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  `I love anime `I love art `I love anything out of the ordinary `I love anything that has a nice beat `I love astronomy `I love astrology `I love aliens `I love archaeology `I love anthropology `I love architecture `I love aquariums `I love animals `I love alternative rock `I love accoustic `I love azaleas `I love a LOT OF THINGS! `I love a'S `i love to love, laugh, & loaf! (= .. My name is Fℓ☮rค. Im 21 yrs old B) . Blood Type AB+. Year of the Monkey. Zodiac Sign Virgo. Planet Mercury. Resides in Canada. My mission in life is to help humanity and save the world in some way ☮. I try to give my best answer to worthy questions, but at times you will find me goofing off to make you laugh (haha) =D. ╔═══╗♫ ║███║ ║ Now Playing: Only one ╚═══╝ By: BoA

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