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  • pokemon white pawniard?

    Ok so im pretty sure I want to put a pawniard on my team (and obviously evolve it). but i was wondering which pokemon to get rid of. my friend said galvantula but i am rather fond of him. still, suggestions are appreciated!

    my current team:

    emboar lvl 43

    carracosta lvl 42

    reuniclus lvl 42

    vibrara lvl 40

    galvantla lvl 42

    leafeon lvl 43

    i plan to train my team to roughly lvl 55 in order to fight the elite four. and i would prefer to avoid using legendaries as well. thanks!

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  • Pokemon heartgold dragonite moveset?

    Currently, my dragonite is lvl 89 and I want him to have a much better moveset. But I'm having trouble deciding what would be best.

    His current set:

    extremespeed (im definately getting rid of this)


    dagon pulse


    I was thinking of getting thunderpunch/ thunderbolt and fire punch/ flamethrower, but I also like having fly. I was hoping someone could guide me in choosing a more powerful moveset? I just want to be able to take out as many types as possible, while also being able to defend against ice and dragon types

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  • Just a question about marketing.....?

    So I've been looking for majors because I'll be off to college soon. I was hoping someone could explain to me what a marketing career entails

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  • Im a twin and i think i have...?

    So i have a birthmark in my eye. I have dark brown eyes, and its a large black-ish spot near my pupil. My brother doesnt have one. I think it might have gotten bigger but I dont think so, and im not worried.

    i just wanted to know if this could be considered iris nevus or not, and could it end up getting bigger?

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  • pokemon diamond, can i do this with eevee...?

    Hey so i'm a little cheater and used my friends un-used action replay. so i already have the nat'l dex, but i have yet to bother with the elite four.

    i want to get a glaceon, but i also want to have more eevees later on. can i use a ditto (when i can get one) with glaceon and get an eevee egg? or will it be a glaceon?

    10 pts best answer! thanks :)

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  • What's this called....?

    So my friend was telling me of this (apparently) hilarious video on youtube. Its some guy in college whose wonderful friends locked him in a closet while he was on acid, and video taped him. Only there is some animation to protect his identity

    anyway, i was wondering if someone could give me the name or a link? best wins 10 pts :)

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  • How do i find this ratio....?

    here's the question: what is the ratio of the volume of the two boxes?

    i dont want anyone to do the problem for me, just give me the equation please. i need to know how to do a ratio using two volumes of rectangular boxes

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  • ~~~~~need a song?~~~~~?

    hey so, i want any suggestions for a good love song. i prefer modern rock, but any song works. what are some of your favorite long songs? 10 points to song(s) i like most (:

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • so i need a name here............?

    i need a name for a character. she's female, bout 18. she is sarcastic, loving, enjoys the arts, and is fairly athletic. so i was wondering, anyone have a unique name? just a first name is fine thanks

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  • gaiaonline nude glitch???? 10 pts best answer?

    how does it work? give me a reliable link if possible plz

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  • GUYS ANSWER: Why do you do this...?

    Hey, so i was wondering, why do guys make fun of girls they like? I mean, you tease us and make fun of us and stuff. Why? Just curious. Thanks :] oh and best answer gets 10 POINTS

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • asking for numbers? 10 pts for best answer :)?

    hey so i like this guy, and i think he likes me. just wondering: how is the best way to ask for his number? we're really good friends now, but i still dont want to just be like "hey give me your number. now."

    the other thing is that hes friends with my twin bro, and my bro has his number...but i want to ask the guy i like directly. any ideas? thanks!

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  • so um what is phone sex......?

    awkward question, but what is phone sex? sorry for being an annoying naive teen here

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  • how to tell if a guy likes you?

    i was just wondering if there are some really good ways to know if a guy likes you. not the usual, crazy obvious stuff like "they say your pretty", but other things i might not notice...although i'm kind oblivious

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  • french and indian war?

    anyone have an accurate date as to when the turning point of the french and indian war was? i wish i could add more, but that's the assignment and i didnt understand it lol. thanks!

    2 AnswersPolitics1 decade ago
  • boy issue? no b.s. here!?

    i know people have heard this before, but i'm not sure. this guy just moved in this year, and we've been hanging out a lot. so he said his girlfriend broke up with him, and didn't say why. i'm worried for him, but i think i might like him too...and i think he might like me cuz we always make fun of each other and stuff. so yeah, please give me a real answer


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  • how do you deal with being single?

    hey, so i'm in high school, and ive still NEVER had a relationship. i mean, i have liked people, but ive just never asked any of them out. so, i feel like theres something wrong with that, but my friends always tell me that being single is a great thing. but frankly, im tired of it. any advice? thanks!

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  • where do you find togepi in diamond?

    i found the island on rt. 230, but the pokerader just gives me normal pokemon. how can i know which one is togepi?

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  • why won't my feebas evolve in pokemon diamond?

    i've fed it as many poffins as i can but it still won't evolve!! i used ONLY beauty poffins so i dont know what's wrong...maybe because i gave it the exp. share so i didnt have to evolve it slowly? (im lazy...) i need a milotic so i can trade it on GTS so i can get a piplup. then if i can evolve it into prinplup my sinnoh dex will be completed!! help meeeeeee!! plz

    4 AnswersOther - Games & Recreation1 decade ago