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  • does this sound like low blood sugar?

    -Blurry vision

    -Not able to concentrate at all.

    -i'm starting to forget everything


    -always tired. but not able to sleep at night

    -i'm always hungry and thirsty

    -dry mouth

    - i feel very weak. when i try to lay down or get up i just feel. old? :p

    does it sound like low blood sugar? btw. i'm, 15.

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  • diabetes and period cramps?

    i don't know if i havediabetes but ive been having diabetes symptoms all week. and now i'm on my period, i never ever get cramps but today i have the worse cramps ever. i can barely stand up and when istand up it feels like i'm going to faint. ive been drinking lots of water and even took a pill but it still doesn't help. my eye vision even seems extremely blurry. i heard that some girls that have diabetes [without knowing they have diabetes] get extremely bad cramps. is that true?

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  • my ex has been acting strange?

    My ex last month told me he still liked me. and he asked me why i broke up with him. at school he always said hi to me everytime he saw me in the hall ways, and he had this happy face on lol!. well all of a sudden when we came back from thanksgiving break. he will pass by me like he doesnt even know me, doesnt look at me doesnt smile doesnt say hi. The other day my friend and i were talking my ex was a couple feet behind me and she whispered "omg he just checked out ur butt" lol i started laughing so hard. but idk. He has been around me alot lately, but doesnt actually talk to me just acts like i'm not there. today at school he kept bumping into me, and it was raining he spun his umbrella right infront of me and all the water on his umbrella flew on my hair and face lol. I think he tries not to look at me, cuz when hes around me i look at him the whole time and you can tell hes purposly trying not to look at me or say anything to me. i don't know why tho. Also, i caught him looking at me twice today he looks away really fast but his eyes, you can tell hes hiding something i don't know what. Why is he acting strange?

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  • MEssages from my ex?

    my exbf has a gf but he was talking to me on myspace last night..He says he likes me "alittle" but from these messages do you think he actually likes me a lot??

    messages from him..

    -When he told me he went out with this girl he said: Your cooler than her, Way cooler...

    -so your looking hot lately lol,i'm just telling you.

    -dont worry about deanna [his gf] i think shes just thinking im cheatin on her wich im not

    - so whats the deal with u i heard stuff that u still like me and stuff like that tell me what u really think

    -i dont mind what u say no one els will hear about this, tell me the truth.

    -haha idk i kinda like u a little still but idk if i would have know i might have tryed going out with u again

    -damn deanna [his gf] is acting weird i think shes hiding something

    -ya well yep your cool.....

    well those are all messages from him, i wonder if he likes me a lot? cuz it seems like he does even though he said he likes me alittle, what do you think?

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  • why would he pick me over her?

    my bf likes 2 girls me and this other girl. she is flirty, and extremely sexual and shes a lot prettier than me. she asked him out but he said no cus he likes me more. and at school like at lunch and break he always hangs out with me and just ignores her. she is waaay more outgoing that me. i'm extremely shy and ugly..i'm in 8th. i dont get it!

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  • she bugs?!?

    this girl likes my bf. and she saw us at lunch sitting next to eachother, we usually sit somewhere else but she came up to us and shes asked him "whos this?" and he told her, and shes like oh your the girl i talked to on myspace? you look so different on yer pic. but its annoying cus she has a bf but shes asking my bf why hes sitting next to me. and he told me when she found out we were going out she was trying to be all over him. i really want to stay with him but she freaks me out, because sometimes it seems like she wants to fight and stuff and i try to be nice to her..what should i do?

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  • confusedd?!?

    ok i was pretty sure my ex was gonna ask me out again.lets call him R.i'm #1 on his myspace. and this girl that i dont know adds me and i don't even know her so i'm like "Who is this, just wondering"..and shes like this is "R's BESTFRIEND, is this his gf? JUST ANSWERING"..she was giving me this attitude i remember my ex told me he likes this other girl.. and i guess she just made a myspace..she added him and when she did i moved allll the way down his myspace friends.and i asked if thats the girl he likes.and hes like tell me wat she said first..omgg i'm so confusedd..and i said did you move me all the way down cus that girl wont c.and hes like noooo. do you think that is really the girl he likes? cus hes like OMG wat she tell you and making a big deal..

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  • is he trying to make me jelous?

    my ex broke up with me two days ago on sat..but since we went back to school he doesn't even talk to me or anything. but he acts like hes going to walk up to me then imedialtely turns the other way, hes been doing that all day.then at lunch he was hanging out with like 5girls right infront of me!.. but he called last night and asked if i still liked him i said yea.and he just said oh i thought you hate me.. he did come up to me once today but he stole my chips and ran you think he still likes me but is trying to make me jelous by hanging out with those girls when he never does?

