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  • Did he "get off" dry humping me? Lol (I'm 25!!)?

    I am 25 yrs old and a virgin. I'm not saving myself for marriage, I just never have found anyone I'm comfortable telling and now I'm 25 lol. I've taken my top off and made out with guys but never further than that. So my sexual experience is minimal.

    Anyway, a few days ago I had a few people over to my house for drinks and we all ended up fairly drunk. I went to bed and one guy I had been talking to came with me. We started making out pretty heavily and he took all but his boxers off and took my shirt and bra off and tried to put his hands down my pants..I just said no and we kept making out. Then he gets between my legs and starts dry humping me hard and fast. I didn't stop him because to be honest I kinda liked it considering I haven't had any type of sex before haha. This went on for a few mins and then he kinda made a few weird noises and was breathing heavily and we kept kissing and eventually just fell asleep. Do you think he came in his boxers? He didn't get up to clean anything up later...

    Do you think that it is possible he is a virgin too..? I've never had a guy do that before

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  • How to tell a guy I like him and that the reason I shy away from him is because I'm a 24 year old virgin?

    I'm 24 and a virgin. I have never been in much of a relationship for that reason, bc I push guys away instead of telling them I am a virgin.

    By the time I started going out everyone had already had experiences sexually and I was worried I would be bad at it so I would stop any opportunities I had. And now I'm 24, and everyone I know is in a relationship and I just wish I had somebody too. So I've been thinking a lot lately and there is this guy I've liked for awhile, and I want to tell him I am a virgin because I know we could possibly become an item. We've been sorta friends for about 4 years, we've made out lots but I've always stopped him if he wanted to go any further but never give him a reason why. He's a super nice guy and I am 90% sure he likes me. I just want to admit I like him, hang out and tell him I'm a virgin so he doesn't rush me or pressure me til I'm ready. But I'm scared he might reject me because of that ( I've only told one other guy and he rejected me after awhile probably because I wouldn't sleep with him). I've never even given a hj or Bj. How am I supposed to tell him all this lol

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  • How to tell a guy you're a 24 year old virgin?

    I'm a 24 year old female virgin. I literally have no sexual experience. I've touched one penis in my life an it was awkward as hell bc I didn't know what I was doing and I'm pretty sure the guy didn't even get off. Ive done lots of making out and been felt up lots but never let a guy "down there." I'm not waiting for marriage or anything, I'm just really shy an I've never felt comfortable enough with anyone to go that far. I'm scared it will hurt, or that I'll smell funny lol or the fact that I get super wet just from making out will gross guys out. I've never told anyone I am a virgin and it's the only reason I'm single bc I've had lots of opportunities.

    This guy I know and am friends with told me recently that he likes me a lot and wants to hang out. He told our mutual friends that he wants to date me. We made out the other nght and have been talking since and are planning to spend more time together. I can see us dating in the future but I'm terrified about the whole virgin situation. I know he is experienced and I'm scare to tell him I'm not. Plus I don't know when. I feel like he should know before we start dating, but I don't know when to bring it up. What if he tries while we are making out, should I just blurt it out? I don't know when I'd be ready, it could take months and I want him to know I don't wanna be pressured and that it could take some time.

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  • Why do my lights keep flickering and power go off?

    Lights flicker and power goes off but comes back on right away. Only affects certain areas and has only been happening lately. No change in the amount of appliances we have plugged in or anything. Has nothing to do with wether. Neighbours not affected. Happens multiple times a day

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  • Why is my period more of a light brown discharge instead of blood this month?

    I am 23 and my period has always been regular. It only ever lasts 4-5 days. However, twice this year it has been more of a few day dark brown-light discharge rather than blood with no cramps. It has nothing to do with pregnancy since I am a virgin. What could this be and should I be worried?

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  • "The Other Woman" leg stretching scene?

    So funny haha, but why can't I find a clip of it anywhere. Even searched youtube. Can anyone else find it?

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  • Why hasn't he made us official?

    I met this guy on pof in Jan. We talked daily for 4 months and finally met in April. Felt like we knew eachother already and hit it off. We live 4 hours apart but like eachother a lot and decided distance isn't a problem. We've taken turns hanging out over weekends since April. I don't expect him to ask me to be his gf after hanging out only a handful of times but we talk/act like a couple and talking to eachother all day everyday makes it seem like we've known eachother for way longer. I'd like to make it official but I don't want to bring it up. He did want a relationship and that why he was on pof. He recently told me he a DUI (but we are still going to try to make it work), we like eachother way oo much not too, so I don't know if held off on asking until he told me or what. We are hanging out this weekend for the first time since he told me about the DUI. Should I just be patient and wait for him to ask me or should I bring it up? If you look at it, we've been a "thing" for about 7 months the way we've been talking. I'm 23 and he is 24, so

    It's not like were 15 and this isn't real haha. Neither of us has been in a relationship before. And we haven't even had sex yet so I know he's not using me for that

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  • Im 23 and hooked up with a married 40 year old man... Regretful and feeling disgusting?

