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My Favorite bands are The Who Pink Floyd Rush Chicago Boston Styx David Bowie The Beatles Supertramp Queen

  • Dating Girls You Work With?

    There is this girl I work with who I would like to possibly date. She is really sweet and funny and cute and we like a lot of the same stuff. The concern I have is would it be OK to ask her out? I have dating girls from previous jobs and it never really worked out that well. Any feedback would be helpful, thanks.

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  • Dream Interpretation?

    For the past week, I have been having a reoccurring dream. In this dream I am walking through my old hometown, when I bump into this girl, who I went to middle school with. I have not seen this girl for like 6 years, but before I moved away she told me she had a crush on me and I liked her as well but nothing ever came of it. In this dream, I bump into her and I apologize and keep walking. She runs after me and catches up to me and we start talking. We then kissed. I have had this dream 4 times in the last week. I'm not sure what this means but I can't stop thinking about this dream or this girl. I am friends with this girl on Facebook and on Twitter. I also am going back to the town where she lives in like 2 weeks. Should I message her on FB and ask to see her?

    Any answers would help thank you

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  • How to Reconnect with a Lost Relationship.?

    There is this girl I want to get to know better and hangout with. We went to high school together and I think she had a crush on me. However I was in a relationship when I learned about that. But now I am single and so is she. The problem is we never really hanged-out a lot during school and now since we graduated I haven't seen or talked to her. We are friends on Facebook and that's my only way of contacting her. I just want to know if I should message her and if so what should I say. Any help is necessary.

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  • Girl Trouble. (Girls Please Answer)?

    This girl I have a crush on seems to talk to a few different guys and hangouts with them too. I guess what I want to know would she be interested in going out with me? Also how would I become closer to her like her other guy friends.

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  • Asking this girl out?

    I like this girl I sit next to in one of my college classes. We talk all throughout class and I am 99% positive she is not dating anyone else. When we talk she smiles and laughs, which is a good thing right? I've asked her to study and it went fine, but I don't know if she wants to be more then study buddies.

    What should I do? Can anyone give me some ideas what to say or ask?

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  • A song that sounds middle eastern?

    Im looking for music that sounds like it belongs in Jesus' time or a movie about him. Here is an example of what I am looking for. Its called "The Feeling Begins" by Peter Gabriel from the movie The Last Temptation of Christ.

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  • Is it ok to have your girlfriend stay over?

    What are your opinions from a Christian perspective? The big problem with a girl sleeping over is there will be the temptation to have sex. But would it be ok if you know that you will not be having sex, and we both agreed to save it until marriage?

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  • Pennies and wax??????????????

    Have you heard this before? My father is a pastor, and he knows a priest who did a house exorcism. One of the clues that the house had a demon was the fact that in the corners of the house there was wax with pennies under it. It is some kind of portal or something like that. Have you heard of this before?

    Ps: During the exorcism, the priest accidentally knocked a jar of pennies and it formed a pentagram on the floor, so the house was possessed

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  • Is the national guard allowed to wear their ACU's in public?

    Im in the Wisconsin National Guard, 32 infantry BSTB, and I was thinking about wearing it to my old high school's big homecoming game.I am in college by the way. Im just curious what the rules are, and if thats ok.

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  • Does it storm in Missouri alot??

    I am going to Fort Leonard Wood for basic training in a couple of weeks, and i was wondering if they get alot of rain there. also what is the weather like?

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  • How come people say you are gay if you like the song "Its raining men"?

    I find it to be an enjoyable song. Its catchy but the lyrics are questionable and ridiculous. I enjoy the song, and i am most definitely not gay.I do not wish for raining men. I usually listen to The Who and Pink Floyd.

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  • How i are these lyrics?????? They are for school.?

