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  • Little black jumping bug found in house, what is it?!?

    Recently we moved into a new apartment and since moving we've been waking up in the mornings with more and more little red'ish colored bites on our feet, legs, and ankles. I've searched the blankets, sheets, and mattress, I haven't been able to spot a thing. Tonight however, I found a little black bug in the bathroom. When I tried to smash it, it jumped in a sideways motion several times. So it can not fly. Does anyone have any idea what it may be?!

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  • Spanish Question?

    For my Spanish class I have to write a short paragraph about a famous person, 5-7 sentences. I'm pretty confident in most of my sentences except for the following. "Ella es correr de presidente de los Estados Unidos. "Ella donar habla todos los dias." I want the first to say "She is running for president of the United States" and the second to say "She gives speeches everyday." So, I would like to know if I've written them correctly in Spanish. If I've made mistakes, which I'm sure I have, I'd appreciate any advice on how to fix them.

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  • My husband and I moved out to California about a month ago because he got a really nice job offer. At first we

    didn't have the money to move into any place of our own, and now we are waiting on the house we are going to move into to be finished (the owner is doing construction on the inside). So we moved in with my husband's cousin, who got my husband the job.

    For the past week his cousin has been bringing home a girl about every night. Well the problem is he is married, his wife just isn't here right now, she is in her country with her family. I have been very upset all week, and I have let him know it, but he doesn't seem to care that what he is doing affects me a lot. I feel very badly for his wife. And I feel disgusted, I can't stand to live here another moment, but we have no choice. So my question is, am I being overly dramatic? Do I have the right to complain about what he does in his own home, he is letting us stay free of charge! He also is the reason why my husband got the awesome job! Does he have the right to make us feel out of place because he is doing us all these favors?

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  • What's a good name for a newsletter?

    I work for a mortgage company in southern California, I have to develop a monthly newsletter to be distributed to our clients. What would be a good name for the newsletter? Something catchy!

    Thanks a lot!

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