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  • Earthworms species that won't cast on surface for lovely lawns?

    I want to throw a bunch of beneficial earthworms under the soil when we redo our lawn, but after some internet research, I read that there are certain species that cast above the soil, making mowing and appearances less than attractive. And apparently golf landscaping have particular problems with the nightcrawler, which appears to cast on the surface the most, but is also the most readily purchasable ones online. And there are also the redworms, that although readily purchasable, are more ideal for composting. Researching shows that majority of them cast under the surface, but they never list them specifically. I found that the more commonly found earthworm in the US found in turf are Lumbricus terrestris*, Aporrectodea longa and Aporrectodea caliginosa. The night crawler is the Lumbricus, and from what research I can find tht the A.Longa and A. calignosa may or may not cast on the surface. I would like to know if there are any additional surface. I found octolasion cyaneum may be the ideal earthworm, but I wouldn't know where to obtain them. Any Ideas?

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  • parasailing in orange county?

    can someone give me details about a good place to go parasailing in orange county and the price, the more affordable the better, with the contact information, so I can make reservations? thanks!

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  • hidden restaurant in vegas that requires a password?

    my friend told me about a hidden restaurant in las vegas that requires a password, and I tried to look it up, but haven't found any information on something similar... is she telling a tall tale?

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  • How to go from here... future in laws disapprove of upcoming nuptials, should they still be invited?

    There was always tension between me and my future in laws, in the eight years me and my fiance have been together, their dislike have been very obvious, and even once, when me and a mutual friend were visiting, had a very large argument over me (it was obviously a very hurtful and embarrassing situation to be in). We had been secretly planning the wedding for a month, and our friends and my family have already been told, and they are extremely happy about our announcement, and asking to help and pitch in (which I'm so grateful for). Since there is only 3 months left until the wedding, I am getting ready to send out the invitations, only my fiance hadn't told his parents yet, we already knew we were going to get a negative reaction, it wasn't a suprise when he told them (he went alone, to spare me from the hurtful things we know they would say or bring up). Obviously it went horribly, where they got into a screaming match, but overall they said they would attend. Now, we're on a tight budget, and I did not invite all of our friends or even allow some to bring a plus one to the wedding, that's how strict we're being with attendance. My problem is, it's great that his parents said they would attend (a year ago when my fiance moved out of his home and so did I to rent a place together, his mom swore up and down she would never come to our wedding if he moved out with me), it wasn't the answer I was expecting, but I'm having a real problem with the idea that they would be attending my wedding even though they disapprove of me, and don't wish us well, or given us their blessing. What I really wanted was a wedding with friends and family surrounded by warm wishes, a joyous occassion... but I can't imagine them being there. I keep picturing us surrounded by smiling faces, and I look over, and could just see the sour look on their faces. The bulk of our budget is going to a great photographer, and I would hate for shots from my wedding of my in laws with disapproving faces, it seems such a waste of our hard earned money to end up having shots of them looking like that. What should I do in this kind of situation? I personally feel that if they aren't happy for us, they shouldn't come, why bother sending them an invitation? My fiance feels that they said they would come, who cares if they're not happy for us, the point is that they'll be there, because it's some kind of obligation (they are obligated to come because he's getting married), and to just ignore them on the wedding day. Should I just inform the photographer to not waste her shots on them? How do I create a buffer between them and us on our wedding day? Or should I save myself the heartache and just not invite them at all?

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  • i want to be kicked out of my apartment?

    so, the situation is that I want to get out before my lease is up. We have 6 months left on it and I don't want to be kicked out for not paying rent. I want some suggestions of how to get out without damaging the apartment ASAP. I do have one innocent bystander roommate, so it's not like I could leave rotten eggs around to get the other roommate to kick me out. Trying to avoid legal action, so loud music where neighbors complain and police show up are out. Let's hear some creative ideas of how to get this done cleanly. These people are nice girls but super paranoid, so hard partying and loud noise annoy them, and they hate sleepovers cause they're paranoid, just to get some better ideas. I was thinking of bringing a dog... but I'm so sick of this place, something more sinister would be more appealling

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  • Best food to feed pregnant siberian husky?