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  • was he waiting for me to break up with him?

    me and my bf have been texting all day today but he is acting so weird..hes being mean and he is never mean even if hes mad at me..i was like we never talk anymore and he just said "blabla" and i asked if he is waiting for me to break up with him and he said "well i guess we broke up then n*gga"..he never says the N word. and hes not even first i thought it was one of his friends..but i doubt it cus i can tell the way he spells..i think he was being mean on purpose so i would break up with him..i dunno. we just broke up a couple days ago and he asked me out yesterday again, and broke up with me today! wat is up with him?

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  • what is wrong with him?

    my bf sent me a text yesterday. dont remember exactly wat it said but something like "ive been thinking about stuff" and i asked wat kind of stuff and he said just stuff.. i sent one back asking him if he was ok. and hes like "whY"..and this morning i sent him another text he sends one back and it didn't even have a message it just said <no message>.. i just ignore him right now or what should i do?

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  • what should i do?

    some guy from school, has been bugging me to calll him for a month, i have never talked to him in person or phone. just text or myspace. so when i called him i was really nervous and hardly talked, he kept making me more nervous by saying, your quiet, damn your a boring person to talk to, just to let you know. is he just playing around&should i just forget him? i actually had a crush on him, and he liked me. but now he keeps being rude.

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  • what is it?

    two weeks ago it felt like i just had the cold, because my nose kept running. but this week i keep coughing and whenever i do my chest hurts, and today during 6th period at school, my heart starts hurting. i had a fever yesterday, but it went away last night.but when i woke up this morning my eyes hurt like they kind of burn, and i felt dizzy. what could this be? i'm 13

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  • asked him out to the moviess?

    this guy i like likes me too. we hardly talk at school because i am shy, me and my friend went to the movies yesterday so i asked if he could come. but he said he ccouldn't his mom is strict [hes 14] but he said YOu andd me can go this weekend. i think he just wants us going and no one else. but i think it would be akward since i have never really talked to him in person. it would be better if i brought a friend. because it would be easier to start conversations. i don't know waht to do now, would it be rude to ask if a friend can go?

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  • why is he acting weird now?

    i asked this question but it didnt get posted..

    i just told my crush i liked him he actually said he likes me too.but he said this is really awkward. can u change the does that mean? it made me feel bad about telling him.he is still talking to me but just acting weird.

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  • how can i put this science project into a topic.?

    how acids like those in lemon juice changed the structure of sugar. The compared them to an alkaline base such as milk.

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  • what to talk about on the phone?

    some guy from my school, wants me to calll him because hes been texting me for along time. but its easier for me to type and text then to really talk. i told him iwill in alittle bit, but i have no idea what to talk about. i personally hate talking on the phone. he thinks i'm avoiding him and everything. i'm just not good at starting conversations. what are some things i can talk about. hes really hyper, so iguess he gets bored fast and i dont want to make myself look stupid. please help!

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  • what does this meann?

    someone sent me this message and he never makes sense....

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  • shaved arms?

    do you do it? i don't mean armpits.. i shaved my arms for the first time today because i have a lot of hair on it and i hated it..i saw some girl with shaved arms and she had huge pores.. if i keep shaving my arms will my pores get big like that too?

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  • does this mean he doesn't like me anymore?

    this guy liked me.he Told me he did.and i liked him too. he use to stare at me in math allll the time.and he would always flirt and talk to me.. now he doesnt even look at me that much..only sometimes. and he hardly talks to me anymore he just says hi sometimes.does this mean hes over me?

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  • my friend is starting to use me?

    me and my bestfriend have been friends since 6th grade. we have never been in a fight.. but all of a sudden she got a bf who's a wanna be punk/ shes trying to be emo/punk..she use to hate suicidal ppl and she said suicide was she cuts her wrists and says "i'm suicidal". Her parents took the internet away. now she wants me to buy her a modem for christmas. and she texts me. asking me to do everything. like her bfs not allowed to have a mysapce but she asked me to make him one. so i did..she asked if i want to go to the mall with her and if my mom could give us a ride..we went all she got was a prepaid card. so she can talk to her bf. then a few weeks later she wanted to go again so i did and sshe got another pre paid card.and was like ok i'm done.i ask my mom not to take her anymore..when she texts me she always wants me to do something for her. then when i do it shes like ok i g2g now bye.. she doesnt even talk..i really wanna tell her i know that she is using me..

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