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  • Is my Japanese sentence correct?

    I want to see a movie with my boyfriend, I am learning Japanese, and he speaks Japanese. I am trying to say that I want to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

    is this correct?

    ねえねえ、パイレーツ オブ カリビアンをみたいです。

    ne ne, pairētsu obu karibian, wo mitaidesu.

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  • what does kono uta ke ko ijan mean in english?

    Kono is this

    uta is song.. but I do not understand the rest..

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  • What is the name of this hair accessorie?

    I have seen a few people wear this head band thing before and I am sure it is probably from Asia. but I do not know what they are called. I bought one at the store, but they had only one kind and it did not say any name for it. it has a wire inside the cloth that is bendable and you can put it on like a headband and twist and bend it to make it like a bow and etc.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    So, does anyone know what they are called, if i can find them on ebay?

    Where I can buy them online?

    here are pics and videos of people using them:

    Thank you very much

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  • Show about a teen girl who becomes a singer?

    Okay well I watched this show once about this girl who was a teen and loved music and then became a singer or something like that. At the beginning of the series her hair was a reddish color and then as she became more famous, she died it red and it was shorter i think. Also at one point she dates her manager or something like that and she has a sister. That is all I can remember, but i liked the show and liked some of the songs from it as well so i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the show? I think the name of the show started with an S.

    And if it helps i think the main character also had blue eyes

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  • Sims 3 world adventures help?!!!?

    Okay, so I wanted my newly wed couple to go to France for a vacation in sims 3. I made the girl call on her cell to travel. I picked France and set 3 days for their vacation. Then the screen went to loading and when I arrived in France I was in front of my base camp but there were no sims. My couple did not appear even after a long time. there were no other sims around either. I went into town view and the names of buildings and families would not show up. I waited for a while to see if my sims would finally appear but they did not. I could not see their moods or needs or anything at all. Now when I open sims 3 it will go to sunset valley but it is like in edit town mode. if I try to change house holds or save it will not let me. And it will not let me go back to France or China or egypt. If I press egypt, china, france, it will load then come right back to sunset valley. What do i do? I do not want to reinstall because I spent a lot of time on my families and had many generations but how will I get it to work again?

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  • is the inuyasha feudal combat game multiplayer?

    my daughters have to share a playstation so i wanted to know if the Inuyasha:feudal combat game is a multiplayer game, so that if i get it both girls can play together at the same time?

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  • What are some good ps2 multiplayer games that girls would like?

    games that 2 people can play together for ps2

    something like dead or alive

    or portal runner, kingdom hearts, etc.

    doesnt have to be a really girly game

    but something that girls might like to play

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  • Help, dog has foul body odor, scratching excessively, chewing, what to do?!?

    So recently my dog has gotten fleas from an outdoor cat that comes by my house and eats cat food. I've washed him with flea shampoo, did flea dip, used advantix on him, shampooed him with regular dog shampoo, and he still smells very terrible! The odor seems to be coming from his body and is so strong I can smell it from the other room, even after he has left the room it still smells where he sat. Smell lingers when he walks by. He usually sleeps under my bed and even though I have sprayed the area with febreeze and other things over and over, the stench is still there. The fleas seem to still be there because he is constantly scratching and chewing at his legs and back and such. I have also noticed that some small pieces of his hair have fallen out and are all over in different areas on my floor. I dont see any missing patches of hair on his body though. He started to smell badly when I noticed that my other cat(one that is indoor) was scratching and when he began scratching. I also bombed the house to get rid of fleas and washed the two cats, they seem to be fine. The dog is the only one still scratching. Does anyone know what to do? The smell is so bad i have to get him in the other room and close my bedroom door so he cant get in, just so i can sleep. The smell is so horrible! Please help!

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  • How do I make a vidoe like this, please help! its important?

    its my fathers birthday tomarro and he means the world to me

    he loves making movies and videos and wanted to become a director

    i wanted to make a video this way but singing one of his favorite songs. can anyone tell me what program to use? how to do it?


    thanks! =)

    \heres the vid

    Youtube thumbnail

    and what i mean is like how to put four videos in one?

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  • Help with sims 3 please?!?

    i tried starting up sims 3, i have sims 3 and sims 3 world adventures. it has been working fine expect just the other day i started it up and it showed my family , i predssed the play button and then it loaded real fast and a message opened up saying "a serious error has occured while loading sunset valley.sims3. it is strongly recommended that you restart the application. i did like it said and its still not working. every time i start it up it shows me that message. help please. what do i do?

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  • Any guys read shoujo manga?

    I started reading a new manga recently called Otomen about a guy who likes girly things and so i was wondering if there are any guys out there who like girly hobbies, or reading shoujo manga too?

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  • how to get beautiful glowing skin?

    I eat many fruits and veggies every day

    i exercise once every day for atleast an 30 min to an hour

    on top of that i dont pick at my face

    i drink a lot of water every day

    i stay away from junk food and fatty foods

    hmm... what else?

    i also wear spf moisturizer everyday and

    go to bed and get 8-10 hours of sleep

    i cleanse my face after wearing makeup

    and i take showers everyday to stay clean

    the thing is

    my skin doesnt seem to be getting better

    or looking fabulous

    I know some people

    who barely take care of their skin

    eat junk, and havent had any acne

    and their skin looks so amazing! =(

    what do i do?

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    all i have are some red apples (small)

    some small green apples



    peanut butter




    and nutmeg and


    is there anything that i can make fairly quickly

    using mostly apples?

    thanku in advance ^-^

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  • Is this to be used on the face? (product from ebay)?

    I wanted to know if this product can be used on your face, before i actually buy it.

    thanks =)

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  • Do dark under eye circles go away after puberty and what not?

    i never had them but my sis started getting them once she got into puberty, and she never had them b4. will they go away when shes older? and same about blackheads?

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  • Can I use the dell webcam center for an hp laptop?

    i have an hp laptop with a webcam on it, but my friend has a dell which comes with the dell webcam center and it has all these cool effects and voice changing things. i downloaded the dell webcam center but, when i try to record a video with it it says NO SUPPORTED WEBCAM DRIVER DETECTED. PLEASE INSTALL THE WEBCAM DRIVER USING THE DELL RESOURCE CD AND LAUNCH WEBCAM CENTER AGAIN. i dont have the cd. what do i do to get it to work? please help!! please =)


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  • What does this mean in English? It is in Japanese.?

    あなたがかわいいです! 、かわいい、かわいいかわいい!私も会いたい。私はあなたにいくつかの時間をすぐに話をします!さようなら。もう1つ。どのようにあなたの家族ですか?私はハローとそれらを紹介しよう!

    Translate please =)

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