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  • what would you have done in my position?

    I go to a small community college. All my professors keep telling me drop out of my community college program,( Accounting). They think I cant do math with out a calculator. I was supposed to subtract something in front of the class, i blanked out. but i know how to subtract and multiply without a calculator. Also I wrote February 30 instead of 28 on my quiz. When I scared I blank out even If i know the answer.

    They keeping degrading me in front of my class, and everyone notices. My professor told me to drop out of the program in front of the entire class, and it spread to most of the people in the program. During my exam (the exam took place in a hall with 1st and 2nd year students) my teacher tried break my calculator, by trying to pull it a part. Also my professor stood so her back side faced me, she also threw the sign in sheet at me. I feel so humiliated. (There is more they did, but I dont want to write it)

    none of my class mates like me. I feel horrible about my self. I get okay marks, I am 75 to 85 student. I literally getting bullied by my classmates and teachers. I made zero friends, my crush looked at me in disgust. Due to the Coronavirus, i might complete college without going to college (Thank god). Also the college is near by me, so I see some of the people from college near me neighborhood. Few people even tried to hit me.

    I want to die, I feel so humiliated. I can t drop out of my program because I don t have a job and my mom is single parent.

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  • How to change twitter name?

    I can change the @ but cant change the display name even when i go on edit profile

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  • Attachment image

    How to dress to an interview?

    I have an internship interview at an accounting office. Is what I am wearing too much . Is it good or wired looking

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  • Hindi to English translation ?

    What does chhutti mean 

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  • Colding calling for internship?

    I need a bookkeeping internship. I sent emails for most bookkeeping offices near me. However some don't have emails should I call them and ask. Would it be considered professional

  • Braces vs smile direct?

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  • how much did you pay for braces?

    I live in Canada. I want to straighten my teeth and push my front teeth a bit back. Its like small to medium changes. How much would it cost be around

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  • I keep messing up at work?

    I am currently doing a factory job. Today is my 6 day here and every day I keep messing up every one thinks I am stupid . Today what happened was I punched in late, I didn't finish what I was doing, I decided to finish it, and it made me half hour late. I feel so embarrassed .

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  • why do people go on shows like 90 day fiance?

    Why would they want humiliate themselves like this. how is there life after this

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  • Are reality show characters paid actors or real people?

    Are the people who go on shows like 90 day fiance real life people or paid actors. Why would they want humiliate themselves like this.

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  • What does my employer mean?

    "myname this commute would grind you down, please circle back in 3 weeks if you are still looking, be safe and healthy"

    I signed up for a job, my employer asked me how long it would take me. I said 1.5 hours, then he sent me this email.

    If i dont find a job within 3 weeks does he really want me to message him back or is he just being nice.

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  • Macroeconomic help?

    5. Determine if the government’s current fiscal policy contractionary or expansionary? Search the internet for evidence that justifies your choice. Be sure to reference your sources.

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  • Economics: Effects of coronavirus?

    what are the effects of Open market operation and overnight lending rate due to coronavirus

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  • best mascara?

    Brand of mascara that will thicken my lashes and not lengthen them

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  • Mascara that thickens not lengthen?

    Brand of mascara that will thicken my lashes and not lengthen them

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  • what does this poem mean?

    there are

    no anchors


    than people

    there are

    no shipwrecks


    than home

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  • QUICK BOOKS report help?

    Report that shows sales and banking, including undeposited funds.

    What report is this.

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  • Eating pizza and hamburger everyday?

    I have really fast metabolism. I really want to gain weight. I am planning to eat pizza and hamburger every single day along with other food like avocado banana smoothie. I am planing to drink green tea morning and night to keep healthy and exercise for at least 30 mins. I might continue this diet maximum for 6 months to gain my desired weight. Would this have serious impact on my health.

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