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I am a very outgoing person...I love to meet new people...I value education and I am a college student...I also work at a hospital as a secretery...I love life and I live it to the fullest each day...

  • should i just ignore her?

    My brother got married like 3 years ago. They weren't together and she got pregnant because they were just sleeping around with each other. My brother wanted to do the best thing for the kid and got married(they were engaged before all this but my brother broke it off because of how she acted around me and my mom) his wife is manipulative, she believes that the world should revolve around her no matter what, she always has to have everything better and if she doesn't she'll find a way to make you feel like your life is trash. I have tried to be nice to her I smile and say hello and I say goodbye when I leave, but that isn't enough for her so she got mad the other day because I wasn't giving her enough attention so she took to her facebook to call me all kinds of names( she is 33 and I am 22 years old) I brushed it off and didn't think anything of it till she wrote something again basically calling me the worst person she has ever met. I deleted her because I just didn't want to have to read anything else about me that would make me mad because I was very close to confronting her. my mom went to her facebook yesterday and she wrote about how glad she was I erased her and how glad I am out of her life. should i try and make peace or leave it as is, she won't allow me to see my nephew and it hurts me, I am not the kind of person to beg and i didn't do anything wrong. I feel like she is picking on me because I don't pay much attention to her and I don't praise her when she wants to show off, she is an adult she shouldn't be like that.

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  • Why does my mom keep pushing people to be friends with my sister in law?

    My brother got married 3 years ago when he found out his ex girlfriend at the time was pregnant, they got married right before the baby was born. My mom for some reason has always treated her as if she needs to be pushed down every ones throat. A lot of people in our family don't like her, but that doesn't stop my mom from pushing people to be friends with her. Even today my friend went to my moms house with me, my mom kept pushing the idea that my friend should hang out with my sister in law without me there so they can get to be friends. I wouldn't have a problem with them being friends but my sister in law should be the one asking to hang out not my mom saying she should. I personally don't like her, I believe they got married for the wrong reasons. My brother was not with her when she got pregnant he was only sleeping with her, she had at certain occasions also insulted my brother in front of me. She hasn't made any friends here in the US since she got here 3 years ago and my mom feels the need to have all my friends become friends with her and to have all of our family members like her no matter what, I don't understand this since she's much older then all of us, she is 11 years older then me. I just wonder why my mom feels like she needs to help her out to get friends, she's a grown woman. I feel like my mom thinks that she needs to force people to be friends with her if they don't do it willingly.

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  • Why is it weird I want to be involved in planning my bachelorette party?

    One good friend of mine wants to plan my bachelorette wtih my bridesmaids but they don't all know each other. my maid of honor has a lot on her plate already with 6 classes at school so she needs the help but they all clash and don't have the same ideas then they come complaining to me. One of my good friends who isn't in the wedding offered to do the party but then started complaining about how she felt nobody was helping, but she had offered and my maid of honor was releived because she has so much to do already. I want to be involved just so they don't all start fighting.

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  • Why do people seem to think that it's wrong that I am not matching everything in my wedding?

    I am getting married In may of this year...and I choose for the main color to be white the decorations are white with accents of the colors the wedding will wear. My bridesmaids are going to wear a pinkish purple and the grooms men will wear canary yellow vests under their black suits and my groom is wearing a silver vest...I think it's great not to match everything exact but my mom and other people have hinted at that I am crazy...

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  • Is not having music at your wedding reception strange?

    I don't want to have music at my wedding reception since it's going to be a small wedding consisting of only close famiyl and friends

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  • Is is time for me to get rid of this friend?

