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I am a down to earth girl who loves to be outdoors and part of nature. Art is my hobby. I am engaged to a wonderful, beautiful man who loves me and i cant wait to start my life with him.

  • Can I be dropped from GA pregnancy medicaid for clerical error?

    I was approved for presumptive medicaid here in GA. When my final app was processed an error showing more income than reported terminated my medicaid. I have a certified letter fixing the extra income error and now I have to reapply. Here's the problem, I am making more money now which will probably put over the limit. Can I be dropped from the program since I had already chosen a plan and thought I was approved and had a card or will I now be screwed over because of someones clerical error?

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  • Am I eligible for Georgia unemployment if...?

    I have been with my current employer full time for 2 years now. I am also attending college and my school schedule has become quite intense now that I am junior. My employer has made the decision to let me go because my school schedule will begin to interfere with my work schedule and they no longer can accommodate my hours. Does this make me eligible for unemployment? I'm not really being fired and I am not really being laid off, does school schedule count as a "fault of my own" ?

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  • Speech about "The Truth About Fast Food"?

    I am giving a 5-8 minute informative speech about the facts and truths about fast food. What are 3 main topics I could touch on? I am having a hard time getting started. I decided on this topic as a way of teaching myself a little something as well.

    Basically I need to know what areas about fast food I could teach my audience. I was thinking nutritional value, maybe something to do with advertisement...???

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  • Where should we move?

    My husband and I are young, have no children, and looking to move and experience new people, places, and scenery. Currently we live in central GA. Neither of us have ever lived outside of our state. Although GA is great and our family is here, we are tired of the norm and need a new outlook and adventure. My husband is a certified electronic technician (not and electrician) and I am working on getting accepted to a nursing program.

    My question is...where should we go? The US is wide with lots of opportunities, so it is overwhelming trying to pick and choose where we should look for jobs, apartments, and so on. We would like to look out west, Colorado, Montana, etc.

    What is your suggestion?

    Where would you go?

    Have you had a similar experience?

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  • Growing Watermelons...HELP!?

    I am growing some Crimson Red watermelons. So far only 3 melons have survived the wrath of the bunny rabbits. I need to know when to pick them. What signs of ripeness do I look for? The info on the melon says they could reach 20 pounds. So far they are a bit bigger than bowling balls.

    When do I pick them?

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  • Found my husband's sex tape from before he met me...?

    I found a sex tape my husband made with a girl shortly before he met me. I am not mad because I know it was before me, I am somewhat disturbed at actually seeing my husband having sex with another person. Mortified is the more like. How would you feel about this situation and how should I handle my sad thoughts about it. Like I said I am not mad, but I am having issues moving past the images I saw.

    I trust him completly and the tape was burried way back in a closet of some of our old stuff so it's not like he's been watching it...I hope. How do I harness these awfull thoughts of sadness and wierdness?

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  • I need great sea food recipes to cook while on vacation!?

    My husband and I and another couple are to Florida for a long weekend. I am known as the chef in our group of friends. I always do all the cooking, as I love to cook for others. I am pretty good at coming up with recipes but I always love to hear of new ideas. The plan is to give me money and let me do all the shopping, cooking and menu planning. I defiantly plan on visiting a fresh seafood market to purchase shrimp and salmon. What are some good tropical recipes for salmon and shrimp?(I prefer to grill but Im not sure if I will have one). Some ideas I have so far include a brown sugar and lemon zest glazed salmon and key lime shrimp kabobs.

    Also share some good side dishes for this meal!



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  • A home remedy to kill bugs in the vegetable garden! Which one works?

    I am growing peppers, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers and watermelon. My pepper plants are being eaten alive by beetles and I am afraid if I don't do something soon I will lose them and my other plants. I am aware of Seven Dust and other store bought pesticides but i would rather use something natural and cheap. I have read all sorts of recipes that include stuff like soap, hot sauce, black pepper...

    Do you have a bug zapping recipe that actually works for you that you can share with me?


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  • Vanilla Orchid...any advice!?

    I am the proud new owner of a Pompano Vanilla Orchid. It is a species that produces the "vanilla bean" that is commonly made into vanilla extract. I have been reading up on the care of this orchid and it seems it gets rather big. Right now it is just a small portion of the plant that has been rooted in a green house by my father. How should I appropriately pot it for a patio as it has to be moved in in the winter? Also what are some things you do to keep your orchids happy and beautiful?

