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  • Could my son have recurring epstien barr?

    My son had been sick for months and finally the doctors discovered he'd had epstien barr/ mono. He felt better for 3 weeks. Then after 4 days of school he was sick again. He never had a horrible sore throat so no one had suspected it. He did have terrible stomach aches and headaches and slept all the time. He is still tired though not as tired as a few months ago. Stomach aches were gone. but now back. Stomach Dr prescribed some stomach pills and his pancreas and kidneys have been checked. He is a Type 1 diabetic and has no spleen. He had leukemia as a baby and a bone marrow transplant. No one seems to know a lot about ebv. I just wondered if I'm agonizing over this and taking him to docs when I just need to let him ride out another bout. I would like opinions from anyone having experience with this. Thanks.

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  • I have 4 dogs living in my house. They are peeing and pooping in the house.?

    They continue having accidents even though I let them out every 2-3 hours. They also do not come when called so I can't trust them to even run out to the car. I have to carry them one by one. One is mine and each of my children has one ( 2 older kids and a high schooler live at home). I had decided on obedience class for them but the only one here in town uses choke collars and my oldest son does not want to do this. He refuses to pay for this or go to training with his dog. We are broke from my younger son's medical bills so I wondered if anyone has any solutions that wouldn't cost much if anything. They do not get walked because I can not walk them all and everyone else works or is at school all day.

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  • My dog was spayed in Dec. She still has a stitch sticking straight out like a piece of wire. See more....?

    My husband says he also still feels stitches under her skin. Did they use the wrong type of stitches? Do we need to have these removed?

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  • What is going on with my YA?

    When my computer was down I answered questions on my son's. Now I am missing all the answers from the last few weeks and my points. But if I go down to my son's computer they are there.

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  • Is there a way to make a Cricut mat sticky again?

    They are not lasting me very long. My paper goes sliding in the middle of cutting.

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