    We had a fire and drinks at my sisters house Friday night. a few of us ended up pretty drunk. I went downstairs to sleep on the couch and my sisters bf's uncle followed me down (I assumed he was going to sleep on the other couch since he had been drinking too). He gets creepy when he is drunk and wanted to see my boobs. I said no and told him to go home and turned the lights off. A few mins later he came over and started kissing my neck and feeling me up. I was really drunk, it felt good and I let him.. We made out and I let him feel me up/kiss my breasts for awhile. He kept trying to get in my pants but I stopped him, got creeped out and asked myself what am I doing and told him to go home.

    Problem is, I'm 23 and he is in his early 40s, married with 3 kids. I am in no way physically or emotionally attracted to him and I am not the type to screw around with married men, let alone men 20 years older than me. I am actually a virgin so this is not me at all. I feel so gross everytime I think about it and he won't stop texting me. He keeps trying to make small talk asking what I'm doing, how my hangover was and I just ignore him. Now he wants to know why I'm avoiding him and he is close with my sisters bf so I will run into him eventually. Should I just text him back and say I was really drunk, I'm not interested and it shouldn't have happened. Or just ignore him and hope he gets the hint. I don't want him to think I am interested in having an affair with him or anything.

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  • How do hair extensions work?

    I have dirty blonde hair, chin length, but my hair is really hard to do and that's why I keep it short, but I love the long hair look. How do I buy extensions that match perfect and how do they attach? I want to be able to put them in for a night out (not permanent every day ones)

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  • Did I forgive him too easily?

    I'm almost 24 and I talked to a guy on a dating site this year for 4 months then we finally decided to meet. He drove to me and we hung out for a weekend and hit it off. He has every second week off and we live 4 hours apart but since we really like eachother, we decided to take turns goig to see eachother. I went and saw him a little whole after that, making it his turn. He would promise to come see me and then "something would come up" and it seemed like he didn't wanna see me. I thought he didn't like me anymore and would get upset over it. I finally said something and eventually he confessed he got a DUI and was too embarrassed to tell me and scared I wouldn't wanna see him anymore. He apologized lots and I said I still wanted to see him as I really like him. I'm gonna see him when I can and he has agreed to pay my fuel when it's "his turn." I want to bring up him taking a bus to come see me. Do you think this is fair?

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  • Am I overreacting and should just trust him?

    I am 23 and have never had a real bf/I am a virgin and have never admitted that to anyone so my relationships never go anywhere as I shy away.

    I decided to try online dating and eventually started talking to a really nice guy and after 4 months, we met. We hung out an entire wknd, he met most of my family/friend, we kissed/cuddled and I opened up to him about everything and he never pressured me at all and said he had no problem waiting. I haven’t seen him in over 3 weeks bc he lives 4 hours away and has been working, but I’ve creeped him and even tho he told me he hadn’t been on plenty of fish since we started talking, I found him on there, online recently and his snapchat also shows that he has been sending pics to 2 other people with feminine usernames (not sure who they are, could be just friends, but they are not on his facebook). It bothers me and he asked what was wrong so I brought it up and said I was interested in only seeing him, no one else and if he didn’t feel the same we should end It before it starts bc I don’t want to get hurt as I really like him. He said I was the only girl hes been talking to and really likes me too and hasn’t been able to figure out how to delete the account and that's why it shows him online. The only reason I belive him is bc we talk all day everyday/send pics from the time we wake til the time we go to bed and I don’t think another girl would be ok with that haha. Plud wehy would be drive 4 hours to see me?

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  • How do people handle long distance relationships?

    I'm 23 and this guy and I started talking on an online dating site for about 4 months. We really came to like eachother and decided we should finally meet up even though both of us were really nervous about it. We spent a weekend together and had lots of fun. He's sweet, caring, funny...I am a virgin and he said he would wait as long as I need. He didn't ask me out which is no big deal since we only hung out once but we decided to take turns going to see eachother. Anyway we haven't seen each other in 2 weeks and this weekend was supposed to be my turn to go see him but I am on call so he said he would come see me :) but he ended up in te hospital and can't come this weekend and works for anther week so I won't see him for another week and a half. I feel so disappointed and sad now, I was so looking forward to seeing him. We live 4.5 hours apart which is the hard part. How do people do long distance?

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  • Where can I buy cute dresses online?

    Looking for something to wear to a wedding, nothing to fancy. I'm 23. Kind of a country girl so maybe something solid colored just above the knee with a belt?