    Ok, so i have to write lyrics (a poem) for my English class. I didn't know where to post it so i though R&P would be a good place. Here it is. Tell me what you think, any changes. Be honest

    In the dead of night, across the river

    I hear the voices start to gather

    A dream I've dreamnt so many times

    Becomes reality, it learns to thrive

    Behind the woods a burning city glowing

    Through their eyes the tears are flowing

    A sense of joy turns into pain

    Happiness is washed away by the rain

    But out of the mist rises the white light

    The darkness scatters upon her sight

    With just one touch she removes all fear

    She speaks one word, and all can hear

    Take my hand, we shall fly away to the valley of the hidden day

    Where the lily's grow, a place that no one knows

    The land of songs, where the spring is long

    The mountains touch the sky, where the free can fly, so high

    We kiss, Oh bliss, like this

    Cool sand, my hand, our land

    Our song, so long, no wrong

    Dying, sighing, crying

    Lightning, frightening. fighting

    The end, my friend, true friend

    I woke up to find it was but a dream

    The white light's gone, even though it seems

    I felt her gentle touch, i felt her kiss

    But it was only a state of unconsciousness

    A state of eternal bliss

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  • How did the British Invasion effect music as we know it?

    I assume you know about the British Invasion. It all started out with The Beatles hit single "I want to hold your hand" making its way to #1 on the US Chart followed by a US Tour. Other bands from england started to come over with hopes of making it big.

    Well, how did this effect music? How did it change things? Im writting a cause and effect paper on it.

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  • R&P, a little survey about Animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I have been listening to Animals by Pink Floyd and i must say it is an epic album to say the least. Well i was wondering were people on R&P fit.

    Are you a Pig (A person who is in charge, a leader, always calls the shots and gets the dogs to do their dirty work)

    Are you a Dog (You carry out the Pigs orders down to the sheep. You do the dirty work. You are contently worrying about your ego. You want to make it to the top)

    Are you a Sheep (You are mindless to what is going on. The pigs think for you. The Dogs tell you what to do. You are only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air)

    Im guessing R&P is mostly sheep but i could very well be wrong. I know the meanings of sheep, dogs and animals might be off but bear with me lol. Id say i am a dog. As a National Guard member i do the dirty work for the pigs, I go off and fight an old mans war.

    MQ: If you could go back to one time in history, where and when would it be?

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  • Help with title of essay????

    What would be a good and clever title for a paper on the Jonestown mass suicide ?

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  • R&P, what do you think about this movie idea?

    I have to make a movie for video class. What do you think about this idea? The title is "Horton hears The Who"

    Its about this guy named Horton who lives in a world where the people only listen to Rap. Horton does not like rap, so he is a outcast. One day he hears this song in his head that's so amazing, but he cant figure out what it is. He goes to this old professor he knows. He tells him about the song, which in turn the professor plays the exact same song on a old record (all traces of rock and roll were destroyed years back. Rock was to political for the politicians in DC. They didn't like the fact that rock had the power to rally the masses in times of protest. So they had all rock banned and destroyed) Horton is so amazed that he wants to tell everyone. He comes under constant attack by the rap loves, he even escapes a few assassination attempts. Then the Government captures him. He then learns that the government is feeding the people rap and reality televisions show so that they will remain stupid and not worry about their lives. The rap is used to make people stupid so they don't see how bad the government is doing things. Rap then causes drug and violence problems which the government uses to distract the people. Reality television is used to make you attached to the show so you will not realize what is going on around you. Horton is killed in the end, but his death leads to a revolution and rock finally makes a comeback.

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  • Songs with awesome endings!!!!?

    What are some songs that have epic endings?

    I have to say 2112 by Rush has a really awesome ending.

    "Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation

    Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation

    Attention all Planets of the Solar Federation

    We have assumed Control

    We have assumed Control

    We have assumed Control"

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  • Whats the weirdest song you love to listen to?

    What song do you love to listen to, but its not what you typically listen to? Mine is the USSR National Anthem by the Red Army Choir. Why do i like it, i don't know, but it is awesome.

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  • What are your plans for summer, R&P?

    I have seen this questions other places, so i thought i would ask it here. I could use some summer heat right about now, its 2 degrees out. What do you hope to do?

    MQ: Song about fighting or a fight. (Ogre Battle by Queen is my choice)

    MQ2: The Who or The Beatles? (The Who for me)

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  • Has R&P heard of Jonestown??

    I am doing a research paper on it, and that is some disturbing stuff.

    MQ: Favorite song about death, suicide, or Kool-Aid??? ("Suicide Is Painless" by Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman is mine. Its the M*A*S*H theme song)

    MQ2: Favorite song about love and or living? (Let my love open the door by Pete Townsend)

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