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  • Where can I find a good but cheap apartment in Metro Manila?

    I live in Batangas and I'm thinking of going back to Manila to study for two years (I'm in my 30's). What I need is an apartment (comfortable for one person) in a relatively quiet and safe neighborhood. I plan to enroll in the following classes: swimming, driving, cooking. capoiera, languages and physical fitness. The apartment must be near any three of the schools which offer these classes.

    I'm thinking of living in or around Makati but I doubt if my P5,000 monthly budget will be enough to cover the rent.

    I'm not really fond of going to malls or watching movies, but I want quick access in and out of the places I need to go to.

    Also, does anyone have a clear idea how much a rent in a MM apartment costs these days? Would you suggest that I live in Marikina, Taguig or Las Pinas instead?

    Thanks for any good advice you'll share with me.

    25 Mar 2007; 8:50pm, Philippines

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  • Do you like the changes that the Yahoo! Answers group instituted today?

    I sort of like the pop-ups when my pointer runs over the avatar but the smaller font will definitely take some getting used to.

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  • Would I get into trouble for reporting users who abuse Yahoo! Answers?

    I'm relatively new here yet I have come across posts that say they got into trouble for reporting some abusers. They never go into details, however. What kind of "trouble"? Is it something that can be fixed? If so, how?

    I do use my right to report abuses judiciously. I am not trigger-happy at all. But I am altruistic enough to believe that we must, collectively, work to raise the quality of questions and answers here at Y!A. How can that be done if there's a limit to reporting abuses? (What is that "limit", by the way?)

    My apologies for lumping so many queries under one question. Feel free to give me detailed answers. I will read them all before deciding on the best answer. Thank you!

    13 Jan 2007; 5:30pm, Philippines

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  • What is the single biggest mistake the Catholic Church has made as far as the history of science is concerned?

    I want to know your opinion on this so feel free to expound on the subject. Best and most interesting answer will get 10 brownie points. Thanks!

    26 Dec 2006, 2:17pm, Philippines

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  • Is it possible to hold a passionate conviction in evolution and also to be religious?

    Please explain your answer. I do not want a simple "yes", "no" or "maybe". That won't help me understand the subject at all. Do not direct me to a website too. Tell me what YOU think. Thanks for responding.

    26 Dec 2006, 2:00pm, Philippines

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  • Can anyone tell me the name of the actor who played JUSTIN in the TV movie "I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN"?

    I never got to know what his real name is when the series was shown in the Philippines. The network rarely showed the credits. His character is VALERIE BERTINELLI's character's younger brother who turned out to be gay. Thanks for the help!

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  • What is the title of an early to mid-80's song with these two words "buccaneer ships" in its lyrics?

    It is a love song that became a minor hit in the Philippines back then. It was recorded by a foreign male singer who sounds like a cross between Neil Diamond and Michael Johnson. It's a big mystery to me to this day and I just want to retrieve that missing data in my brain file. Maraming salamat sa iyong tulong! (Many thanks for your help!)

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