    One of my best friends who I have been friends with for like 10 years not is acting funny...I am 21 years old I am at the point of my life where I am trying to figure out what my future is going to be like...I am working really hard at work and going through school...all my other friends are the same point in their lives as me we are just trying to figure out what our future is going to be...well my friend rather go out partying every weekend basically ignores me now...the other day she was stuck at work till real late she called me to give her a ride home because it was far from her house I was still at work so i couldn't...she called her other supposed friends and they all basically said she didn't want to give her the ride so I left work early and brought her home...I am getting married in may of next year she keeps telling me how she feels like I am leaving her out of my plans but everytime i tell her to come with me and my other friends to look at everything from the weeding she is always too busy or just plain out ignores my calls...I don't what to think...I don't want to tell her I don't agree with her choices because she is 25 years old...she also left her job to go and be part of a volleyball team...when she knows that she needs that money her mom is 67 and her dad is almost 80 and they work hard just so she can be happy and she goes and leaves her job to play volleyball...I feel like we are at very different steps of our lives...

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  • Is it wrong of me to think bad of this situation?

    So my sister in law has been calling my fiance alot lately. She and I have never really gotten along too much because she is always lying and manipulating everything so i just don't trust her. She recently met my fiance and has seen all his good qualities has even told my brother that he should be more like him. I am glad she thinks he's a good person but now it seem like she may be calling him abit much and to talk about things you would talk about with a good friend. I wouldn't call a guy who I don't know to well to tell him about sad things that are happening in my life I would call a friend who I have known for a while. But she calls at least 4 times a week. She has also said some things to him that weren't true. she told him that my mom tried to hook me up with her cousin a little while ago which isn't true and she also speaks bad about my mother. All he does is listen and doesn't really talk just listens but I think she is wroing to be calling him so much. I have nothing agaisn't having men as good friends being a girl but I have to get to know them for a while to gain trust. I just find it weird she is calling so much, she also told him that she doesn't want anyone to know she calls him because people may get the wrong idea which he found strange and so did I.

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  • Am I crazy for thinking she's crazy for doing what she's doing?

    My sister in law and my brother have been married 2 years now...after putting off the wedding for 3 years when her and brother were having problems she got pregnant and they married...but she insists on having a church ceremony in February of next year in the dominican republic...she doesn't have an exact wedding date...february is only about 4 months away and she says that in january she will have the date...but I think it's ridiculous that she thinks we can all just buy a plane ticket and go...first we all have jobs which require a certain amount of time to ask for vacation time...but she thinks it's ok to plan everything at the last minute...and keeps nagging us asking if we are sure we will go...

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  • small painless bumps on vaginal area?

    I have some small bumps on the outer area of my vagina...they are painless...only one is red and i think its because i tried popping it... the rest are colorless they don't itch or anything just the fact that they are there scares me...I don't know if I should be too worried...I am going to call my doctor...but has anyone ever had small bumps on the vaginal area and it wasn't anything? I have had bumps before but never in bumches I have had 1 at a time from the heat...but there are like 4 or 5...

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  • Should I get mad or just forget about it?

    I had a party last night which was mostly family oriented because my good friends were working...but my cousin decided not to show up and...then they call me late at night to see if they could still come over to chill...I have always had a great relationship with them...and I don't want to get mad because they didn't come to my party yesterday...I already had a party in which they put together for me on the day of my birthday but I just can't let go that they didn't come yesterday...

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  • Why does my mom act that way towards me?

    I am 20 years old...all my life my mother has treated me like I am the rebelious child of the family...she has always shown some kind of recentment towards me...she is a single mother and my brother is 27 years old...she has always seen everything I do as it being matter what I do it's always wrong even if it had a great outcome its wrong because I did it...she has always seen everything my brother does as the right thing...even when he almost sold out house in the dominican republic without telling her it was ok...when she lost a job he told her to go apply at mcdonalds because thats as good as she is going to get...she has always helped him everything and I have always had to beg hard if I needed anything growing up...I have always treated her good as my brother has always treats her like scum...WHY DOES SHE TREAT ME LIKE I AM A BOTHER? I have been a good daughter to her...

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  • I am planning my wedding and I don't know where to start?

    Any brides out there who can give me any tips on where to start on my wedding planning...also if you know of any ways I could save money

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  • Anyone know of good hotels around the boston area to get married in?

