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  • Anybody gone to Los Angelos , California? & Been to the parks and on rideS?

    i'll be leaving in 3 weeks and im worried what if i dont fit on the rides. my stomach is big, its so weird. yeah i'm like scared to not fit and get boofed. i wear my jeans below the belly. i wear 18w. umm id prob fit a 24w or 26w jean size ..

    i have been to florida last year but i didnt go on much rides because i feared the same prob i have now.....

    id be so embarressed infront of everybody leaving the ride because i didnt fit... Help !!!!!!!!!

    i fitted on the Spider man 3-d ride..... umm i fitted on Aerosmith's Rock N roll roller coaster only because the seat belt things were umm pull-overs and not literally belts or bars.....well the spider man ride was a bar and i sat next to skinny

    umm so yeah are the rollercoasters pull over seatbelts?

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  • is this camera good ? next month i am going to l.a, calif. i was wondering if this was was good? like, ..?

    i also have a child at my house, and i want fast taking pictures.... umm i recently bought a kodak easyshare m853 and it sucked. the images/quality was poor. so i really need to know how is this camera.......... oh and the camera that im thinkin of buying from walmart is Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital Elph on sale 199.99 $ idk if i should buy it or not like what if i am not satisfied with it. ....................... or can anybody reccomend me on buying another that i can find at walmart in canada? Thanks !

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  • Camera--Kodak m853, Kodak z340, samsung sometihng.. I have had all these cameras within the 4 years. HELP!!!?

    okay, camera #1 was kodak z340, it was pretty good and lasted a little, worked fine, but it started eating my batteries. so i went out and bought another, camera #2 samsung something, it sucked. its capturing took like 4 seconds. i want a fast one that can capture fast things like my 14 month old sister. y'know? and stuff. then about 4 weeks ago i bought the kodak m853, it looked nice, but the pics were blurry, so i bought the recommended memory card, still blurry. then it had an lens error and it made me cry n i trashed that camera...

    i am in the need of help of which camera should i buy, and what are your commetns about the camera that you would recommend?

    im looking for something inparticular that is fast, great quality, affordable, 300$ at maximum price.

    in mid may 2008, i am going to los angelos, california i want a good cam. and in mid march 2009 i am going to florida. and possibly again going to florida in march 2010. so u know i need something good and that will last.

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  • In Loving Memory Of A friend, how does this goodbye sound?

    Gone forever, but never forgotten. Rest peacefully **** !

    can anybody come up with something like that?


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  • What can it be? ... My sound from the speakers on the puter sound funky ...?

    I have tried if the wires are good---they are good.

    I have reboot my sound card & restarted...

    I have tried updating the is updated..

    oh right now i am noticing that it sounds funky when i am doing things... like chatting on msn ... or lookin at internet explorer.

    Also! the computer is totally cleaned out...

    it's very strange.

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  • Trojans-.I have numerous messages popping up. What did u use to remove them?

    yeah I usually get my things from i downloaded ad-aware...hijackthis.. .Ccleaner... .spyware killer...trend micro scanner online...

    trend micro usually does it but while it is scanning the pop ups pop up and take up all of my taskbar and it freezes and my scanning doesnt get to finish.

    ooh and my antivirus is avg .. and that can't get them off either.

    can somebody please help me ? i'm going nuts. i want to try to fix it myself before i take the pc to anyone.

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  • Women's Exercising......?

    hmm Today is the first day I start my work out...i did biking for 15 mins in the morning, then evening i did 20 mins. all in total i lost was like 250 calories. how much is calories.. like in fat wise or something of how much i lost.

    also did some punching in the air to work out my arms..

    also did 4.8 + 7.8 = 12.6 km..

    drank only 5 glasses of water today but i will gradually increase that

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  • Why is my internet so slow? It wasn't slow like 4 days ago? I disc defragged...I also?

    did a disc clean-up

    I deleted cookies, etc.

    I rebooted.

    I even exit some stuff on task manager......

    i do have alot of music and photos..

    what can it be? anybody know?

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  • Doing a Show Me Your Math! project..need a topic/name. have the project done but need a name for it?

    im sure everybody knows about the game "what chu got" it may have another name for it but im not sure. anyways for those who dont know what it is..

    there can be two players or more.

    there can either be 7, 11, 14 or 21 cards handed out to each players, depends on how many players.

    you can put down cards on your side as points.

    scores for the cards: from card 3 to 9 have a value of 5 points.

    from card 10 to king have a value of 10 points.

    card ace A has a value of 20 points

    card 2 has a value of 20 points as well, ALSO can be turned into anything.

    like for example i have a 5 heart, 6 heart and need a 4 of heart or 7 of heart i can flip out a card 2 if i have one and it will cover for the 4 of 7 that i need.

    if anybody has any questions about the game, just leave an answer and i will try to answer on more detail and check back.. thanks to everyone for taking their time to read this. also i will glue the cards to a brisol board and show what is everything.. bye

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  • How to write a will?