    This is my first litter with her, and I've done all the research possible on whelping, preparing and everything. I am currently feeding her Barking at the Moon by Solid Gold, and I'm concerned about whether this is the appropriate food to feed her. I am concerned because I'm not sure if the calcium in the food is already at too high a level, and if I should switch her to something else. She is currently only three weeks along. I want some legitimate answers to my question. I do not want to hear about spaying her, she will be spayed after this litter, and we have a waiting list of takers for the puppies so I am prepared for the litter. A whelping box large enough in our office has been prepared for her. I am only concerned about her food, and genuinely worried I am not providing good nutrition for her at this time. It's 41% protein and 20% fat.

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  • Late night restaurants opened til 2am in the long beach orange county area?

    Me and my coworkers are planning a farewell gettogether dinner thing for our manager. Problem is, WE work at a restaurant that closes at 1030PM, and by the time we get out of there, it'd be 1130-12. So, what I'm looking for is a place that's opened LATE, and serving FOOD and ALCOHOL, but would allow people who aren't 21 in as long as there's others in the group who are over 25 in with them. I've been told about Dave and Busters, TGIFridays, Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles, and I found Pike restaurant. Anybody else have anything? Has to have seating for a party of around 16 ppl.

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  • Is shared equity safe?

    My boyfriend and I went to look at a house recently in Santa Ana, California that is being offered on a shared equity plan. We understood the concept, and it sounded so good, but, too good to be true, well, safe. I was wondering, what are the risks, is this some sort of scam? We were only looking to rent, but we could get this house, at a month rate cheaper than the same size house renting. Houses here are going no cheaper than $2200 a month for a 3 bedroom house (not a townhouse or condo, a house, with a yard, that allows pets, large siberian husky, and indoor cats, 2,) and we could get this place for 1495 a month. I'm wondering, what's the catch, anyone know?

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  • Southern California Wildfire Ash effects on pets?

    I have a 3 year old male cat, that starting last night started getting discharge from his eyes, I'm wondering if the california fires, all the ash that's in our air right now, I mean, I'm near Long Beach, CA, so nowhere near harm's way of evacuating because of approaching fire, but still, air quality's poor, but we have our window open in my room, since we raise a rabbit indoors, the ammonia from his pen's strong, but wondering if it's causing the cat to have discharge from his eyes? he's also a little lethargic, ate fine last night, but wouldn't eat this morning, and I don't know about drinking (we don't actually have a bowl for him to drink out of, he likes to raid our fish tanks for them, and all our fish are healthy, no diseases or anything, but could that be it also? drinking fish water? Only the beta tank's not filtered, and he does like drinking that one the best), he did go to the bathroom last night, but my sister is worried he might have had diarreah, since there was some

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  • Cracking neck by myself.....?

    I don't know, a lot of these comments about how cracking your neck by yourself is bad for you, because you may do it wrong.... I don't know, I crack my neck by just tilting it to the side, I mean, not even drastically tilted, like say you were curious or confused right, and you tilt your head? Just like that. How can you do it wrong if you're cracking your neck that way? I don't see how you can misalign something or whatever. I totally get what some of you guys are saying, you watch the movies, and the guy cracks his neck by like grabbing it and then yanking it to the side, but is mine as bad as that one? I mean, what the heck makes the cracking sound anyways? Sometimes a person tilts there head, nothing, but sometimes, it cracks, no discomfort or anything, sometimes I'm even suprised it cracked, it wasn't my intention, I was just looking at something, or confused so I tllted it. I know it's cracked, because you hear the pop, so do my friends much to their disgust. So?

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  • A good Marsala wine for Marsala sauce.?

    I know that if you get the wrong wine, say a cheap one that doesn't taste good, and you reduce it, the sauce will come out horrible. I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions in counter of me purchasing a bunch of different brands of marsala wine to make a marsala sauce.

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  • Super Sized Stuffed Animal Wanted?

    Does anyone know where to buy a really LARGE cute stuffed animal? I'm aiming for larger than 5 feet, and huggable. I tried Toys R Us, their largest was 43" someone help:), 60" or bust!

