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  • Nikon G lenses, aperature ring adapter?

    Quite a few years ago I had all my fully manual film camera gear stolen. I then switched to digital and currently have a collection of Nikon G lenses. I want to get back into shooting film and bought a F2a and an F4 on ebay. Does anyone know of an aperature ring adapter which will allow me to attach an Nikon G lens to an F mount and give me F stop control on a G lens?

    1 AnswerPhotography8 years ago
  • My cat has been prescribed Atenolol is it OK to ...?

    Is it OK to open the capsules and sprinkle them on a little food?

    2 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • ETF's Actual Management Fee vs. Actual Management Expense Ratio(MER)?

    I was hoping someone might be able to answer this for me. What is the difference between the two and when are these deducted

    eg. If I purchase $1000 worth of XEG.TO and my commissions are $9.99 how do are the fees reflected in my purchase and or sale of the fund.

    Many thanks


    3 AnswersInvesting9 years ago
  • Deselect cells in Excel 2010 for Mac?

    I'm working with a large spreadsheet where I need to protect only certain cells. I only seem to be able to select large areas or select random non-adjacent cells. How do I go about DESELECTING cells from a large data field? I don't particularly want to create a Macro, I'm just baffled that such a command isn't available any help would be appreciated, again I'm using Excel 2010 for Mac


    4 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • Question about Canadian paycheck deductions?

    I am wondering if it is possible to request your employer to refrain from removing payroll deductions from my check. I would rather put that money into a low risk investment, and pay the required deductions in one lump sum at the end of the year.


    4 AnswersCanada1 decade ago
  • Can anyone recommend a good book or website for managers?

    I'm hoping someone can either give me some advice, recommend a website or maybe a good book. I'm a manager for a small clinic and I find it very difficult to perform my responsibilities due to the owners philosophy on how they want their business run. The problem for me is that they don't want any of the employees to be accountable or reprimanded for anything! And, I find myself tearing my hair out. I feel undermined by the owners and it's difficult to retain my credibility with the front office staff. Productivity and attention to detail are lacking and their silly trivial errors cause me major grief.

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • Employment criminal background check ontario canada?

    Can I be forced to do a criminal check after being hired? I've nothing to hide from this company, I've worked with them before but I much more comfortable without the invasion of my personal privacy!!

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • My cat isn't feeling well?

    My cat was diagnosed with a UTI, and prescribed Amoxicillian Suspension 5ml twice a day. The animal is only 6.8lbs and the Amoxicillian clearly started to do the trick right away. Eight days into the 14day treatment cycle the cat has begun to vomit a lot and had diarrhea. The vet instructed us to stop the antibiotics but the cat has lost it's appetite, and still occasionally vomits and has diarrhea. It's only been two days since we stopped the antibiotics.

    3 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • I think my girlfriend's cat has Cushing's Disease need some advice.?

    I think my girlfriend's cat has Cushing's. The problem initially was thought to be a UTI as the cat wasn't urinating in her box and straining all over the apartment. Her vet (holistic unfortunately) prescribed some remedy which did absolutely nothing. Three different remedy's an unltrasound and almost a $1000 later the ;unconfirmed diagnosis is 'looks like it might be Cushing's". I've since read a ton of journal articles and the cat has many of the clinical manifestations of the disease. Thin skin, heavy shedding, drinks tons of water, urination in and out of the box, walking on it's hocks.

    What is the prognosis for Feline Cushing's Disease? How much is the treatment

    Is it ok to try Methylcobalamin even if the Cushing's isn't confirmed?

    Has anyone used Cushex drops

    Unfortunately finances are a huge issue and repetitive visits to the vet aren't feasible.


    1 AnswerCats1 decade ago
  • Asking all Mazda Miata Guru's?

    Hello, I have a 1990 Mazda Miata and I'm considering replacing the covertable top. I'm from Toronto Canada and looking for any recommendations, eg. having if fixed by an appolster, replacing the unit (how and where can I find one), ect.

    Many thanks

    2 AnswersMazda1 decade ago
  • Online stock trading commissions questions?

    I was hoping someone could help explain this too me. I'm looking at opening an account with an online discount trading brokerage. I don't want to get scammed by hidden fees so I've been scouring the fine print and come across something I don't understand. It has to do with adding and removing liquidity from a stock. It appears that removing liquidity can tack on some serious fee's if you're trading large volumes of inexpensive

    5 AnswersInvesting1 decade ago
  • Frame repair; crack where the chainstays meet the bottom bracket.?

    A friend has a Specialized road bike with Columbus tubing and has found a crack in the frame where the chainstay meets the bottom bracket. Its a failure like this repairable or is it best to just get a new frame?

    6 AnswersCycling1 decade ago
  • Is the oxalic acid in spinach bad for my teeth?

    ...It leaves them feeling very gritty.

    1 AnswerDental1 decade ago
  • Spinach...why do my teeth feel so grity?

    I've adjusted my diet and I'm eating a lot of spinach. However, I've noticed that my teeth seem to take on the texture of fine grit sand paper. I was curious if anyone knew what causes this, or is it related to the tounge.


    1 AnswerDental1 decade ago
  • Hockey playoff stats question?

    What percent of teams who win game one of a playoff series, continue to win the series.

    1 AnswerHockey1 decade ago
  • I find it intriguing when people watch themselves?

    I find it intriguing when people watch themselves, such as when a person is walking down the street the they check out their reflection in a store window?

    Anyone know why it is we do this, on an evolutionary psychology basis

    6 AnswersPsychology1 decade ago
  • I think I have a loose orthopedic screw loose in my tibia? Help ?

    I broke my leg 11 wks ago tib fib compound, and had a plate and screws put in.

    Yesterday in the shower I noticed a bump?

    At my last appointment with my OS I was told I could put 50% weight on the leg and start light rowing on my indoor rower.

    Today the bump was still there so I looked at my xrays and noticed that there is a screw very close if not where the bump is. I'm able to tell from my staple scars and the presence of the staples on the xrays.

    Is this something that needs to be attended to immediately? What will be done if it turns out to be a loose screw?

    1 AnswerMedicine1 decade ago
  • I fell on my (uncasted) broken leg...advice pls?

    I'm a little freaked out, I was at the movies tonight and carefully going down three stairs. My crutches got caught on something and I instinctively put my foot out to prevent a fall. Unfortunately the foot was my bad one.

    The injured leg is now just over 5 weeks post op. I have internal fixation on my tibia, fibula was left to heal on it's own.

    Should I consider getting an xray to make sure everything is OK

    4 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • Advice...can I exercise while rehabbing from a broken leg?

    I've been meaning to talk to my doctor about this but he's tough to get a hold of I was hoping someone with either medical or physical therapy experience could take a shot at this question for me...

    I've just finished the first of a three month healing process for an open tib-fib fracture. I'm starting to pull my hair out with boredom and was have starting rowing (with my good leg only ) on my rowing machine. Is this a bad idea? Am I using necessary resources required for my leg to optimally heal or is it OK to continue with some cardio exercise?

    3 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago