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15 years experience in Corporate Japan : - Marketing - product/services diversification... Trouble shooting - auto industry, contracts... Biz regulations - imports/exports, claims, licensing, starting-up... HR - sourcing, crisis management... Local Gov - market entry, biz support... In my spare time I consult struggling enterprises on finding alternative uses for failing or obsolete products and services. I believe that corporations are too quick to discard products or services that fair badly. And I have established a reputation for turning zombie services and products into corporate life savers. Only last year one of the firms I so consulted was named the most innovative enterprise in Japan. A few years ago I was a world class distance runner... whenever training bored me my mind quickly drifted to improving products/services that disappointed me - low quality lodgings, airlines, running apparel, tools, how-to-guides that guided me only to trouble...

  • How can I buy property in Hawaii for $20,000?

    Is it possible to buy property - residential, investment or business on the island of Oahu for $20,000 down payment? If possible what sort of porperty could one get and how much per month would it take from there on?

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  • Why Won't The Wise Guys Of Davos Admit It? Japan Inc. Caused The Asian Economic Crisis Of '97 -?

    I foresaw the disaster in Asia as early back as 1992 - wrote corporate warnings for my clients - in Japan and the US. And today every single one of my prophecies turned out to be true - Japanese banks were broke, massive corporate fraud would be uncovered, Japan's greatest corporate names would shame themselves through brazen acts of corruption, accounting fraud and other criminal acts... the malaise would topple governments in neighboring Asia as predicted. As clear as all the signs were the economic thugs that meet in Davos every year still ask, "What caused the Asian financial crisis in 1997?"

    Any one in acadamia, economic think tanks etc. care to discuss?

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  • Physics for morons - Cats and Toast?

    A dropped cat always lands on its feet.

    A slice of buttered bread always lands on the buttered side.

    If you tied a slice of buttered bread onto a cats back - buttered side up, and dropped the cat from ten feet. Which side would it land on?

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  • Embassy security?

    Is there a way for a person to contact a US interest office abroad - Embassy, Consulate etc... to tip them off of a potential threat?

    I tried to warn about Air Egypt pilots and other crew that did nothing but drink from evening till morning repeatedly in the hotel I stayed in a few times in Tokyo - a fatal crash occurred in India late on a day that I repeatedly tried to alert somebody (one of the crew's that had partied next door to my room - I asked them in the morning where they were headed - they all perished when they hit a Russian transporter on the ground).

    A year or two later one of their 'party crews' flew into the Atlantic off New York - a crash that is yet to be fully explained.

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  • Looking for an attorney in Boston - Ref: Contracts Entered Into?

    I am in Japan and need a lawyer versed in Massachusetts law on contracts entered into/rights of first refusal.

    Fighting contractual fraud by a Japanese auto maker. I was contracted to Reebok (prod endorser) when the Japanese firm made a bona fide offer to Reebok for my services, taking advantage of the 60 day contract cool-off period. Under MA law on contracts entered into, the offer was to be signed without being weakened as the contract between the Japanese firm and myself when Reebok failed to match or better the Japanese firm's offer( to me). It was signed into contract (between the Japanese firm and myself) on August 19 1991 for 7 years. The contract clearly said I'd be paid ten million yen (lump sum) per year into a US bank trust fund.

    The firm forged documents showing different payment amounts. Gangsters have been used (twice) to plant evidence against me - 70 mil yen is outstanding.

    Japanese authorities - immigration & legislators, recommend I sue in the US. Need help.

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  • What gives a citizen that pays tax to a government the right to say how that taxed money ought to be used?

    Governments take the money from citizens (and others) through force - you don't pay you go to jail. So where from does this absurd notion of tax-payer rights come? We pay on demand. No questions asked, so how can we be so dumb to believe that we have the right to tell the tax collector how to spend or not spend the money he has just mugged from us?

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  • Why Do Athletes Have No Rights On The Field?

    In every sport I know the athlete is equal to a citizen of a nation run by an elite unelected bunch of untouchables. All rights in sport are reserved for the officials only. Refs, umpires, commissioners et al are not chosen by the people for whom sports exist - the athletes, yet they wield absolute power over the athletes they claim to be serving. What do you suppose would happen if all athletes - Pee-wee league included, said, "No more play without rights!"?

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