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  • Why doesnt Oscar De La Hoya fight one of the 2 best in his class?

    i am predicting Maany to ko Oscar im not predicting a round because a good blow can come from any fighter at any time but i think oscar is a coward azz fag for fighting a smaller shorter fighter from a smaller weight division when he has Margarito and Paul Williams in the division who are the best and maybe De La Hoya comes in 3rd but if he were to fight either of them 2 he would then be the shorter and smaller fighter, so my question is does De La Hoya want to fight manny for the same obvious reasons he is ducking Williams and


    and please no pro De la Hoya and Manny comments i like manny and i acknowledge Oscar was bad in his day im just confused as to what is Oscars mind set.

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  • why do people insist on bashing Rev Wright?

    i have heard some sermons he has preached and it is indicative of southern baptist to talk that way, besides they say he is a racist and unpatriotic, well lets just say this i am a Sgt in the U.S. Army and i am fiercely loyal and patriotic to the U.S. i love my country but having said that i also know that 911 was a sham, that we allowed to happen and people go with a smoke screen when they cant see clearly, you have so many brainwashed americans that believe everything someone tells them because they arent resourceful enough to research the truth. you may ask how could i be patriotic in a corrupt country, well it is better to be on the winning team and i have been all over and this byfar is the best country to live in but we dupe our own people and theres nothing you can do about it but atleast know whats going on instead of being in the dark about stuff, so basicly you all reading have family members that have said some ascenine azz chit to make a valid point, so are they bad?

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  • why is Hillary Clinton's mispoke statement being swept under the rug?

    i am currently in the Army 1 tour Iraq, 2 tours Bosnia,1 tour kosovo and her landing in Bosnia under sniper fire was so offensive to the service men and women who are put in harms way for real yet she was trying to get the sympathy of the world or atleast the United States and also attempting to act as if she has been in some tough military situation. Then when it is her own party supporter who comes out and says thats not what happened and footage is brought fourth that she, her daughter and aide were landing in a secured region of bosnia actually a marine based compound she comes up with the B.S. remark " i mispoke" how the phuck do you mis speak? please tell me. I have heard soldiers tell tales that were exagerated to bolster image and support but what she did was just purely wrong and you can believe if she gets in office( which she wont ) there will be a whole lotta mispoken words, oh and she told a story of a woman who was denied medical care and died, that was a lie too. hmmmmmm

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  • Do you think the moon landing was a hoax?

    i think the landing was faked. i have seen the evidence and both sides make good statements so based on pictures and all both sides are locked in a tie but my thing is if we went to the moon why have we not went back? they said the computer aboard the apollo was about the same technology used in todays calculator so if we went why have we not went back, especially since the technology is 50 times better since then. we keep putting up space shuttles to orbit the earth but for what? and last but not least in 2004 bush made a public speech in which he said we hope to go back to the moon in the next 17 years?huh if we have already been why wait so long? car makers improve on cars every year,plane builders and boat /yacht/super cargo ships also, even our space program we sent 4 rovers to mars and 2 were succesful and two failed but all reached their target why do we not speak of going to the moon again? and why has no other country attempted it? im asking a question i know cant be answered

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  • is anyone sailing on the ncl jewel on dec 2nd 2007 to the carribean?

    just wanted to see how popular the cruise is and maybe meet up with fellow yahoo answer people.

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  • can you play xbox 360 on a cruise ship?

    i am going on a cruise for my birthday in december to the western carribean for 5 days , 2 days will be sailing days so i was wondering about the flat screens in the rooms are they accesible to hook up audio video plugs, i figured while my girlfriend is gambling and stuff i could log some seriously needed hours on my machine while having a ocean view, this was specificly why we booked a penthouse suite to get the flat screen tv

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  • 401 k decision?

    i took out a loan on my 401 k plan and then 6 months later i was terminated from myjob , lucky for me i was fully vested but they deducted the balance of my loan from my vested balance now my money has been sitting there in limbo and i seem to be making 255 dollars give or take a few dolars annually , i am wondering what should i do since i am going back into the millitary who does not have 401 k . should i roll it over into a ira or take a disbursement with a 30 % tax hit then open up an ira of course use a few dollars for whatever or just leave it where it is?

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  • fraudulent websites: can you recover your money from using your visa check card on a fradulent website.?

    here is the thing i was looking to purchase the brand new t mobile wing smart phone, they are not in stores yet but people are selling them on ebay for like 470 to 600 dollars so i found a site off of craigslist selling them for 249 dollars so im thinking maybe they are stolen which doesnt concern me that much a savings is a savings but when i did the account thing and processed the payment via visa check card it said whoops the session timed out so it was like none of my info registered but when i went to take a look at my account it shows where the transaction took place but has not went through sort of like a waiting period , what can i do to stop it or get my money back because the seller isnt answering my emails?

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  • drifting is for fwd and rwd but what about awd?

    can you drift a all wheel drive vehicle

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  • i just bought battlefield 2142 but i dont like the keyboard?

    is there a way to play this game with a logitech controller if so please tell me how

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  • the 1st president of the united states was a black man why is this so hard to find out?

    and before any racist , haters or non believers try to disprove it do your research and then feel stupid

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