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Just little ol' me with a 'tude. Be good... But if you plan on being bad, Make sure you're the top story on the news! Lived in Los Angeles all my life, except when the ARMY had me in their grasp: ft ord, Jersey,NY, Nam, AZ, New Mexico. Had orders for Nam again but 1 tour there was enough.. Had orders for Germany, but with 90 days left , I saved the government some cash by declining the offer to go there. I don't claim to be an expert on any topic . If I were, do you think i'd be wasting my time here answering questions for free? If or when I have a top contributor badge... Forgive me, for I have Sinned! By popular demand, my cat Xak is the Picture Insulting or harassing Emails are cheerfully welcomed and usually answered Never forget Steven Stayner. OR Ryan White

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