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  • Any tips on growing a healthy watermelon?

    I live in an apartment complex that has a community garden. Me and my new husband have staked out claim on one row and have planted tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers. We are particularly excited about our water melon. I have some common knowledge on growing melons but would like to know any tricks or tips to helping them survive and thrive. I live in central Ga so the weather here is warm and humid. I also have my entire row covered with weed guard plastic.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • I left my tenderloin in the crockpot at 12:00 I forgot to add liquid?

    I turned the crock pot on low with a tenderloin in it at 12:00 and forgot to ad a liquid. I dont get home until 3:00. Will my tenderloin be okay? Was i supposed to add liquid? Uh oh...

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • My wedding is in 4 days...HELP...I am now worrying about my guests enjoying the day...Am I just going crazy?

    My fiance and I are having an outdoor ceremony with a BBQ reception by the lake. So far I have been really excited about the decor we chose and the items I have purchased. Now that I am 4 days out I just cant imagine it being as great as I once did. I am thinking that my guests are going to question my choices and i am also really worried that nthing is going to come together.

    Have you had these thoughts the week before?

    I am so stressed, what did you do to calm your nerves?

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  • We need a way to thank my mom and dad for helping us with the wedding. FYI We are broke!?

    My parents have been awesome helping with the wedding. They are very low on money as my dad has not been able to find work. Even though they are broke they have been spending money. I have asked them to please not spend anything else but my mother still finds little things here and there to buy. Anyway, I want to do something special for a gift for them. They are the type that would appreciate anything but I don't want to get them just another "thing". I was thinking a night out or something. Any ideas??? I want it to be fun and special but our money tree recently I am pressed for cash too.

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  • Fiance lied and went to strip club to react?

    My fiance and I celebrated out bach parties this weekend. I asked very kindly that they please not go to a strip club. I find going to the strip club before you get married tacky and very disrespectful. His friends promised me they wouldn't and I trusted them. Well come to find out they did go to the strip and didn't tell me. I am very upset and me and fiance discussed it last night. He admitted it and apologized. I could tell he felt really bad. He knows he was wrong. I know I can let it go but I feel there needs to be some kind of consequence for his actions and lying. What should I do. I am more hurt than angry.

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  • Movies trying to subconsciously tell us to "go green" or else?

    Are movies like The Happening or The Day the Earth Stood Still political stunts to try and warn humans about our destructive habits on earth? Both movies depict some "other" force killing off humans to save the earth because humans are to incompetent to save it. Are these just good movie plots or tools the government uses to try and train us. Do you believe the so called "global warming crisis" is as bad as "they" say?

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  • Fun ceremony music! I need ideas to fit my wedding!?

    I am having a very up-beat outdoor ceremony. I have several songs I have picked for the ceremony like Luck--Jason Mraz. The band I have hired is not going to be able to do the one song I was counting on for my attendants to walk in to -- Some Where Over the Rainbow--Jason Castro.

    Youtube thumbnail

    So, should I play it on Cd or do you have another suggestion for an upbeat, fun song for my attenants to come in to!

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  • Wedding invite HELP!?

    I am having a light casual BBQ dinner for the reception. How do I announce that the dinner and attire is casual?

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  • Honeymoon Road Trip...where should we go, any ideas?

    Me and my fiance are planning a road trip for out honeymoon. We live in central GA and want to travel from Savannah to Cape Cod and back. We have 7 days and want to see everything we can. Where should we go, stop, eat, and sleep? Any ideas? We want to travel north on the coast and back south through the mountains! Thanks!

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  • Going on a road trip, where should we stop?

    Me and my fiance are planning a road trip for out honeymoon. We live in central GA and want to travel from Savannah to Cape Cod and back. We have 7 days and want to see everything we can. Where should we go, stop, eat, and sleep? Any ideas? We want to travel north on the coast and back south through the mountains! Thanks!

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  • What to do to and expect when appearing at the reception?

    I want to know what to expect and do when me and my husband join our guest at the reception. I recently attended a wedding and when the bride and groom came in it just looked very awkward and they looked nervous. They rushed and did everything like cake and dance.

    Do you typically come straight in and dance?

    Should we mingle for a bit first?

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    9 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago