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hey Im Amy a 27 year old female from IL. Im just here to help people out I love to give advice and think im pretty good at it too. I love animals and worked for an animal clinic for quite sometime so thats a good thing to ask me about :-).

  • Liver tumors..anybody know about this?

    I just went to the er the other night because I was having really bad pains they started in my upper back between the shoulder blades and then went to the front area of my stomach. I thought it was my galbladder. That did an ultrasound and said my galbladder is fine but that I have an abnormal growth in my liver that could be a tumor. Im really scared about this and was wanting to know if anyone elese has been threw this and knows anything about this.

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  • What can we do about kids being in gangs?

    I've notived a HUGE problem were in the city I live in. I'm sure it is all over the world that this is going on but in my city we have always have had gangs here yes but its gotten really bad over the last couple of years and now they are taking kids as young as the age of seven years old and brain washing them into their gangs to do all the dirty work for them.

    My best friend son who just turned 13 started running away from a few months ago. She asked cops to help her but there was nothing they could do and she was not allowed to force him to stay home. He started breaking into cars and stealing steros, writing on peoples walls,and doing drugs. She called places to help her but we are so low on funding they have nothing to help. We then started to notice him writing gang signs all over things and letters about selling drugs and killing people ect. She talked with him and he did tell her was a part of a gang now and that no one can stop him from what he wants to do or be. He ran away about 5 or 6 times the last time when we were out looking for him on the streets near a park his gang hangs at we saw him well he pulled out a gun and ran down the street shooting at a car in front of me, his mom, and a bunch of other people as well. he is locked up but they want to let him go in a couple months he is still talking about being in this gang and told his mom to never follow him again and that this is the life he wants and what he is going to do no matter what anyone says. Also here were I live just this weekend we had a bunch of home invasions all done by teenagers and kids. And two shooting also done by kids and teenagers wich im sure are gang related. What can a community do to stop this from getting worse? the cops can not do much about it when the laws do not allow it and funds are so low they want to cut police officers here and got rid of the programs in school that teach kids about gangs and guns!!!!. Im worried for my city and others as well. i frear the gangs will take over all of us if no one does anything. So any help would be great.

  • Getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

    I just had a m/c at 5 weeks along this week. My doctor said its very normal for women to m/c their first pregnancy. I never thought i could even get pregnant because It took me two years of regular unprotected sex just for it to happen. I really want to be a mom Im getting older and Im ready for this more then anything elese. I have heard that after you m/c you are very fertile and can get pregnant right away again and usualy the second pregnancy makes it full term. My question is is this true? and has anyone elese had this happen to them before and try again right away and carry full term?. My mom had one right before she had me, she said they did not wait and started right away to try again and with in just two weeks she was pregnant again with me. hearing these things really helps me to stay positive so any advice and storys id love to hear. Oh and I did not have to have a dnc done or anything like that either.

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  • Can the shot corisone give you a false positive?

    I recently took five pregnancy test three on friday all positive and two today sunday all positive as well. I never thought I could even get pregnant just my own thinking not told by a doctor or anything. I heard some meds can cause a false positive and about two weeks ago I had a shot of corisone for carple tunel in my wrist so I was wanting to know if that med can cause that to happen?. I think Im just shocked and still having a hard time belieivng im pregnant period lol.

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  • How to do I deal with this?

    I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of all most two years. We lived togthere pretty much the whole time and saw eachother everyday. We broke up because we were just not getting along the best the last few weeks arguing a lot and what not. Well Yesterday I took three pregnancy test all of them were positive!. Our familys do not get along they have different views on life in general and now that iam pregnant im worried they will not be able to just learn to deal with it and accept it for the sake of the baby. What are some things I could do or say to them about this situation?. I do not want my child to hear bad things from other family members about people they are going to be close to.

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  • Whats that name of this eminem song?

    There is a song eminem is in its a rock song i dont think its by him but he is in it does anybody know of it? thanks

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  • could i be pregnant and is this possible even?

    I went to the doctor the other day for a check up. When she was doing the exam she said your test is going to come back positive your pregnant. She said she could tell by looking at my uterus!!. Ive never heard of this before. The test was negative she said im to early for it to read yet. Is this truly possible?. I just ended my last menstrual cycle on march 4th how could they see anything this early on?. Will I have my next period in a few days and still be pregnant or not have it at all? any info will help me thanks.

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  • need help for a good friend of mine..very sad!!?

    A good friend of mine for the last 3 years now was driving the other night and someone in front of him almost hit a guy walking across the street and missed but my friend had no way to get around it and hit the man. The man was 73 years old and did not make it my friend watched him die :-(. Ever sense this happen he has been sooo sad and depressed and just not himself. He has been talking to lots of people about it that he trusts and knows cares about him and we have gotten him some help threw a church wich seems to help him out a little. My question is has anyone ever been threw anything like this? and what are some things we could do to try and help him threw this time?. ANy help is appreciated and thank you.

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  • name of this song for 10 pts?

    I like this song I dont know who its by but here is a little bit of how it goes..

    im yours do do do do ba ba da dad dee lol move your bottom closer dear and I will nibble your earrr. ok thats all i think i hope someone knows.

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  • What do the guys think?

