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  • Vote for new seven wonders of the world- a marketing trick?

    Its sad to see we Indians have fallen to a scheming mind from the west, in the pretext of promoting heritage places. Why this sudden hype of voting for new seven wonders of the world?

    The guy who schemed the idea has already made billions, being the contest is riddled with merchandise, treacherous marketing and suspected atmosphere!!

    The UNESCO- official authority for the heritage places across the world has disassociated itself from this organisation. Remember, if Taj Mahal or other monuments of the world are left out of the race, nothing is going to change their previous status.

    All the users of Yahoo here, dont encourage such imposters who play people's sentiments and their heritage. As much the votes are casted over mobile phones, e-mails, etc, the volume of money generated for various operators have multiplied to unimaginable proportions.

    How long people will be taken for a ride by the tricksters. Will we ever learn?

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  • Despite the bitter experience with the LTTE, why India is yet to learn to not trust it?

    India on the insistence of a foolish chief minister of Tamil Nadu, is trying yet again to get in the Sri Lankan internal affairs. India has already lost one of its illustrious leader to LTTE's betrayal in the past.

    Will India ever learn not to meddle in other countries affair. After all the sessionist forces like LTTE are trying to break the Sri Lanka into fragments. Will India be in a position to digest the same, if other countries try to to with it, the same.

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  • Is Chennai going towards stone age, in terms of infrastructrure? (This question is applicable to India users)?

    The recent arrival of south west monsson in Chennai has once again stirred the subject of crumbling insfrastructure. Roads in Chennai, which were newly laid six months ago hardly, resemble like bombarded ones now.

    The dravidian parties, which have ruled for over 3 decades now have done nothing to the state and Chennai, except renaming the roads and erecting statutes of thier so called leaders. The past & present government has intentionally avoided laying concrete roads, since they long last & dont give revenue to ministers and contractors. Shame on them.

    When the God will show mercy on the people of Tamil Nadu to get this menace of dravidian parties and to bring an alternate government?

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  • A criminal in India was holding defense minister post?

    George Fernandes,who went underground after trying to bomb the railway tracks during the Emergency period of 1970's,ironically was given the post of defense minister, when the BJP was ruling party,between 2000-2004.

    It seems the mandate of the people was for the criminal, who seems to be acting lie a saint.

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  • Global spending on defence total more than $700 billion. Global spending on education is less than $100 billio

    If only the so called super powers & war hungry nations realise that it has brought nothing but destruction to humanity, in pursuit of weapons built up.

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  • Up to a million cluster bomblets discharged by Israel. What the international community has to say about this?

    It seems almost everyone are either ignorant or have become stooges, when it comes to see the human rights violations done by the Isreali regime towards human lives in Lebanon.

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  • Indian TV news channels are polically influenced?

    Every news channel in India are owned by either political parties or by industrialists with vested interests. At the viewers end, what one gets is the telecast with twisted facts, mudslinging & neglecting the main issues.

    Many channels consider themselves as national channels,just by covering the northern India and forgetting other regions. When the floods were across Andhra Pradesh a few months ago, the news channels were focusing about a politcian's son, who was arrested on charges of possessing narcotics.

    Is the criminal more important to news channels than the innocent people who were left in high lurch during those floods?

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  • Ungrateful or forgetting to pay their due??

    Every year thousands of qualified professionals leave India to the west for better opportunities. Most of them have studied in the best institutions in India,like IIT,IIM etc..

    The government spends an average of US$ 30,000 for every such student in these instituitions. Thats tax payers money. In return what India gets is betrayal by the people who leave to abroad in search of better opportunitiues.

    These so called NRI's contibute almost nothing for their country. Whats their part in India is to buy assets & not industries. They dont even think about atleast returning the money to the goverment, which spent for their education!!

    These details are only applicable to those who studied in premium institutions of India & gave nothing back to their country. This is not applicable to anyindividual/entrepreneur of India,who lives abroad.

    Bottomline: Those who availed public funds for thier upliftment, should return the due they owe to India.

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  • India talks about becoming an emerging super power.?

    1.Irony is the fact that India is totally unprepared for any natural calamities(note the yearly floods, draughts etc.)

    2.People are pampered by various state goverments, such as Tamil Nadu, by waiving off loans, electricity & free land.

    3.Having onebillion population helps only the politicians for vote bank. Rural population & Urban slum are more worthy citizens!!(easy to buy votes)

    4. Despite people's life standard in terms of living & spending has increased, the tendency of being honest to pay taxes remains a far dream.

    5.Corruption in government offices remains a record in India when compared with even the african continent!Bureacracy is ruling India, rather than people's mandate.

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