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  • Can I become a german citizen (?

    My father was born in germany from german parents. They came to canada when my father was 7. Does this make me eligable to apply for german citizenship? Would my dad have kept his or lost it when he came over here about 5o-ish years ago? I am canadian, and want to aquire dual citizenship.

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  • Any composers out there that want to take on a project?

    I am a writer, I poetry, lyrics, stories,but the one thing I cannot write is music. , i can play it on certain instruments if i see it...really just keyboard. Anyway, I have a few poems that I REALLY want turned into music. They are not in any real song format like in verses etc.. I do have a basic melody for it and have a rough recording of it (just me singing it). What I need is someone to tab it, fix the tempo, score it, and even possible sing it so that i can hear it before i put my voice to it. If you think you can help me, I'd really appreciate it. There is a program called Power Tab Editor that does a lot of this stuff really easily, but I just cant get the sound of it...I want it to be acoustic guitar accompanied, maybe a little piano or keyboard. If you are interested, please post your email in an answer and I will email you the file with the song. If I use it, your name will be credited on the copyright. Serious answers only please, my dream is to hear my words to music.

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  • Anyone been on Luvox?

    If so, what was it prescribed for and did it work for you? I don't want a list of links to find out about the med, i've been on it for a year and a half now and have done enough research on it. I want personal oppinions and experiences. Any side effects you may have experienced, the highest dosage you were prescribed (I'm at 200mg) weight or appetite changes? Sleep? Worsening depression?

    Please dont just answer yes or no or some silly response just to get points. I will report stupid comments.

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  • what do you do when in less than 24 hours you're going to be alone?

    I'm an recover(ing) self injurer, have depression, and a dissociative disorder.... Lately I haven't been doing well with the whole depression thing..slipping into old eating disorder and self injury patterns, suicidal thoughts are coming back. My Room mate and close friend is here most of the time when im not ok but she's gone for a while.I can usually depend on myself to keep myself safe, but i dont know how im going to survive the next week till she's back. I've had a friend here but she leaves tomorrow..i dont know how till i'll see her again because we both start back to work in a couple weeks and there arent any long breaks coming up till christmas and im going away, so till march i wont get to see her and this is adding to my depression as well as having the anxiety of knowing i'll be alone. Sometimes I love being alone, having the house to myself...but not when im like this. Please dont tell me to see a shrink...I already do. This is more a vent than a question i guess...sorry

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  • Urinary Hesitation?

    Has anyone ever had this? I have to go, sometimes so badly that it hurts but i cant. I don't have a bladder infection, and I think it has to do with my meds. I drink a lot of fluids so its not that. I'm on Luvox, neurontin, xanax and imovane. I know that antidepressants can cause this, it happened to me when i was on effexor a long time ago but this is driving me crazy. I can't go off my meds, but is there something i can do to help mysituation? It's very irritating and often painful. Only serious answers please, this isn't a funny question so don't leave a stupid answer that only you will find funny just to get points.

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  • Does anyone have the E-Book for "The Best Little Girl In The World"? or know where i can get it for free?

    If you have it, could you email me the file?

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  • Mucositosis - not as a result of cancer treatment. Has anyone ever had this?

    I don't need explanations of what it is, I know all the medical stuff about it already, but what I don't know is HOW I got it. I wasnt in contact with anyone with it, I am not undergoing any cancer treatments. It's absolutely agonising and took forever to be properly diagnosed and treated. If you've had it, how long did it take you to recover, and does anyone know of any lasting damage than can be caused by not being treated until it had already spread throughout my entire digestive tract? My stomach still burns when i try to eat or just long till all the ulcers are healed and should I still be on treatment if im still having symptoms (even if thye are very much mild compared to when i was diagnosed)?

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  • what's the name of the virus that causes ulcers in your mouth and throat?

    It's very painful, feels like strep throat. I actually have a strep infection but was still having a lot of pain when i was done the antibiotics so i went to the doc's again and he said that it was viral and he said the name and i'd recognise it if i heard it but cant remember but basically my tongue, the back of my throat and most of the area around the back of my mouth is covered with red sores that look like canker sores, but there is like a whitish film too which looks like when you have strep. I have a rinse for pain but it just gets worse everyday! Anyone have any idea what im talking about? Oh I also have a cough along with this virus.

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