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  • Does anyone have the descendents of Stephen HOPKINS, Signer of the Decleration of Independence?

    Looking for the descendents of Stephen HOPKINS, from 1726 to present day. Stephen HOPKINS birth May 7, 1707 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Death July 13, 1785 in Scituate, Providence County, Rhode Island.

    He was married to Sarah SCOTT and Anne Smith. Stephen and Sarah had at least 8 kids. He was apparently self-educate. He was a member and speaker of the Rhode Island Assembly, and in 1754 was a delegate to the Albany convention in New York were he considered Franklin's early plan of Union. Hopkins spoke out against British tyranny long before the revolutionary period. He attended the first Continental Congress in 1774, and was a party to the Declaration of Independence in 1776. He left that congress in 1778 and returned to his native state to serve in its Legislature.

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