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born 1944 outlived 5 husbands, have kids, stepkids, grandkids disabled, retired Degree in Electronics with computer minor, also FCC licensed, (commercial and amateur.) Shoot proficiently with variety of weapons, fly RC aircraft and rockets and like things that go bang or boom. Have worked at many trades over the years, including human cannonball (circus), among others. Can drive anything on wheels and some things on tracks. NO cellphone, Ipod, Ipad, or other "portables."

  • What is with these current teenagers?

    15 years ago, I offered $5 a stall, to have several stalls shoveled out.

    I had 15 teens show up the next morning wanting the job.

    This last September, I offered $10 a stall, for same work.

    I had ONE show up, and he took 3 cellphone calls while being interviewed for the job, without so much as an excuse me.

    NOTE: He DID NOT get the job either. (I wound up doing it myself.)

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  • WHY don't they read first?

    Why is it that so many questions I see in this section could easily be answered it people would just READ THE USERS MANUAL for the computer and/or software?

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  • Policians and gun "control" laws?

    Why is it that some of the politicians are complaining about NOT being able to pass more "restrictive" or "common sense" or "reasonable" laws, and blame the NRA; when the constitution, which they are SWORN to uphold, specifies in the 2nd amendment that the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall NOT be infringed.

    They also claim the NRA is NOT a responsible organization, when all it wants is for the 2nd amendment to constitution to be UPHELD, AS WRITTEN.

    They also ignore the fact that there are already MANY laws regarding the improper use or possession of firearms that are NOT enforced as they should be;

    AND the PUBLISHED FACTS FROM GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, including the FBI, that show a LOWER crime rate where the people HAVE firearms.

    Could it be simple stupidity, or are they afraid that an armed populace MIGHT throw them out of office when they finally get so far out of line that the people can't stand any more, like the FIRST revolution against England?

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  • What is YOUR opinion of this "legal" action?

    1. Law exempts person using "old" recycleables, such as tires, on their own property. (I use them for windbreaks and fencing, and live in a rural area.)

    2. State claims exemption does NOT apply in my case, BECAUSE I have "too many" tires. (I ONLY have between 8-10 thousand at this time.)

    3. State brought in by County complaint, when instead of picking up tires at the "land fill" AFTER they collected a disposal fee from the tire shops, I started getting them directly from tire shops; thereby bypassing the landfill and costing them money.

    4. The statute makes no mention of HOW much recyclable material a person may have. (I have over 90 acres.)

    5. There has NOT been any court hearing on this matter because I can NOT file against the state (governmental immunity statute); and they will NOT start an action in court.

    They have NOW sent me a "cease and desist" order FROM THEIR DEPARTMENT, NOT a court.

    Are their actions legal or not?

    AFTER the County complained to the state, they threatened to remove the tires AT MY EXPENSE.

    My response was that I SHOOT thieves.

    The county did not pursue the matter, OR make any answer to my response.

    I note that this is the SAME jurisdiction that sent my significant other a "jury summons" in order to arrest him for NOT paying a traffic fine in a case that was UNDER APPEAL.

    He won the appeal, BUT the "bail" was NEVER returned, having been used to "pay the fine", even though the County LOST the appeal!!

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  • ANOTHER Choice during elections?

    Since the president is actually elected by the Electoral College, shouldn't the ballots the people use have an additional choice that would give the government a reference point as to how well the general public thinks about it

    I suggest the following additional choice: None of the above.

    What do YOU think?

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  • If we have global warming...THEN WHY?

    Why has it been 10-20 degrees BELOW normal all year?

    Why do I have snow 1-2 months EARLY this year?

    Why do I have 6" when I usually NEVER get more than 2"?

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