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  • How can I create a flash website to display my photography?

    I've already purchased my domain name, thinking that it wouldn't be difficult to set up a page. Now I'm realizing that I have no clue what I'm doing. I've seen numerous photographers who showcase their work using flash website (which help protect against copy/pasting and 'save as' image theft). I've been hunting around online trying to find a free template or something that I could use, but either they cost much more than I'm willing to spend, or they don't look professional in any way. Can anyone tell me how other photographers create their websites to look like these?

    (especially the last one)

    I'm not really sure where to even begin, and as I don't have a booming business, I'd rather not invest a ton of money into it. If anyone can help me out with some pointers, tutorials, free templates, or possibly creating something for me, I'd reallly appreciate it!


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  • how do you allow customer created cd's on

    I know when I go in to update my storefront online and go to the e-commerce options it has an option that enables multi-item packages to be created using a variety of different pictures, and it's supposed to also work with photo cd options so that customers can choose pictures that will be used to create a photo cd. When I edit my packages in DigitalDarkroom, I found where I can add a photo cd, but when I go back into the webpage, it doesn't compile the images, but instead orders a cd for each image. How do I set it up to do a multi-item order that will allow customers to choose 25 pictures for a cd as the website says can be done?

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  • photography prices?

    I'm a photographer who has been shooting for several years now, and I just started a website so customers can order prints online. I recently just shot my church's 50th anniversary, and have been posting albums with those pictures for the church to order. because it's my church, i've priced the prints so low that i'll be barely make a profit.

    i do plan on using this site to sell my own personal work and now possibly for senior pictures. the website i am using uses one uniform pricing system, so i can choose prices per size, package, etc, but i can't vary prices from picture to picture. i don't plan on changing my prices or really doing too much with the website until i'm done w/the church stuff, but i'd like to know what would be a reasonable price for the quality of my work (because i know i'm underselling myself)

    you can see some of my work at

    or my website


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  • Photography websites?

    Does anyone know of a free website where I can upload image files that will allow me to set my own prices for the pictures? I recently have been shooting several events and I thought it would be easier if I could upload these pictures to a website that people could order prints from. However, I would still like to profit from these pictures and would like the option of setting my own prices. I know that there are numerous websites that allow users to order prints, but it's important that I can set the price. It would be especially helpful if there was unlimited photo storage as each event is averaging around 100 frames, and there will be at least 4 events that I'll need to post. I really hope that someone knows of a site like this! Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • any nikon d50 tips?

    i just bought a nikon d50 yesterday, and it's my first digital slr so i was wondering if anybody new any good tips or tricks or websites where i could find some. thanks!

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