    My fiance and me are planning on getting married next year...we have checked some places and they want 9,000 or more for the package...out budget is more like 6,000 we only have about 80 people coming to the wedding...please tell me if you know of any hotels that offer good wedding packages

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  • What do you do when it's hard to work someone?

    There is an employee in my department that is just annoying to work with...ever since he has been working here it's been an ongoing fight about everything...I am not the only person bothered by this employee...the only problem is that since he sucks up to the boos he ends up getting away with it...I am at a point where I want to quit because of him but I love my job so much I think it would be a bad idea for me to quit...I have ignoring him and it doesn't work...eveytime you even mention something to him he shoots back instead of talking like a normal human being...and he always does things his way and not the way it's supposed to be...I just don't know what to do...

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  • Why does my mom insist on running my life?

    I moved out and am engaged to a wonderful mom seems to want to tell me when to get married if I should stay with my fiance where we should marry who we should tell and much much more. Just recently she was talking about how happy she is because I am happy and my life is going so great and how great my fiance is then she all of a sudden chagned her mind...she has been doing this all my life...she goes on talking about things that have nothing to do with me or she makes it be about me when it's about my brother recently got married because his girldfriend got pregnant and all she does is talk bad about his wife...she will be nice to her one day then mean to her the next...she does that with my fiance because she didn't get to pick who me and brother chose to be with...It's confusing and frustrating tot hink that your mom can't make up her mind and that she thinks she can choose all aspects of your life...I just don't get why she keeps wanting to pick for me

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  • Has anyone had a mother who doesn't approve of your boyfriend and she ended up being wrong about them?

    I am asking this because I been with my boyfriend for 4 years now and mom refuses to give him a chance...we tried going out to eat like 2 years ago and she just gave him mean looks and then insulted him while I was in the bathroom...she won't try and talk with him to get to know him...and this makes me really mad and sad because I love my mother and I also love my boyfriend...her reasons for not liking him are because he has 2 aunts which he doesn't talk to that my mom doesn't get along with...all she has done is insult him...she has never tried giving him a chance and it has made me have to choose between him or her and I don't like that...he proposed to me and i can't share it with her because it would make her mad and we are moving in together...I know she is wrong about him but I just don't know what to tell her about us moving in together since with her it's always HER WAY OR IT'S THE WRONG WAY. so anything I do would be wrong. She thinks she has to pick for me but I am an adult.

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  • I am thinking of getting married in Florida?

    I was wondering what are the things that I need to do in order to make the weeding go smoothly.

    I want to know who pays for the plane tickets who pays for the hotel? Do the guests pay for their own plane ticket and hotel stay or do we have to pay for that?

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  • Has anyone had a parent not approve of a boyfriend and they were wrong about them?

    I know I keep asking this...but my mom dislike my boyfriend for very stupid reasons...she doesn't get along with 2 of his family members and so she beleives the whole family is bad and so she thinks he is bad too...all he has done for the past 3 years is make me happy...he is everything a girl wants in a man...we have had our rough times but we have gotten through them...I know my mom means well but I do beleive this time she is wrong because she hasn't given him a chance she judged him only by what she knows of 2 of his family members(which he doesn't like to associate himself with them because they are mean people).

    I just want to know if anyone has proven there parents wrong by having them see that the person they are with aren't as bad as they beleive they are?

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  • How to tell my mom I am moving out with my boyfriend who she doesn't like?

    I have been together with my boyfriend for a little over 3 years now. I am 20 years old I go to college(which I pay myself) and work full time, my boyfriend is 24 years old and works full time. My has had a problem with him since we started going out. She is very closed minded and things have to go her way or else it's the wrong way. It really frustrates me that I can't talk her about how happy I am with my boyfriend and how great things are. We had decided a couple of months that we would move in together and so we went apartment shopping and recently found an apartment that we both liked so we applied and we got the apartment. The only problem now is how to tell my mother who doesn't approve of him. I can't tell her that I am moving out before I do it because she will just make me feel so bad that I went againts her wishes. It really hurts that she doesn't approve of him. I was thinking of telling her the day I move that way she can't stop me.

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