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  • Two Gas Cards -BP and Shell - stolen and used?

    We had a wallet stolen from the glove compartment of one of our cars. It contained 2 gas cards. We didn't realize the wallet was gone until we got the monthly bills. Our normal $30 to $40 bills were $648 on one and $1041 on the other. Called the companies to report the theft and unauthorized charges. They both instructed me to submit written reports with copies of the invoices, which I have done Both companies told me right out that I was liable to pay the bills in full while the 'investigation' was going on, and if found in my favor, the money would be returned to me. From what I have read from my research, though, if I submit a written claim of disputed charges within 60 days of receiving the invoice, I am not obligated to pay until the 'case' is settled. What really bothers me, is why we weren't notified of this sudden burst of use on a card that for 5 years was used more then 2xs in one month? Six fill-ups in 10 minutes at one location-no red flag popped up? Beware of Shell & BP..

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  • How do you get a cat to drink more?

    Was at the vets for 3 days for tests that didn't really show anything. Symptoms were listless, not eating/drinking. Sent home with a diagnosis of being 'dehydrated' and that he should drink more...

    I think the dehydration is a symptom rather then a diagnosis - but that is just my opinion...

    Anyhow - how do you get a cat to drink? Using a syringe for small amounts, but you can imagine how that goes over...

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