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  • Artist crying on record?

    I'm a huge Korn fan and I know that singer Jonathan Davis had a real, unplanned emotional breakdown at the end of the song Daddy and the producer kept the tape running when the song was finished. It ends with about 4 minutes of him sobbing. I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any other songs where actual crying can be heard on the recordings?

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  • How to Become a Medical LaboratoryTechnologist in Canada?

    I'm considering changing careers. I'm wondering how one would become a medical technologist without any prerequisites. Are there options to take a course online or is it only offered through on-campus programs? Is this job in high demand in Newfoundland? How much money do general medical lab techs make? And are students expected to do any testing on live animals?

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  • What are some unique online clothing stores for women?

    I'm looking to buy some new clothes online as I'm not fond on most of the clothing stores around here. I like gothic and steampunk styles but my taste is certainly not limited to that. I'm not a huge fan of vampirefreaks as I find most of their clothing seems to be directed towards teens. I'm looking for something a little more mature. My fave online clothing store is so if anyone knows of anything similar, that would be awesome! And the site has to ship to Canada.Thanks!

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  • How old were you when you knew you were gay/straight?

    Simple question. Just out of curiosity, how old were you when you knew what your sexuality was? I knew I was attracted to other females long before I even knew what sex was. It's something I always knew; not necessarily always accepted, but always knew. So, I'm just wondering how old all of you out there were when you realized you were gay, straight, bi, or whatever.

  • How to get traffic to online store?

    I just started up an online store that sells beachwear products. I have my site registered with many different search engines, I've designed campaigns with Google AdWords that are being run on Google and get thousands of impressions daily, but few clicks (many people can see the ad but few people click on them), I was advertising on facebook, briefly, am advertising on Kijiji and have submitted articles to many blogs for backlinks, and am still having great difficulty gaining traffic to my website. What am I doing wrong? Does anybody have any advice on how to get my business off the ground? Thanks.

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