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  • My dorm room smells bad?

    It smells almost like rotten food and I don't know what it is. Nothing in my room specifically smells bad, but the room itself smells kind of gross. It's like the smell of the food I make in the room (mainly the microwave) stays in the room and magnifies. I'm planning on getting an air freshener, but I don't understand why it smells so bad in the first place. Any advice? None of my friends rooms smell like this, even when they make food.

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  • Not changing last name when married?

    I don't think that I want to change my last name when I get married because of the different ethnicities. My fiance is Indian and has a very Indian sounding last name. I am half hispanic and my last name reflects that even though I basically just look white. Personally I love my last name and am proud of my heritage that it represents. Also, I do not know how confusing it would be in my life to have an Indian last name when I look white. And again, I would feel odd because the last name clearly does not reflect my heritage. What do you guys think about this reasoning? Both names are too long and confusing to hyphenate them. And how does it usually work in this situation with naming children? Who's last name do they normally take?

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  • Elliptical vs treadmill?

    I'm not overweight, but I am trying to lose a few lbs and tone up, partly for spring break and partly so I can actually have regular exercise habits for the first time in my life. Over the past week, I've used the stationary bikes, treadmill, and elliptical. I really want to build up my cardio because I have horrible stamina. On the treadmill, jogging and walking for about 1.5-2 miles is as much as I can do now, but on the elliptical I can do 30 minutes straight and it says I've gone 3 miles. I feel like I'm not getting as much of a workout on the elliptical, but it says I'm burning more calories. I especially want to tone my legs over anything else, but for spring break I'd like to slim down overall.

    What exactly is the best thing for me to do? I'm very new to going to the gym and I'm scared of using different machines around other people when I don't know exactly what to do with them...I don't want to get super muscular or anything but I would like a way to get and stay toned.

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  • What does a stationary bike work out?

    Although I'm at a healthy weight, I'm not at all in shape. I really want to tone up and try and feel healthy. I have embarrassingly bad stamina, so I really don't enjoy running. Elipticals are a little better but I can't go for 30 minutes without taking a few breaks. The only machine at the gym I feel comfortable on is the stationary bike, but what exactly does that work? I really want to tone my legs and work on increasing my stamina so that I'm not embarrassed to run with other people.

    So basically, will starting out on a stationary bike help me or will I have to suck it up and run to get the results I want?

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  • Tattoo aftercare help?

    I got a tattoo today and I'm a little confused about the aftercare. I know to wash it 2-3 times a day with unscented antibacterial soap (I'm assuming regular Dial is just smells like soap, nothing special). However, I've seen people say that you need to use a&d ointment for a few days and then switch to lotion, but I've seen others who say you can just use lotion. I couldn't find the ointment, so I just have unscented Lubriderm. Should this be ok?

    As a note, my artist did go over aftercare with me, but my brain wasn't really comprehending anything for a while after the tattoo - I had a conversation with my boyfriend during it, but I had to ask him to repeat himself a lot because I couldn't retain much due to blocking out pain.

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  • Getting my first tattoo tomorrow?

    I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow. It's small-medium but extremely simple and it will be on my ribs next to my breast. Do you have any tips on what to expect and anything in particular to do beforehand?

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  • Looking pudgy in a bikini?

    To guys, what exactly do you think of pudgy stomachs on girls in bikinis? I'm definitely not fat (5'4 120 lbs), but I also definitely don't have a flat stomach. I don't have rolls or anything, but I'm really not comfortable with my stomach. My boyfriend says I look good, but I can't help but think he's just saying it. What do you think of girls stomachs that aren't all flat and sexy?

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  • Getting first tattoo help?

    This sounds stupid, but what exactly do you say going in to get a tattoo? The place I'm going doesn't do appointments, and it's first-come, first-serve. I have a design basically down, but I need to work with an artist for a little just to finalize it and for him to actually make it look nice. Do you just go in and say "I want a tattoo."? I just don't wanna feel super awkward. This is my first tattoo and I don't know what to expect.

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  • Best time to get tattoo?

    I called the shop I'm going to to make an appointment, and they said that because they're cash only, they don't do appointments over the phone or online (despite having an appointment request form online...). So I'm thinking of going in tomorrow. They're open 12-10. Being as it's a time when more people are off of work, I'm guessing it might be more busy. But what would be the best time for me to go in do you think?

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  • Do you need an appointment?

    I want to get a tattoo sometime next week. The place I'm planning on going does have an appointment request form online, but it says to make appointments at least a week in advance. They're open 12-10, and when I stopped by for a pricing the other day around 1, they didn't seem busy. Rather than make an appointment, would it be ok if I called to see if they were busy and then come in if they're not? My tattoo is small-medium and very simple, so I wouldn't be monopolizing anybody's time.

