window?

    I have two male cats, one year old. ONly have problem with one cat.

    We have went thru several blinds because he climbs up there and pulls at curtain and pulls and moves blinds, to view outside. My cats are indoor/outdoor. I know he wants outside, but as soon as I let him out, he wants back in to eat/crap, then back to the window. It's become worse than the kid that wont keep running in and out. I refuse to declaw because going outdoors in the country he needs a way to defend himself.

    We have a living room window where i pull the blinds up and he sits on the sill. But for short time, hes back at the kitchen window. Its disgusting to me that he is losing his hair and when he jumps down he has hit the power plug and turned off fridge and microwave without our knowledge.

    I'm am bout to make him and outdoor only cat.

    Please offer some advise. Thank you.

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  • I am 41, is it odd to have my first wisdom tooth coming in?

    Ive never grown any wisdom teeth. They are in there and there is room for them. Every once in a while the gum gets raw like the tooth is tryin to break thru, but then it goes away. Now, its been a month, and it started off I thought it was a canker sore back there. Now it has enlarged and feels like the side of a tooth and looks like a tooth. It is coming in from the side towards my tongue. Is this going to be major issues if my wisdom tooth grows in sideways or somthing? Also, what can I do for the pain?

    Thank you in advance

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  • When will I receive my refund check? Turbo tax didnt route my direct deposit info over to the IRS?

    I efiled through tt and it was accepted by IRS on 1/26/11 and I had a direct

    deposit date of 2/4/11. It then changed to 2/8/11. I then recvd an email

    from turbo tax of the error that my direct deposit info didnt route over to

    the IRS.

    The WMR website said there are processing delays, and currently it says

    "Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed on February 25, 2011. If you do

    not receive the refund by March 25, 2011, please contact us again. We are

    unable to take any action until then"

    Why do they have such a large window for me to recv my refund? Will it

    actually get mailed that day? Or am I lookin at 4 more weeks?

    Please help, any answers are appreciated

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  • Why did the refund deposit date change on my return?

    I filed on Jan 26 and it was accepted five minutes later by irs. Then all this time it has said it would deposit on feb 4, then it changed to by the 8th. NOW today I get this message:

    Refund Status

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to processing delays. You should receive your refund by February 22, 2011. Please wait until that date to contact us again because we cannot take any action until then. Thank you for your patience.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    * Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    Whats the hold up. Why pay for the efiling and the fees for direct deposit and such, for them to just change the dates around like that. I was counting on that money. IS THERE ANY WAY I WILL GET IT SOONER? Please help

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  • Help me get my laptop mouse working again, please?

    Suddenly my keyboard mouse doesn't work. The pointer or the select button. I do have a cordless mouse attached. They have both worked before. Just out of nowhere it stopped working. I have an Acer laptop, Aspire 5532, windows 7. Maybe its a setting that was changed, or virus? Please help.

    Thank you in advance,

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