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  • Well I'll be a BCS or a BS'er? College Footballs get this and place your opinion.?

    Although it wasnt clear on the total format of the MWC proposal for a

    playoff system using the BCS bowls, the 8 team format was agreed by the BCS officials (HUH!!!)..., its all up to the Universities Presidents

    if this proposal takes off or not. Well they usually full of it? This artical mentioned that the pressure for the playoff format is coming from the

    non-bcs conference teams, plus they want a 12 man committee selecting the teams makeing the 8 team playoff field, based upon performance and getting rid of the polls and computer comparisons. Interesting. Utah senator has proposed to form a committee about the

    US antitrust and fair competition board, even President Obama has endorsed a playoff format, but hasnt done anything yet, probably wont.

    What I find curious, is they shot down the SEC 4 plus 1 format, but is considering the 8 team playoff format. I wonder by not allowing Utah in the National Championship Game has them softening up to MWC proposals. Well looks like according to this, if the presidents of each

    university agrees to it, a playoff format is born people, problem is BCS school presidents will vote no, while non-bcs school presidents will vote yes. The non-bcs schools out number the bcs schools. What a mess. Your thoughts. Looks like the 8 man playoff format is well getting closer and closer to reality.

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  • Greatest Knuckleball Pitcher of all Time?

    I believe the pitcher who threw that pitch without telegraphing the pitch the best was by far and large Phil Niekro. This guy is by far

    I believe the epitome of Knuckle ball hurlers, most throw this pitch either

    by changing their motion, or simply had too much Velocity taken off the pitch. Pitchers like Wakefield who try to be like Niekro are light Years behind the master.

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  • Can you name the top 5 franchises with most wins in MLB? beleive it or not its not the New York Yankees .?

    The New York Yankees finished 6th at 9,479 wins, 5 teams have more wins than they do can you name those teams, give their

    win totals.

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  • Best argueing manager of all time?

    Me my vote goes to Earl Weaver of Baltimore. He was a classic and no-one will touch him, turning his baseball backwards so he can get up closer to the umpire and those temper tantrums he would throw, but the classic is kicking the dirt on the umpire's. Plus wasnt he the one that got up and argued a call cant recall if it was a strike or a ball, but he eventually after being already ejected covered home plate in dirt until it completely hidden.

    I loved watching the O's when weaver managed the game, he was entertaining thats for sure, you younger generation missed out on some classic fueds between Earl and the umpires didnt they fans..

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  • Notre Dame fans or not, in your opinion is best for ND future to join a conference in football?

    Notre Dame is a good football program. But I feel they are going to find it tougher and tougher to find themselves invited to a BCS bowl. They play a tremendous schedule each year and with the paridy in college football its going to be even tougher for them to get over the hump. If they soften the schedule too much then they'll hurt their chances even more by getting a higher ranking. This paridy has pretty much trapped ND into haveing no alternative but to find themselves a conference and rebuild that program back to prominence that way. They being independant is admirable, but its just too darn tough these days to win

    a BCS bid without winning in a BCS conference. Thats my opinion, fans of ND and those who respect ND football may apply. Haters too, but please keep comments reasonable, Im no ND fan, but I think they are killing themselves by not joining in a conference.

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  • Your Pick for the Big Six conference champions this coming season?

    I know its early, but this year is a year that in most conferences theirs a clear favorite. So I would place who your favorite is to win it .

    For me my favorite to win it are as follows:

    ACC: Virginia Tech

    SEC: Florida

    Big 10: Ohio State

    Big East: West Virginia

    PAC 10: Oregon

    BIG 12: Texas.

    In Pac 10 I feel USC does it normal choke, although USC usually re-loads instead of re-build the intimidation factor doesnt work for USC when it comes to playing other teams in the PAC 10 as well as it works for them playing other teams outside of the PAC10. California is going to be very tough too, PAC 10 truly not opened to USC.

    BIG EAST: They return the right amount of starters on the right side of the ball.10 returning starters plus Reed back, this defense carries them to the BE crown.

    ACC: Virginia Tech: A team that could contend for a NC

    the rest is pretty much a given. Florida a touchdown or more better than any other SEC team, plus the strength of the SEC goes to the west.

    Big 10: Ohio State is heavily favorite.

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  • College BCS poll? Who favors the 4 plus 1 format? Who dont ? Why?

    Personally I love the 4 plus 1 format. I didnt get the entire planned format that was introduced to the BCS conferences, but I feel this format is a step in the right direction. This format will settle once for all who the best. Can still leave one bowl in the BCS open for the winners 2 winners to participate for the NC game.

    Last year Utah a non-bcs school would have and should have played Florida for the NC game under the 4 plus 1 format.

    The only downfall to this format as who's the two teams to play in this

    final match-up. I guess a final poll used for voters to determine the final two teams to play, and under that format, its easy to see why the BE shot down this format, BE could have easily have the best one the better teams that can particiapte for the title game be voted out of the top2 spots after bowls played simply because teams in the BE dont pull media power by the way I feel is a terrible way to determine who is

    better than who, Utah, Boise St should have taught us that lesson.

    But I favor the 4 plus 1 format. Its by far a step in the right direction.

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  • To forgive or not to forgive? Baseball blunders?

    Watching the world series between the mets and red sox I witnessed something even I couldnt believe my eye's, a routine ground ball going between Bill Buchners leg as Carter comes in to score the winning run.

    The horrific things that the beantown fans did to that poor man made me feel so sympathetic towards him especially when it wasnt really totally all his fault, Boston fans your team simply just messed up in that inning one play after another then unforunately Bill Buchner error was the straw that broke the camels back.

    This error plaqued this man his entire life, and yet no one was willing to take equal blame for their blunders that happened in that inning leading to his fatal error..

    It wasnt until Boston finally won the world series the following yr Buchner was invited back to Fenway Park, the fans then gave this man

    a standing ovation as Buchner broke into to tears.

    Its a game, yes he a pro, but still go for so long and not to be forgiven to me was something rather cruel....and again as I stated

    earlier...go back to that night....and look at that inning as a whole, you

    would agree that it wasnt all his fault.....those fans wanted someone or something to place the blame on......his error was most obvious is all

    take back all the things his team mates blundered that inning....that error would not have effected the outcome of the game.

    You thoughts on this....

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  • Oakland A's catcher Gene Tanner used a personal apparatis that was first used by a catcher, what was it?

    This will blow your minds, I won a pair of tickets by answering this question..

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  • Six hits in one Nine inning game feats?

    Can You name the two players that hit for the cycle while they collected six hits?

    Name the player that had 4 of his six hits go for home runs?

    Who are the only two players that out done these guys in a 9 inning game by collecting 7 hits?

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  • In 1908 Orval Overall was the first and only pitcher to accomplish what feat in the World Series?

    This has been accomplished by many pitchers, and its not a pretty accomplishment, in fact Scot Baker and Scott Shield did this feat as

    well, but only Orval accomplished this feat in the world series. Name that feat?

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