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  • Is Cantor a moron or a baby?

    Look, Boehner actually gained a little respect from me in trying to forge out a deal. One that everyone could live with. He actually showed some leadership from the right (I'm a Dem, so I'm not throwing that out there lightly). Cantor shoots that down. Cantor walked out on the Biden talks because he didn't get everything he wanted. Cantor is whining and complaining now in the Obama talks. I think HE has a little megalomania going on. What the heck is up with this guy, and why can't he get out of the way and stop sabotaging the nation?

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  • Would you support legislation that set the debt limit?

    Something along the lines of, we temporarily agree to raise the limit now, but only in conjunction with legislation that steps the debt ceiling down to a hard cap of 50% of the GPD over the next 10 years. That would cut the debt limit in half in 10 years, while giving the government room to get out of the bind it is in at this moment. It would be something neither side would love, but both sides could live with.

    The 50% and 10 years are flexible... I'm just bored and brainstorming. If this is in no way acceptable, what do you suggest? And remember, this is in the spirit of compromise, not of toting a party line.

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  • What should the debt limit be based on?

    Should it be a certain % of the GPD? Things like that? I'm curious about specifics. Right now we just seem to throw numbers out there based on what we think we need to spend... I'm looking for something more specific.

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  • Is hacking an act of war?

    The parties haven't come out with their "official stances" for this yet.... so I want to know what you people think before the parties stances start swaying opinions. Is hacking, like what it is believed China may be doing, an act of war? And, either way, what is the appropriate response if it is confirmed and escalates?

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  • Do we have an unemployment problem or an education problem?

    On NPR the other day, they were talking about unemployment. It turns out that the unemployment rate is:

    15% if you don't have a high school diploma.

    9% (the current national average) if you do have a diploma.

    5% if you have a college degree.

    2.5% if you have a Masters or higher.

    So, do we need to create jobs for the uneducated? Or help them become educated enough for the current job market? Since education seems to be the problem.

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  • Do the electroshock ab belts work?

    I'm in decent shape and not in need of one... this is really just a passing curiosity. Do the belts actually produce results? Or in the end is it just a fancy massage for your abs?

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  • I'm no conspiracy theorist...?

    Let me start by saying that my brother-in-law is Pakistani (and thrilled they got Bin Laden).... So I have a pretty good source to talk to. I believe they got Bin Laden. I believe he's dead... but something is fishy with the whole "throwing him in the ocean" bit. According to my brother-in-law, it's common to bury quickly because they don't embalm, but there is nothing in the religion, and it isn't common practice to bury within 24 hours... in fact they commonly wait 2-3 days, and keep the bodies packed on ice to preserve. So, my wonder is... did they really drop him off in the ocean? Or just tell everyone that for whatever reason?

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  • Obama Trumps Trump on NBC?

    Just watched my first "Apprentice" ever... and NBC is breaking in to report major breaking news on Osama

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  • Politics... is it all in the brain?

    I'm not even going to make a jape about it.

    Just read the article and decide for yourselves.

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  • A SERIOUS question for once on this sight?

    Should the Constitution be amended to say that any person running for the office of president should be required to drop all party affiliations and run non-partisan (like justices do)? Pro's and Con's?

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  • What power does the world court have to back up its' convictions?

    Say al-Bashir is charged and convicted of genocide in Darfur, what power does the court have to back up the conviction? I'm assuming monetary assets can be frozen... but that will ultimately hurt the people of Darfur more than the leaders.... is there anything else?

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  • Old school Republicans... an honest question for you.?

    What the heck happened to your party? I've never agreed with some of your premises... but I could at least respect the stances and opinions of some of the Republicans I used to talk to... even some that were on here. Now all I see are people who are full of contradictions and vitriol for anything or anyone not them. People holding grudges and making decisions based on who they dislike rather than what they think. The name calling, the fear tactics, the sheer negativity in general! It's disheartening! The party has been acting juvenile and showing no class or tact. This is what I see when I look at the "new" Republican party.. and that is sad because there used to be Republicans I could respect as leaders and people even if I disagreed with their politics. Is it just me? Am I just being pessimistic? I truly want to know how old school Republicans feel about their party now. And for anyone else that reads this.. feel free to chime in but I'm not looking for a finger pointing session or juvenile antics being thrown one way or the other... I want some serious thought and opinions on the subject at hand.

    Thank you for your responses.

    A concerned American.

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  • What are your suggestions for keeping your waste line trim this Holiday Season?

    It's almost here... it's the Holiday Season! Fun, family, friends and Food! As a Child Care Health Coordinator I always have health on the mind... so what are some of your tricks and tips to curbing calories and keeping from busting a belt this year?

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  • Healthy fun holiday foods for children?

    With the holidays coming up, and everyone worrying about their waste-lines, we must make sure not to forget about our children and their nutritional needs. What are some fun ideas for healthy holiday foods?

    An example might be serving sweet potato fries as "Halloween Fries" (they are orange for any that might not know).

    Other suggestions?

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  • Healthy fun holiday foods for children?

    With the holidays coming up, and everyone worrying about their waste-lines, we must make sure not to forget about our children and their nutritional needs. What are some fun ideas for healthy holiday foods?

    An example might be serving sweet potato fries as "Halloween Fries" (they are orange for any that might not know).

    Other suggestions?

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  • What's the funniest fortune cookie you've ever received?

    I got one a little while back that read "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito".

    That one's posted on the fridge now :P

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  • Why do so many Americans think the US has the best Health Care system in the world?

    when the last time a ranking came out (which nothing has changed on our end since then) we were ranked 37th.... just above Slovenia.

    It's quite atrocious that the most powerful, wealthiest nation in the world isn't even in the top 10! Are you still so certain we don't need reform?

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  • Has No Child Left Behind gone too far?

    I'm no fan of NCLB, but I recently learned something I found down right irrational, not just irresponsible and ignorant as I find most of the program. I discovered that under NCLB, they are giving standardized tests to Kindergartners. That may not sound too bad to some of you out there... but do you know what you learn from giving a standardized test to a Kindergartner? You learn if they have the fine motor skills to fill in a bubble. It is a developmental fact that children don't have the mental muscle until they are 7-8 to follow complex sets of directions, so testing children below that age is simply a waste of time and money. So, your thoughts? Has NCLB gone too far? Should it be reeled in?

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  • What do you Repukes and LiEberals think about this!?

    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Kwanzaa

    Happy Hanuka

    And whatever other holidays are out there... I don't care to list them all :)

    P.S. The original "question" was just to get your attention... seems insults turn more eyes than anything else on this board :P

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