    4 AnswersToys1 decade ago
  • Beach wedding reception in california?

    OK, everyone's really being helpful with the answering of which beach to be married at along the california coastline. NOW, here's where I've been having trouble finding information. I want to set up a canopy, and have the reception there, on the beach, not at a restraunt nearby or at a hotel, right there on the beach. Now:). Has anyone done this yet or know how it can be done, if it's ever been done? I'm planning a sunset wedding, with the reception afterwards, but a brunch before the wedding, complicated right?:) but... the tent will basically be up all day, so. Anyone knows how and where I can accomplish this? thanks

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  • Beautiful beaches in California for a wedding?

    I'm planning on going on a road trip next week to find a great site to have my wedding up the coast of California... Just so I'm not stopping at EVERY single beach along the coastline, I'd like a list of what you guys think are your favorite beaches, most beautiful beaches to have a wedding at? I will do my best to hit them all, I look forward to take a look at all of your suggestions, and I'll post the one I decide:).

    6 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Veterinary Schools in Taiwan?

    My mother wants me to attend veterinary school in taiwan, only, she doesn't know how to navigate their websites to tell me which ones in taiwan have veterinary education. She does know that their schools don't work the same as here in america where you attend undergraduate and then apply for graduates. She told me that we do all of them at once and there's no such thing as transferring, so I have to attend a school in taiwan that has a veterinary program. I've tried to get information, but it's slow going going through all the universities in taiwan listed on wiki and finding their academic programs and checking if they have veterinary program. Please help me out, and oh yes, she also said that dorming was mandatory? anyone can answer these questions or provide a link?

  • New Dog meet Old Dog?

    My corgi/chi mix that I've had for 6 years gets along great with other dogs so we got him a friend, a purebred husky puppy. We now think Fluffy's depressed like he thinks we're replacing him instead of providing him with a playmate when we're not home. Fluffy's an outdoor dog who's allowed indoors when we're not home, and Gravy's getting potty trained and housebroken, so he's being raised indoors for now, and he's only 7 weeks old. We've only had Gravy for 4 days, but 2 days ago Fluffy stopped eating. He's still drinking the normal amount of water and there's no vomiting or diarreah, in fact he tried to pass stool and nothing came out because he hasn't eaten for two days. This morning instead of running up like normal he only walked up and wagged his tail once before dropping it again. We decided to sneak him into our room to sleep on our bed because the puppy sleeps on the floor to show he's more important than the puppy but he's still moping and still not eating. What do I do?

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  • How and how much to hire Norah Jones for a party?

    I would LOVE to hire Norah Jones for my wedding reception, it's quite a while away, but I was wondering how and how much to do this, not so while away, but yeah, 2008, 2009? but anyways, please help:)!

    2 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • If a CT scan results show a negative can a post concussion syndrome be claimed?

    A friend is being sued when a careless person towards a backing forklift and a bolt of fabric fell on him causing a laceration on his forehead. After denying back and neck pain and showing full fuction of all his limbs and the CT scan came out negative, the day of the incident, he is claiming a list of injuries that do not follow his original claim in the medical report. Such as loss of consiousness when that was denied at the scene, and sexual disfunction due to traumatic brain injuries, with a new claim of post concussion syndrome, which when looked up, IS a concussion, which, wouldn't it have been picked up by the CT scan?

    2 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Does anyone remember the name of this animated series?

    This was aired on what's now the WB channel, and around the time they had that show Lois & Clark? It was an animated series shown during primetime and I can't remember much details, except that he discovered he was from another planet or something, an alien? I remember he was drawn with asian features, or like, black hair of course. any ideas?

    2 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago
  • How to ship a live animal?

    alright, I don't have a rattlesnake, but I do have a rooster, where, after a lot of work, i found a good home for through a friend. Problem is, I live in Cali, and she lives in Texas, so:), here's my question, does anyone know how to ship a live animal? like, company, or anything, cause I don't know how this'll work. Thanks for any replies:).

    8 AnswersBirds1 decade ago