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Here we go again...

  • Dog behavior questions....?

    If you didn't have a trainer, would you seek the advice from a vet or a groomer, about behavior issues?

    I've dealt with a LOT of vets over the years, and am yet to meet one with any knowledge of dog behavior other than the "basics". A good groomer has to be able to "hands on" a variety of breeds...doing things most of them don't like, for extended periods of time. I'm curious as to why I see, "ask your vet", as an answer to so many questions in here...but never "ask a groomer". Any thoughts on this? Would love to hear from experienced groomers.

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  • Has anyone ever hear of this before??

    I saw this question this morning...

    This is the first time I've ever heard GSD's are considered a nervous breed.

    I'm well aware that a large percentage of show dogs are "nerve bags".....but generally speaking, has anyone else ever heard the breed referred to as "nervous"? As a matter of fact.....the entire paragraph seems to be complete nonsense. Just curious if anyone else would ever describe a GSD in a similar manner? Although I don't agree....usually I hear them described as stubborn or even hard-headed.

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  • Dog food question...?

    Anyone else have "technical problems" attempting to post an answer to this question:

    It will allow me to comment....but not post an answer. No problem with any others...but haven't tried to answer another ANON question

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  • What seems to be the problem with the dog section?

    I could've built an entire new site by now. Are the web gurus on strike? Maybe somebody should help the sick PomChi so we can get it UN-stuck.

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  • Has the German Shepherd world gone crazy?

    I must say...I have never been so baffled by answers in YA as I was early this morning. Please refer to this question:

    People keep referring to what the Americans have done....and what the show breeders have done to the breed. And then...they refer to "Working Line" GSD's...acknowledging that it IS something entirely different. The confusing part, is that, you KNOW it's different...but can't seem to realize that THAT, IS, THE GSD. I think E.H. Amos said it best....Quote: "GSD used to look like the working or Schutzhund shepherds do now."

    Am I the only person that speaks English in here. HE says, GSD's used to look like GSD's. I'm absolutely confounded. What show breeders do has no more effect on German Shepherd Dogs than a horse breeder. How do Labradors effect German Shepherds? How do Westies effect German Shepherds? Obviously, they don't. The show people decided, ON THEIR OWN ACCORD, to create a different breed. I don;t know if it was just too much work to get it recognized by the kennel clubs or what,,,but they never came up with a name for it.

    Please...will someone explain, HOW and WHERE the confusion is? E.H. Amos (no offense, dude...or Miss...or whatever)..please explain how that statement makes any sense. You said (in layman's terms) a German Shepherd used to look like what German Shepherds do. And in a nutshell...that's what EVERYBODY is saying. Is everyone answering from Colorado?

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  • Attachment image

    Guess the breed?

    What breed (in detail) is my newly adopted puppy?

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  • If the winner of Westminster next year happens to be....?

    a dog who registered as a German Shepherd Dog, what if THIS happened....

    So, an AKC registered dog is shown. It is actually a GSD/Husky mix. It appears to be a black & tan show dog.....but has blue eyes. Since there is no concern for "standard of the breed" (which would mean an empty show ring)...would this then be considered "Bettering the breed"?

    And for breeds that DO show conformation for the purpose of meeting the standard....yet are BOUND by the written standard....what exactly would you "Breeders" do to "Better the breed"?

    I've always loved the phrase. Perhaps some level 7 pro, or a "Reputable breeder" can actually explain what exactly it means.

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    Breeding my AKC registered, Champion bloodline, German, Working Doberman?

    My dog Barney will be bred to his first female next week. She's a red nose, Dogs of America registered, working Doberman...and has her championship. Barney has his AKC papers and I've sent away for his CKC and Doberman Pinscher of America registrations. I've also sent in his blood samples to test for genetic faults.

    Since I only plan to breed to better the breed, should I only breed to red nose Dobermans after this time, or is it OK to switch between red and brown nose? Also, what percent of the puppies will be all white?

    I'm posting a pic of him competing at the Pudknocker, Illinois, all Doberman agility open. He was a little skinny here, but looks better now.

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    How long after a dog is neutered can he revert to being intact?

    I recently purchased a pedigreed, AKC, Champion bloodline, German working line Doberman from my breeding mentor. When I asked to meet the parents (to make sure he was reputable), he first brought out Fred. The dog answered to "Fred" AND it said BillyBobs Vom Fred on the AKC registration. Then he called Wilma. She came when he called and her AKC registration says BillyBobs Vom Haus Wilma. Then I noticed that Fred had no cajones!! Luckily, my breeding mentor is very knowledgeable and told me how males sometimes RE-intact themselves when they sense a female in heat. I was skeptical at first....but then he produced the AKC registration for my dog, Barney...and lo & behold, it says right there in purple & white that the parents are indeed Fred and Wilma. 100% proof that a neutered dog can make puppies!

    Billy Bob is also going to certify me as a dog trainer!! He has trained his Rottweiler stud to never jump the 2 foot fence that separates him from the Doberman breeding facility. He really is amazing! long does neutering last?

    Oh yes....I'll also be studding Barney out when he reaches 2 years old. With champion, AKC, German working bloodlines, how much are puppies worth?

    I'm posting a picture of Barney at 6 months old. He's only about 180 pounds here...but I expect him to top 300. OBVIOUSLY German lines, huh?

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  • Obviously, I need to re-word my question?

    I will type much slower this time. I just asked a question about registration papers, and why people still reference them as proof of a dog's breed.

    So..typing VERY SLOW now...Nothing connects a set of papers to the dog in question. So, HOW does an registration from a reputable (?) registry P-R-O-O-V-E what breed a dog is? If the German Shepherd in this question ( ) is sold with Malanois papers from AKC....does it actually CHANGE his breed? Maybe that's a new service AKC is offering?

