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  • Good ways for advertising for an online fabric shop?

    So I recently started an online business (selling fabric by the yard) - what are some good ways I can get people to find me (advertising) without spending too much. I've done what I can locally (cards/flyers/craft booths), but what can I do online that is worth the cost. Facebook ads do not work, so don't mention that. And I'm on a small budget so nothing over $100 for advertising.

  • Do ps2 games play on the new ps3's?

    We are wanting to buy the ps3 but still want to be able to play our ps2 games on it so we don't have to keep them both connected. Do the old games work on the new system?

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  • Why do people judge you differently if you don't look like everyone else?

    Ok, i went to this homeschool fair, a few of people were nice, but a few ladies who were selling books seemed tense and 'watchful', like I was going to steal one of their precious books or something. Now really, I'm a mom with 2 kids looking through the books and they stand there looking over me. I put their books down and walked away, but what right do they have to assume. Okay so I wore jeans and a skull t-shirt, that doesn't make me any less a Christian than the ones who wear the nice clothes and mommy dresses that look stupid.

    I won't conform, no matter what the cost. These are mainly Christian people there selling books, i found it sickening that they are so far in delusion with their own selves, they can't accept another.

    Your thoughts?

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  • Why is it alot of Christians dress alike?

    Why do they all seem to be alike in certain ways. Yes, there's a few different ones, but the majority are always wearing the same 'Christian' clothes as everyone else.

    I'm a Christian, but find it almost scary that at certain churches everyone looks the same. Why are they afraid to be different?

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  • What would you do if......?

    What would you do if you were going to a church but you always felt out of place there, and even if they are having a big get together thing, noone really came to talk with you at all and you sat there all the while bored and feeling alone or rejected??

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  • Is there a way to baptise yourself?

    Seriously? Can you fill up your tub and do it, do you have to join a church or get a preacher to do it, is there a way you can do it solely? It really is between you and God anyway, I know it's a public expression thing, but I don't know anyone who cares.

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