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  • How do I loose weight when I have to stay at home?

    I haven't been outside in about 2 months now (I have lost track of when I started staying at home). I have to do this because I am 15 and live with my family who are classed as "High risk". I am concerned about my weight because I am gaining weight uncontrollably really quickly. I was already overweight to begin with but now I am turning obese and it's really hard to do exercise at home when I have no equipment or space. I can tell that I've gained weight because I now have a double chin. I really want to bring my weight back to normal (for me) before I come back to school. Does anyone have any guides/recommendations on what to do and what to eat? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated 

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 months ago
  • Does anyone know why my GoPro footage looks terrible? any tips?

    I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 7 silver for Christmas to record parkour ect, I did a test run through a field and it looks awful. The footage looks as if it was taken 10 years ago even though i'm recording in 1440p, i tried recording in 4k and it looks the same. Anyone know how to get better quality videos?

    3 AnswersCameras9 months ago
  • I cleared my cookies before a purchase, would I still be charged?

    I was buying a game just then and i decided to look at other websites for better deals, I cleared my cookies because my currency changed from pounds to euros, I decided to stick with buying the game from the original site (instantgaming), i clicked purchase and then it instantly logged me out of my account (because i cleared my cookies) and took me to the home screen. I logged back in and looked at my purchases but the game that i had just bought wasn't there. Did it still count as a purchase and took money out my bank? (Need answers ASAP)

    4 AnswersOther - Internet10 months ago