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  • What is the smallest words can be in a tattoo?

    I am getting a tattoo with three words around an anchor in a cursive script. I want it to be small - what is the smallest I can get it and feel confident that the letters will not blur together in the future?

    1 AnswerTattoos9 years ago
  • How much will this simple tattoo cost?

    I want to get this on my ribcage next to my breast. (writing is supposed to be upside down, sorry for rotation issues) It will be maybe 4x3 inches, maybe smaller. Obviously I will work with the tattoo artist to make it exactly how I want - I drew this and I suck, so there might be some shading or a little something else to make it look good. Being how it's simple and small, how much do you think this will cost?

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  • How much will this simple tattoo cost?

    I want to get this on my ribcage next to my breast. (writing is supposed to be upside down, sorry for rotation issues) It will be maybe 4x3 inches, maybe smaller. Obviously I will work with the tattoo artist to make it exactly how I want - I drew this and I suck, so there might be some shading or a little something else to make it look good. Being how it's simple and small, how much do you think this will cost?

    5 AnswersTattoos9 years ago
  • How to handle long distance?

    To feel fulfilled in a serious relationship, I need to feel like I'm a part of my boyfriend's everyday life, even if I'm not there. How do you find the balance between doing your own thing and wanting to have that shared life in a relationship? When we're too independent, I feel like I'm not really that important in his life. And there's not really a way for us to have that shared life that I want at this point. How can I feel better about this relationship?

    5 AnswersMarriage & Divorce9 years ago
  • How to boost self-worth and relationship?

    My 5 year relationship is in trouble because of my insecurities. I'm not confident enough in myself to believe that he cares about me more than anybody else and that he wants to me with me when I'm not there. We go to different schools, so there's always a situation for me to feel bad about. He is so supportive and has never given me a reason to doubt him, but I'm getting to be too much for him to handle. I want to change so bad, and I've spelled out everything that I'm insecure about and what the truth is. I'm going to work my hardest not to get so upset about everything. But what else can I do as a routine every day to slowly help me change and be more confident in myself and my relationship?

  • Thick stringy discharge after iud?

    I got an iud inserted a week ago after getting off of nuvaring, which I had used for around 2 years. Since then, I've had extremely thick, long strings of discharge. A lot of the time, there's like one long string that's pretty pink (my period is over now, though so I figure this is just spotting) and then any other discharge that comes out is a little stringy but not too bad, and also clear. Does this often happen when your body gets used to a new method of birth control?

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  • Title of job on resume?

    I work at Salsarita's which is like Moe's and Qdoba and all those Mexican line fast food places. I do not have a specific job, we all just go do what needs to be done while working. We make burritos and work the cash register and clean the dining area, etc. I'm putting together a resume for part time jobs in college, and I have absolutely no idea what I should use as the title of my job at Salsarita's.

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  • Cheap wristlet wallet?

    I need something like the Vera Bradley carry-it-all wristlet that has a phone pouch and slots inside for cards and a bigger pocket for money. However, I don't really have around $40 to pay for it right now. Are there any other types or brands that have the same/similar features? It needs to be a wristlet with a wallet inside, not just a pouch.

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  • Boyfriend going to different college?

    I've been with my boyfriend since 8th grade. We went to different high schools and that sucked. We're going to different colleges, however they are 20-30 minutes away by bus (and the bus is free and runs on the half hour). For like 2-3 years of our relationship, he didn't really have any other good friends and I was his best friend. I'm used to being his everything. We're trying to figure out what to do for college. I'm scared that I'm going to be miserable thinking about him having fun all the time with other people (mainly girls). We also have some issues with partying and I don't think we're comfortable with partying without each other because of stuff in the past (not any cheating, just complicated stuff). I feel like I will be upset being together with him for the beginning and I hope I could maybe get over it - I just can't give him up after being together for almost 5 years. Help on how to feel comfortable with him being at a different college?

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  • Nuvaring protection question?

    I tried to skip my period with my nuvaring by putting another one in after 3 weeks instead of keeping it out for a week because I was going to the beach. Instead of skipping, I kept bleeding and took it out after a week and a half (this has happened before and I knew I wouldn't stop bleeding until I took it out). I left it out for a week and just put a new one in today. Because my normal 3 week schedule was messed up, do I have to use extra protection for this first week with the ring in? I'm pretty sure I do but I just wanted to make sure.

    1 AnswerWomen's Health9 years ago