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Chevy Girl

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I'm a girl that likes to ride horses and working with my dad and husben like cuting wood, fishing, coon hunting, hunting, and all the other things guys like to do.

  • I need help with a friends problem?

    ok my friend is young and she is kinda dating a guy that is almost 6 years older than her and I don't know what to tell her to change her mind to get away from him. what would you do is this happened to one of your good friends?

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  • I need help?

    what if your boyfriend told you that he was going to e-mail you and he don't want to tell you cause it would sound bad but if he wrote it down it wouldn't sound better but he's not going to break up with you. what would you think?

    don't be mean aobut this please

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  • What shold I do?

    my boyfriend is moveing to tulsa to go to collage and I'm still going to high school and I told him that next year I will move with him to tulsa is that a good dision? or should I finish high school before I go with him?

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  • what if your boyfriend cheets?

    well my boyfriend told me that he was going to the river with some of his friends and I was like no big dill then 2 months later he told me that he didn't go to the river he went to go eat with a girl that I really hate no matter if she says sorry or not I just need help on what to do about this do I dump him or do I tell him that he lost my truse?

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  • what would you do if your boyfriend?

    my boyfriend is going to collage and I'm still in school and he's going to be living in tulsa for 20 months and I dont no if I should be worried or ok with it cause he plans on marring him and I want to marrie him but him going to collage I think it will be heard cause I am still going to high school and then he will be gone over the week so what I am asking is should I be worried?

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  • I need help with my boyfriend?

    well wile I'm at school I call him and most of the time he don't say anything but here lately he has and I'm not used to it and when my friends try to talk to me he gets mad cause I try to talk to him and them but he don't care he just thinks that I am cheeting on him and I'm not what should I do? HELP!!!

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