    Looking for will intructions--easy. Can someone show me how to write one manually and step-by-step?

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  • How to start off an 1st Birthday any ideas?

    My sister who is turning 1 on December 28th, I'm making her invitations because she asked me to (JK). Lol But yeah. I want a little humor, ex..

    You're invited to a birthday party!

    Not Just any birthday, but Plsit Ansalewit's (name in mi'kmaw my culture) 1st birthday!

    etc. IM Stuck. And The most common invitations are way too common, we want something different. thanks !!! goodluck to everyone for the 10 points!

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  • christmas---7 year old girl..what should she get.. she says she likes movies... but?

    so this is what i said to myself what she should get

    new dvd player, bc hers broke..

    movies (anybody have any ideas of which kind) i know she likes loonette and molly. lilo and stitch. anybody share theirs or something.

    a barbie house n few barbies...

    few dollies......

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  • Candians: Lasik Eye Surgery?

    If you're Canadian, where did you get your lasik eye surgery done at? Which doctor?

    How long did it take you to go under the light? (Like, how long did it take when you first decided you wanted to go and get the surgery done?)

    I am native american, I have a tax card. I hear it is $400 a eye down here in Nova Scotia..

    Did it sting alot? If so, how long?

    Is there anybody out there whose eyes got f'd up after lasik eye surgery?

    Share your stuff.

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  • Trigonometry help. No Pythagorean Therom involved :S?

    ABC formed right triangle:

    there is the hypotenuse but nothing above it but the angle is near by

    the angle is 56 o'

    opposite (x) has to be solved.

    adjacent is 39.7

    is this Tan 56 degrees?



    / |

    h / |

    y / | ( (h)eight or (x) ) solving for

    p / | opp

    /___ |

    ^ adj is 39.7m


    angle is 56 degrees

    am i right? is this tan? if not please explain. simply as how it is either SOH CAH TOA..

    I almost get this, but i am soo stuck. i can't remember. I need a refreshment.

    so can this be tan 56 degrees = opp/adj =

    someone finish that? thanks!

    i just need how to start this. thanks to who can help me ! (:

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  • From Canada and have a Bangor, U.S. Mail card. I can receive mail in the U.S.?

    I am trying to order online, But they don't ship parcels to Canada, because Canada sucks...:S... I am wondering IF I can send my ordered items to Bangor, ME, U.S. USing my card and get Bangor to send it to Canada...I dont care if there are any charges?

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  • Hmm what are you doing today..on friday night?

    I went to the hospital to see my grandmother (53) and my sister (23).. grandmother is recovering from a nasty fall and going through tests to see what happen, because she just collapsed one morning. and my sister had twins on thursday night 10:43 pm.

    i went visiting watched movies and what not n got home at 10 :S im soo corny lol.

    then from 10 til 12 i was cleaning.....soo yeah my friday sucked. its still early 12:20 am.. but uhh im exhausted so i think i will just chill for the rest of the night and prob sleep or watch more movies.

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  • Hmm whats wrong with me? besides fat? lol.?

    When I am sleepin, i either sleep with my arms under my pillow or i sleep on my sides. Umm most mornings i wake up with my hands numb, and they stay numb for couple of minutes like 5 minutes which is long. I am over weight. But in the process of losing it. Can the numbness occur of too much computer? I am not diabetic. But I do have highblood pressure.

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  • Computer Problem. Computer starts as safemode..Tried to switch it to normal start up but...?

    This is what happened:

    1. Kids were on, and god knows what they did.

    2. Internet did not want to connect because the computer only on'd on safe mode. Even if I pressed F8 during start up and switched to normal start up.

    3. I tried this about 6 times. Then I gave up.

    Could this be a virus?

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  • When Shutting Down And An Error Pops Up Just Before It Offs.....?

    A Black screen pops up after saving settings and what not. It says at the top of the black screen "SK BOOT.. Failure to shut down. Please put in whatever disc then press OK"

    Could the computer need updating and such?

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  • When I Open Up Ultimate Bet From My Desktop, My Whole Computer Shuts Down On It Self Without A Warning...?

    This computer is a Windows ME Updated Into Windows XP And Alot Of New Parts... Could this be a virus?

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