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ryan k

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music: zeppelin ccr sabbath the clash the buzzcocks aerosmith bb king taj mahal david bowie deep purple megadeth iron maiden the yardbirds metallica nirvana acdc the beatles monkees cream the who the doors lynard skynard the hives jimi hendrix bob marley pink floyd chuck barry the white stripes maroon 5 sly and the family stone sex pistols rage against the machine mainly like punk, rock, blues... i play guitar and some other stuff "I'm nobody's lapdog and you can't put me on a leash"- Johnny Rotten video games:mostly stuff like 007 like 007 nightfire 007 from russia with love 007 everythig or nothing 007 goldeneye minority report splinter cell driver 1 & 2 stuntman rise to honor i like the ocean i live in arizona =( but i was born in seattle my favorite movies are school of rock, yellow submarine, help, a hard days night, blues brothers, napolean dynamite, the z.... Kill the oil barrens!

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