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  • Not a question....?

    16 yes of marriage, things have gotten a bit tough lately for me....he has no idea.

    Found the receipt for our weddings rings today, his letter after I had lost our first child, 1st anniversary and second.....when did the letters stop? Why? What is the sadness....why does it feel my voice is echoing in the void, but no one hears....

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  • Men's attraction based on side.....?

    What really attracts a man to a woman? Is it her size, an hour glass shape or more of her attitude? Say a woman of some beauty was a bit overweight, not grossly so, and she took good care of herself despite her weight but while treated respectfully, no one acted interested.....the same woman lost the extra weight and all of sudden the men act like they have a new it because of her "new" body or are they attracted to her positive attitude about herself making them take more notice of her themselves? (This is not about me, just a general question of curiosity)....

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  • Cost of labor to change a transmission out in my '07 nissan quest?

    I have an '07 nissan quest SL that I'm having the transmission replaced in. I have 2 quotes from the same shop saying it takes either 4.5 hours to change or 7.6 hours to change. Does anyone know how I can look it up on line to find out for sure how long it will take? Does it or does it not require pulling the motor too? How long does it take I change the transmission filter on that tranny if it sitting out with easy access? (Was told a hour on that part but that seems a long time with the tranny out and easy to get to).

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  • Need help with 1999 Toyota Sienna overheating...?

    I have a 99 Toyota sienna mini van that started overheating out of the blue. We changed the thermostat and it stopped over heating only for the water pump to start leaking coolant. We then changed the waterpump and timing belt. During changing the waterpump the temperature coolant sender/switch was broke so we replaced it.....all parts are new not that its all back together it is now overheating again....any suggestions as to what it can be?

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  • Tubes tied almost 5 yrs ago and now pregnant?

    I will have had my tubes tied 5 years in May. My periods are every 25 days and usually last between 4-5 days and usually pretty heavy start to finish. I was 2 days late this month and when I started it was really slow the first day. Day 2 was almost normal but half way through day3 it was over. I don't feel pregnant but I'm really getting worried because some of the things I really craved with my last baby is starting to sound really good. that along with the crazy period is got me scared. Does anyone know how soon the cervix starts to soften and get thick or any other signs that I could be expecting? A year ago the thought that I could be carrying would have sent me over the moon with joy but now only fills me with dread! Has any of you ever carried after your tubes were tied? Did everything go ok?

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  • URGENT!!!! Child kidnapping?

    My parents and brother (father of child) is in a custody battle with the mother of the child. The court day is on the 30th of this month. The mother has been posting on fb that she is packing to leave (she doesn't know her account is being watched) the child came back last night saying mommy is taking me where nobody can find them. He will be 5 on the court day. With only 2 weeks left to go would my parents and brother get into trouble if they didn't send him back until the court date? They have never not Allowed him to go back. They were told if she runs with him there is nothing they could do until the court date. That would give her a 2 wk head start to hide him. My parents have already been told with the evidence they have that they will probably get full custody. Does anyone know the law for Arkansas? Can my parents get into trouble for saying there has been a family emegerancy and they can't get the child to his mother until the court date. I think so long as they allow the child to talk to his mother on the phone and not miss the court date there will not be anything much she could do?

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  • Ever wish you could have a pity party and actually have someone pat you on the back?

    I'm a stay at home homeschooling mom living in the boone docks. I feel like I'm the back bone of my family and sometimes I feel like closing the door and crying myself to sleep. If I give in I feel like I'm letting my kids down. I'm a very private person and really don't have any close friends I trust. My father was an alcoholic and we moved around a lot growing up, making it very hard to learn to make friends. The community where we live is very family oriented. If you wasn't born and raise there you aren't all that welcome. I find it very sad to know I am talking to strangers just to have someone to talk to. Sadder still the fact that if you reply it will probably be some jerk remark about growing up and life isn't all about me....

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  • Needing to turn the other cheek...?

    I dont' have a question I'm just really upset with how someone I go to church with treated my son. I though she was my friend but then told her step son he couldn't sit by my son. It would have not been a big deal if she would have only explained that it was punishment for her step son who has ADD and wanted to talk all through service. But instead of letting us know anything she just told him he couldn't sit with my son so when my son sat down beside him (1st pew, in front of everyone) her son got up and moved to the other side of the church during service. After church when my son asked her son about it all he was told was he couldn't sit by him. Why should my son be treated like that just because she can't shut her kid up. And no, my 11 yr old wasn't talking back. he knows I would take him to the bathroom would wear him out. Talking and cutting up is normal but only for after church. I feel steam comeing off the top of my head over this! We go to a small church, less than 10 kids in all in our youth group. You can't image how hurt my tenderhearted son was over this!!! I guess the mama bear is coming out in me because I really want to slap her face for hurtin my child. Now in less than 3 hours I have to face her and act like nothing is wrong? I know as a christian I need to forgive but she just acted like we should have just been fine with it when I called and confronted her about it today. It makes me not want to go tonight, but we leave friday for vacation and won't be back for 2 weeks and I don't want to miss any more church than I have to.......I'm so mad but my heart hurts to.....

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  • To soon to teach my 4 yr old to wipe himself?

    I have a 4 yr old little boy. Is it to soon to try to teach him to wipe his own backside or have I let him get away with not wiping it sooner by himself? Any ideas as to how to get him to try? He has been in and out of the hospital all his life and wasn't potty trained to just over a yr ago. I love him enough to want whats best for him and not allow him to depend on me to much, but he is only 4. It isn't unheard of that a little one would still need help at this age is it?

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  • How to pack for vacation in Wyoming/Montana?

    So we are leaving in a week or so and was wondering how I should pack so that we stay warm but don't burn up....any ideas?

