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  • Howrse times?

    I just started on Howrse tonight and I'm very confused.

    I've aged my Leda up to 8 months, she's slept a few times, eaten her fill, and played enough.

    I keep trying to put her to bed, but she doesn't go to bed. When I try to feed her, it says I can't because she has to be in bed by midnight, same for trying to put her in her box or out to pasture.

    The history bit says this for the most recent:

    23:45: Leda was put 1 hour 30 in her box (energy: +1.4, morale: -0.9)

    I've refreshed the page multiple times and that hasn't changed. When I try to put her to sleep, it says please wait, then nothing at all happens. The clock on the top of the page shows time passing on each refresh, and it has been literally a couple of REAL hours that I've been trying to get her to sleep. Game clock now reads:

    "Game weather

    autumn, 13°C / 56°F

    It is 07:00"

    I can't figure this out. How do I get her to bed??? Or do ANYTHING? Any thoughts?

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  • Idea for tattoo?

    I've got a rose on my upper bicep that represents me and my husband, and now I want to get something to represent my six kids and my three grandkids. I was thinking about just small gemstones in the colors of their birthstones, surrounding the rose, maybe, but that seems kind of dorky. I want something simple, and that can be added to as the kids marry and have children. No astrological signs, I don't believe in them.

    12 AnswersTattoos1 decade ago
  • I just became a grandmother for the third time.. how cool is that?

    Really, how cool? :)

    It's a girl, 6 lbs, 6 oz, 19 inches long, Alexis Skye Landry. :)

    22 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago
  • Mattress keeps moving off the box spring?

    Every morning I wake up and my mattress has moved about six inches off the foot of the bed, so there's a gap at the head of the bed up by the wall that my pillows fall into. I was wondering if anybody has any ideas on what I can do to prevent this from happening. I can't afford a foot board for the bed, so that's not a solution.

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  • Could this be tie-rods?

    A few months ago we had all four tires on our Ford Windstar replaced, and they told us that we needed new tie-rods, which we couldn't afford. We've been meaning to get them done, but we're broke.

    Yesterday on the way to the grocery store, the car started rocking back and forth like a boat as we were driving down the road. It was really freaky. As long as we kept it under 40 MPH it was relatively stable, but still slightly wobbly. If we went OVER 40, it was like a ship on a stormy ocean.

    Hubby is on his way to the mechanic right now, but I am just curious as to what it might be.

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  • Rescue Me Season 4?

    Does anybody know when the new season of Rescue Me is slated to start? I'm going crazy trying to figure out if Tommy dies in the fire.

    1 AnswerTelevision1 decade ago