    I never use to believe in fate in or love at first sight. But I met a guy and well thats all changed. We talked via email for for about 2 months then we met last saturday and hit it off really well and hung out all day sunday at my place. That night he texted me and told me he likes me a lot and that im everything he has been looking for and more :-). I use to think those people who said I love you to early where just despreate and pathatic and I never believed it could really happen that fast for two people. Well he told me he is in love with me and I feel the same I mean ive never felt this way about anybody ever before!. Im going to meet his mom and sister next friday and he is taking today off of work so we can spend the day togthere and of course the weekend too. Do you guys believe in fate or love at first sight? I want to hear stories from people who have been threw the same thing as me and what they think on it. I mean can this really be for real? We have never had sex and we already said we dont need to move that fast and that time will come when it comes so its not like the guy is just trying to get in my pants or anything like that. He already has met my parents and sister and he wants to meet all my friends too and yesterday we talked on the phone for 6 hours! neither one of us likes to talk on the phone either. So what does everyone think?.

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  • What are some good ways to pass a drug test? ?

    Ok so ive been a pot smoker for the past 3 years now. I smoke pretty much every day multipule times a day. I have a drug test coming up next week on monday maybe and I last smoked today but im not going to smoke anymore from this point on. Im going to take this drink called detox by jazz its suppose to clean your system of anything for up to 5 hours I know people who have used it and it worked for them but im paranoid and want to know if anyone elese has done this before and if it worked for them? Also what other things could I do to help my chances of passing this test? im willing to try anything it takes to get this job. its the test they do right in the office in a cup with temp on it. Thank u soooo much for any advice.

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  • guys what does this mean exactly?

    Ok so ive had a friend who ive been sleeping with for the last 2 years now. Well today he told me he wants to end things because we are to good of friends and he thinks its getting in the way of that. Well then he goes on to tell me that he was never comfortable when he had sex with me that it was weird! He said it has nothing to do with me tho and that he is not good at putting some things into words!. What the heck does he mean by that?.

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  • chronic uti's..anybody with experince i need some advice.?

    Sense I was very little I always had urinary track infections. I've had four bladder surgeries back when I was a kid. I'm 27 years old now and I still have them all the time right now I have one so bad my back hurts most the time i can not even tell I have one because my body is so use to them. I don't have health insurance so i can not see a doctor most the time and just let it go. I'm wondering what are some effects this could have on my bladder and kidneys? if anyone has experince with this I would appreciate it thank you.

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  • Bleeding 9 days after my period..?

    My last period was a lot different then most of them lasted a few more days then usually and not as heavy on the bleeding as usual. Now 9 almost 10 days later I started to have real thick nasty dark brown stuff coming out of me and then all the sudden it was really dark red blood quite a bit for the last two hours and now its back to the brown stuff!!. Is this normal? should I be worried?. I use to never have periods at all because I had a brain tumor and once that was removed two years ago the last year and a half ive had regular ones so i don't understand why out of no where it would just be this way ugh!. Any advice would help thank you.

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  • Can you really tell by a kiss?

    Can you really tell by a kiss how someone feels about you?. I know all kisses are different and mean different things. But can you truly tell how someone feels about you by just a kiss?.

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  • whats the name of this song?

    there is this new song out i just heard im not sure who sings it but it goes a little like this............Do you think of me when your all alone..But this cursh aint going away away awayyyyyy lol thats the best i got he is talking about how he thought he has a crush on this girl but it wont go away and he is wonderin if she feels the same. Any ideas wil help thanks.

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  • Inflamed liver question's?

    I was told by two different doctors that my liver is in inflamed. They checked me for hepatits c and it came back negative. They never could really give me a straight answer as to what causes this sort of thing to happen. I was wondering if anybody has the same problem as me or knows what sort of things can cause this to happen?.

    They also acted like it's really no big deal at all like it's normal for some peoples livers to be inflamed so I never worried about it honestly. But for a long while now I started thinking about past medical problems I have had other issues that seemed odd but no doctor could explain them to me or figure it out. Every once in awhile I get bad cramps in the upper area of my back behind my shoulder blades and it moves around into my arms,and chest area. It almost feels like I have really bad gas pains and I'm on fire it really hurts bad sometimes, I've even went to the e.r a couple times because it hurt that bad!. I also have had issues with my upper stomach hurting really bad a lot and my belly looks bigger sometimes up there around my liver area and gets hard and sore at times and latley its been more offten then usual so Im concernd. I was thinking maybe all this symptoms are caused by the inflamed liver??? Thats my big question,could an inflamed liver cause these things to happen? and should I be worried even thow the doctors never really acted like it was a big deal?. Thanks to everyone that replys! :-)

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  • can you really pass a uti to someone this way?

    I was told if u have a uti and u have sex you wll give it to tha person is this true?

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  • Why do guys do this?

    Ok so I hooked up with a friend of mine a few months ago he is someone I never though I would like in that way ever he use to annoy me and everything elese at first untill I hooked up with him then I all the sudden got feelings for him and he is just about all I can think about. I told him how I feel and he was very honest with me in the fact that he never sees us being anything more then friends ever so I know he does not like me or anything like that thats not my question lol. But when we talked about not messing around anymore because of feelings he told me maybe some where down the road we can do it again lets just leave that one open, that was 3 months ago and we have not done a thing since. Well he is always asking me who im sleeping with now and gets jeaslous of the guys Iam dating at the moment. I just lost over 100lbs last year and when him and messed around I was still bigger now that Iam skinny he acts this way could it be that no im skinny and looking good he may want me?

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  • Anyone in Rockford IL?

    I thought maybe just maybe this might help but not sure. My cat has been missing for a couple days now and I'm very worried about her. Her name is Ashlyn she is all the way grey with yellow eyes. She is a year old,spayed,and front declawed. Last seen in the area of Broadway st and 20th st. If anyone has seen her please contact me asap at Thank you sooo much.

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