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  • Is this possible???????

    Is it possible to want a baby so bad that you trick your body into believing your pregnant. Including missing your period and pregnancy symptoms?

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  • Is it dangerous to ride rollercoasters while pregnant?

    What if it was before you found out you were pregnant?

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  • Is there any way to make my period start early?

    We leave for vacation next friday. I should start my period next saturday (the day after we leave). I would really love to make myself start now so I wouldn't have to put up with it while on vacation. My tubes are tied so I don't take any kind of birth control. So skipping the sugar pills isn't a option. Are there any other ways to bring on my period now or postpone my period for 2 weeks?

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  • My husband and my long hair....?

    So here's the prob...I have very long hair. It falls between my knees and ankles.It is straight and very silky. It takes a long time to wash and dry then fix. My hubby thinks I should wash it everyday and if I don't I'm gross. I think since i wash it every 3 days or so then fix it in a nice updo (that he likes) and that stays in place till I take it down, it should be fine. He won't allow me to wear it down out in public due to the fact that creepy guys have been known to follow me around the stores trying to touch it. I know he likes to see me with it down before bed, but I think he should be happy to see it down every 3rd night or so. I mean it takes me over an hour just to put up after I get it washed and dried. I am a stay at home mom and don't sweat much. I don't come into contact with dirt much. the worse that ever is is when I dust and then I put a scarf over my head. Can washing my hair only every 3 days really be that gross? I mean as I take it down he is running his hands through it and saying how nice it smells. I mean I feel like I could wait almost a week before washing and it would still be kinda clean. I take it down every 3 days because of the lose hairs that have made their way out of place and I like to look nice, and neat, not with little fizzy hair everywhere. I think he is being to demanding and hurting my feelings for no reason, Am I wrong?

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  • Am I the only person who regrets having my tubes tied after my 3rd child was born in '08? My arms ache for...?

    My arms are acheing for a baby now. I want to be pregnant so bad. To feel my little on growing inside. Is it normal to regret this kind of decision. I thought I was doing the right thing since I had 3 c-sections but now that everyone around me is now carrying my heart is acheing....How long will this feeling last?

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  • Pregnancy after having your tubes tied?

    I had my tubes tied in '08 after a hard pregnancy and emergency c'section. I have 3 children but want another baby so bad. Is there a chance I could get pregnant without having to go through a reversal? Not sure my doctor would do a reversal as all 3 children were born through a c'section. I'm only 32 and have everything paid off so we could afford another child. I know adoption is an option but I so want to be pregnant and feel my baby grow inside of me......

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  • I feel like I have monsters-in-laws, HELP!!?

    I've been married for 11 years with 3 wonderful children. I've never had a very good relationship with my husbands family but this last couple of years have been horrible. My husband and I go to 2 different churches even though we are of the same belief. I go to one about 2 miles from the house, he drives 1 hour to attend my father-in-laws church. My in-laws never call me or the children. They never call my husband when he's home around us either. When they call him he is at work and on the way home or when they know I'm not home. When I break down and go to visit with my husband(maybe once ever 3-6 months) they always go on and on about how much they love the kids, giving them hugs and kisses, going to the store and buying them under $5 gifts. Making my kids think well maybe they do care, yet never contacting them again until we make the drive over again. The last time we went over about 5 weeks ago my kids asked it they could come spend the night with them but was told they had to wait until it got warmer and prettier outside, yet my husbands sister's kids spend the night every Friday night. I'm ready to write them off and never go over anymore or have any kind of contact with them again, is it wrong of me to expect my husband to do the same? If someone loves someone wouldn't they show it, not just tell them 2-4 times a year? If my husband loved me and the kids would he continue to put up with his parents treating us they way they do? As a christian I don't like things the way they are, yet I have no idea how to change them.

    Oh, I haven't mentioned that I use to call and text my in-laws begging them to have more to do with the kids. They always told my husband that they don't because they didn't think I really wanted them to. They also tell him that they love me and don't understand why I hold hard feelings towards them. Should I believe their words(which or never spoken to me, just my husband) or their actions. Is it wrong to tell my husband it is either me and the kids or his parents. I love my husband and would walk away from my parents in a heartbeat if they treated my husband and kids they way his parents treat our kids and me.

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  • If someone lies and gets married at 14 are they legally married?

    In my state you have to be at least 16 to get married and then with a parents permission. I know someone who married at 14 and her mom lied to the judge and said she was 16 so that they could marry. Since it was illegal to marry so young is she legally married?

    8 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • How long before I feel the baby move?

    I'm 18 weeks, and I really haven't felt a hole lot of anything yet. This is my 3rd child but has been totally different from the get go. Plus it had been 5 years since my last child was born. When can I expect to feel my baby and when should my husband and other children feel him? Does the fact that I'm a little heavier this time have anything to do with it? I'm not fat but at 5'9" I wear a size 14-16.

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  • I'm not complaining, but is this normal? Women only please!!?

    I'm 27. I started my period one month after I turned 11. The first few years I was not regular at all, sometimes skipping 3-4 months. By the time I got married things about settled down to once a month 6-8 days. After 2 kids and 5 miscarriages. Things are werid again. It started a year ago when I stayed on my period for 5 weeks straight. My GY said it was "break through" bleeding and nothing to worry about. After that my period came every 2 weeks for about 6 months, then it started being every 3-5 weeks, 4-6 days with some very heavy bleeding, now it is coming every 28 days and last 2-3 days with no heavy bleeding at all. One pad a day is all that I need! It has been this way for about 3 months now. I'm too young for menapause, right?! My GY isn't any help, anybody out there gone through this? What is wrong with me?

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