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  • Is he playing me or am I overreacting?

    Long story short, I met a guy on a dating site. We talked for 4 months then decided to meet up. He's driven 5 hours to see me twice and is coming again this weekend. We talk/act like we are a couple but he hasn't asked me out. I am a virgin and he knows I don't want to rush into anything physical. He's only slept with one girl and hasn't ever been in a relationship. So we are kind of in the same boat. Problem is, I always think the worst. When he's here I'm fine, he doesn't even open his phone to talk to anyone else. But when we are apart I am constantly worried he's seeing someone else. When he doesn't text back or doesn't say much I worry. I've never been like this before but I am crazy about the guy. Another thing is a couple months into chatting he told me he hadn't been on his dating page since we started talking and that day I creeped only to find he was "online today" and had updated his info since I last looked. It didn't bug me he was on thre bc. We hadn't even met yet but why lie? And now it bugs me that even after meeting and acting like a couple and him saying he still likes me after meeting that he has still been logging in. Am I making way too much out of this??

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  • I like this guy, but my friends think he's weird?

    I've never really had an actual bf, I've

    "Seen" a few guys but I am a virgin and none of them really wanted to wait around for me to be ready. I am scared to have sex even tho I am now 24 and that's why I shy away from hanging out with guys.

    Anyway, long story short I decided to try online dating. Talked to one guy for 4 months and started falling for him and he really likes me too. We decided to meet this weekend. He is really nice and we have lots in common. I do still have feelings for him and love hanging with him, but I feel unsure about making it official with him because he isn't te greatest looking guy and he kind of talks funny. I don't care about it bc

    He is way more than that to me but my friends met him this weekend and were making fun after he left and it made me feel stupid. I know it's rude to say, but what would you do?

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  • How likely is it I will get mono (made out with a guy who had it 4 weeks ago)?

    A guy I've been seeing was admitted to hospital with tonsillitis about 4 weeks ago before we started hanging out and he found out he had mono while there. He feels better now and we made out a few times this weekend (dumb I know but I really like him and it was hard not to lol). How likely is it and how soon could I get it?

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  • What's something easy to make when having company over?

    I am having a few people over for the weekend. I am young with little to no cooking experience and I would rather not have to prepare a fancy meal. I am looking for something easy to make as they are staying for 3 days.

    I have so far gotten stuff to bbq (hotdogs, smokies, burgers, etc) and munchies like chips. Fruit/veggie trays. What else ccould Ibuy that's quick and easy?

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  • Can you get mono only from kissing?

    I recently started dating this guy I'm crazy about. He gets tonsillitis a lot and has it right now and also found out he has mono too. He says I'm the only girl he's kissed recently and hadn't been with anyone else in the last year and I do not have it. How else would he have caught it? It's not just by kidding is it? How long does it last?

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  • Why is he lying about deleting his dating profile?

    Hey I'm a 23 and I started talking to a guy I met on a dating site 2 months ago. We both like each other and he seems like an honest trustworthy guy. I know it is him I am talking to and not some online perv. We talk about almost everything. We've talked

    About meeting up but I am a lot on the shy side so we are talking it slow. I told him I hadn't been back on that dating site since we started talking and he said the same and even said he couldn't remember his log in info. My friend was on the site

    TOday and I looked over and his profile was on there as "online today". It even looks like he's

    Updated and added new

    Pics to it. Why would he lie?

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  • Do I tell I guy I met online I am a virgin before or after I meet him?

    I'm almost 24 and I'm a virgin. I've made out with numerous guys, been felt up, attempted a hand job but the guy didn't even ejaculate. No, I am not saving myself for marriage and no I am not so hideous that guys haven't tried to get in my pants, I've had lots of opportunities but the problem is I am a very shy person and I don't like to be pressured and I've never found a guy I am comfortable enough with to have sex with. My last relationship was 6 years ago an he tried to pressure me into having sex and I ended it and havent tried to date since.

    Well everyone I know is in a relationship and I want that SO bad. Like I said, I'm shy and id rather get to know a guy before we meet so it's less awkward so I joined a dating site. I've been talking to a guy for a couple months. We get along great and he's really nice. He wants to meet and in no way is pressuring me to meet until I'm ready. He said he knows a good thing when he sees it and doesn't mind waiting. He's never mentioned anything remotely sexual to me at all (lots

    Of guys do and think they're flirting). Anyway we like each other and I am planning on meeting him in the future (yes I made sure it is actually him I've been talking to haha). But I don't know if I should tell him I'm a Virgin before we meet or wait til after. I know we're not dating or anything but it would be easier to just text him to explain'd be awkward in person. I'm sure he will be

    Cool about it but I don't know how to brig it up

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