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  • I just gotta know?

    I haven't asked this in about 2 years...So I'm just dying to know if there is something new to add.

    I will reference a question asked earlier:

    The question...

    Why, when someone asks the old "what kind of dog is this?"....there are STILL people that answer with, "without registration papers from a reputable blah blah blah"?

    There is NOTHING that links a particular piece of paper to a dog that changes owners.

    Every now and then, the same answerer will stumble on something in their answer that makes you think maybe they've at least registered 1 dog at some time in their past...and should know better. Have I missed something in my year away that would make this a legitimate answer? Judging by the other answers in the referenced question...if I sold this dog, and handed the buyer a Malanois AKC registration...that would make this German Shepherd a Malanois...with PROOF. Is it not time to drop this answer, as it is absolutely not a correct answer?

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  • I just started coming back on YA after about a year away.?

    This new YA sucks, to say the least. Are more questions being deleted...or just not posted? There used to be a question asked every couple of minutes. Now it seems like 10-12 questions down the list, I'm running into stuff that's a week old already. Is there a way to see ALL the questions? If I select's not really a whole lot different.

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  • VIcious dogs?

    I ran across a question a few days ago asking about APBT's and their tendency toward being vicious. One answer caught me off guard. I believe it was Sid (sorry), said he/she had seen 30 vicious Golden Retriever and some other astronomical number of d=some other breed. After almost 35 years of this, I am YET to run across a truly vicious dog. Hundreds of fear aggressive dogs...a few dominant aggressive dogs...some flat out dangerous being a wolf, the other some sort of Pit mix (90+ pounds...obviously a poor excuse for ANY kind of APBT mix). My question is:

    How many truly vicious dogs have you met? And for the ultra high numbers....were these dogs born in the woods around Chernobyl or something? A dog that is overly aggressive, but is fixed through training is NOT a vicious dog....I'm talking fixing, pure unfocused violence. How many do you know? After well over 4000 dogs of all breeds...I know zero.

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  • To TEST...or to TRAIN:?

    This should be interesting.

    So, you have a protection trained dog. How often do you attempt to create a "real" scenario to see if the dog will work?

    Or, do you ALWAYS set up a "Training" scenario?

    No....most of you don't really grasp this. But, give it a shot anyway. It would be extremely difficult to give the most pitiful answer in YA Dog section. follow-up training necessary?

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  • Poll: Proper dog etiquette...?'re in a hotel (as is my life when not on an airplane), and you happen to see someone walking their dog. It is the most incredible specimen you've ever seen (or, what SEEMS to be because you're a dog "enthusiast" and just can't mind your own business). The dog is being walked, and has gone into a "s--t spin" (or Death Roll as I refer to it concerning this particular dog). Do you:

    A: Approach and ask to meet/pet the dog?

    B: Start screeching about how incredible the dog is?

    C: Start calling his name because you've met him the night before?

    D: Ignore him, allow him to do his "business" and go on your way?

    E: Other...explain?

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  • How many pages do I have to go through?

    in this category to NOT see anything about Taylor Swift? Also....IS anybody else having the same problem I have. I click on the COUNTRY link...and it keeps bringing me to the POP page. ??

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  • As a follow up to this question?


    For those who are SO educated on how registration works....please explain; how does a piece of paper "proove" that a dog is purebred? Please leave out "faith in the breeder".....I'd just like the FACTS, please?

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  • Really...I have to know...?

    Does everyone with a mixed breed HAVE to create some bogus "compound" name to describe them? What the hell is wrong with calling a Lab mix a LAB MIX? I've gotten fairly numb to Labradoodle (although, I can't figure out how they came up with Doodle instead of Poodle). But some of them are starting to look like a 12 year old girls text messaging! Can someone please provide an up-to-date translation for the BS mix compound names? Just curious as to how many are actually used by the YA "experts". Please...those of you that are using these terms...I'd love for you to chime in. I promise, you won't look any more ridiculous than you do when you include it in your Q&A's any other time. Also...if you could...a brief explanation as to WHY you can't bring yourself to call it a mix?

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  • For those that always suggest alarm systems...?

    instead of a protection dog.

    A trained protection dog lets you know when someone is 50 yards (at least) from your house. You're awake, have your gun, have dialed 911 (unless you live in Texas). The potential intruder can hear the dog, but can't see him (unless you choose to turn on your lights and tie him in front of a window)....must assume you're aware that something is wrong....may have a gun....may have called 911. Anywhere he attempts to enter, the dog is waiting to bite. As all convicted burglars, rapists, etc have said...this is the number 1 deterrent to entry.

    With alarm systems...the intruder is in the house when you hear the the time you realize what the hell the noise is, the intruder is in your room.....all convicted criminals say that alarm systems are no deterrent the time the cops arrive, you're raped, murdered and robbed.

    So.....For the "Get an Alarm System" crowd:

    At what point do they shoot your protection dog?

    Why is the alarm system more desirable to you?

    Is the thought of yourself & family being killed less concern than your dog being shot? I'm assuming you're offering yourself & family up for sacrifice so the dog has time to escape out the back window and run to safety?

    Do any of you that suggest this belong to some religious cult?

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  • I would like to visit a previous question...?

    While reviewing this:;_ylt=AiCad...

    It dawned on me. Who "certifies" the people that are charging big bucks to learn THEIR "method" so they can then certify the person who paid?

    It makes me think of the things like "helper certification" in the Schutzhund world. The people that trained all these guys have no certifications. The people that trained them didn't "certify" any of them. So....somebody else certified people to certify. The people with the most knowledge, success and experience are not certified...but the "beginners" are. Odd.....

    So....if you were gonna have your dog trained....what exactly do you think when you see the phrase "certified" on your "trainers" qualifications?

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