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  • White slavery?

    I keep seeing these questions wether white people should be forgiven for enslaving black people, and quite frankly I'm fed up of it. I have never seen anything about white slavery, which happend at exactly the same time. Corsair pirates would raid the European cost lines every Sunday so they could take whole white villages who would be in church and enslave them. They would then be shipped to Africa or the middle east where as slaves they would build the sultans palaces and what not. I have read books like white gold for instance and the biggest people in Black slavery where themselves(Tribe chiefs selling their own people off) and the Arabs (The Arabs killed more slaves than the White colonial powers put together) We say sorry for what slavery we did, but do you see the Arabs appolagising?If you call me racist, I'm as racist as the ones who talk about black slaves. So why is it that White people get all the flak and fingers pointed at when we suffered the same thing as everyone else?

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  • Who else is fed up of...?

    Who else is fed up of these charity adverts about African poverty, trying to make us feel guilty if we where the ones that made them poor. It is historic fact that Africa has never been as rich as it was when under European control, and when we left the countries we left them with the infrastructure to carry on civilized and have a growing economy. But did it?!?!? No, they squabbled and ruined the place and now they blame us, and look for our support at the same time. Why our they constantly trying to make us feel guilty?

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  • My wife hasn't spoken to me in...?

    My wife hasn't spoken to me in 10 days because I dind't open the car door for her, see..... I panicked and swam to the surface.

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  • Whats your favourite 3....?

    Whats your favourite 3 songs of all time?

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  • Peoples republic of london?

    Some people have suggested that because london has a biger gross income than alot of countries that it should become an independent country or state itself. Do you think it should?

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  • Dr.Who....?

    Dr.Who is about to start in 25 minutes and we left of where he had to pick between a woman he fancy's and martha his maid who is actualy his sidekick. In the preview for the upcoming episode we see him with both Martha, geting married to Joan Redfern(the woman he fancy's) and with some kids(Gessing there his).

    How do you think its going to turn out?

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  • black screen?

    Starting from about 4 hours ago my screen goes black for about 20 seconds and then comes back again. This can hapen 3 times in 5 minutes or just once in 20 minutes. I dont know what this is or why its doing it and whats causing it but iv never seen it before. Can anyone help?

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