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  • How healthy does this modified juice diet sound?

    I'm think of preparing a lot of this juice in the morning in my vita mix blender:





    olive oil

    aloe vera juice


    I plan on sipping this throughout the day every two hours, up to dinnertime. Then I will have 4 oz. of lean meat with some steamed veggies.

    How does this sound to you? I'm looking for something to cleanse my system and possibly drop a couple of pounds, but actually be able to keep them off. I'm thinking of trying this for just a few days.

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  • How can I be sure I'm getting enough food and lose a little weight, without couting anything?

    I've lost 16 pounds counting points on weight watchers, and would like to lose just two more. I seem to be falling apart, though, and rebelling against counting. I need to be able to live with this when I get where I want to be. How can I go through my day making healthy decisions in healthy portions and not worry about getting enough?

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  • Which store has the widest selection of NYX eye shadows?

    I've seen NYX cosmetics at longs and walmart, but there is never a very large selection of colors. I know they have at least 100. Which stores have you found to carry the most variety of colors? I live in Northern California.


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  • What makeup advice would you give to an enemy?

    Just to throw a crazy question out, come and get an easy two points!

    Let's see...what would I do? Maybe tell them to use nail polish as lipstick?

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  • Bare Minerals Eyeshadows?

    I absolutely adore the line of foundation and face colors by Bare Minerals, and was anxious to try their eyeshadow when I went to Sephora. I found a beautifully pigmented and sparkly purple that looked amazing with my green eyes, but was shocked when it came off within a half hour! Their other makeup lasts forever on me, and I've never had problems with my Stila shadows coming off. I'm fifteen and have some acne, but my skin tends to be dry. Would using a primer help? What about liquid concealer? What have been your experiances good/bad and what do you recommend?

    Thank you!

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  • Do the fake heads meant for the practice of applying makeup really help? Are they real enough?

    I think it would bug me to do the eyes and not be able to see how it looks with their eyes open. Are there some that come with eyes that do open? I'm thinking of getting one because I'm been obsessed with makeup for a while and I'm home sick with nothing to do. I'm fifteen, by the way, and would just like to goof off without having to wash my face fifteen times a day.

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  • I was doing weight watchers and losing but now I'm not hungry enough to make the daily minimum?

    I'm fifteen and my mom and I are doing weight watchers together, on our own. (She used to go to the meetings, so she has all the handouts, books and info.) I've lost about ten pounds so far and would like to lose maybe five more. Well, I have candida and my doctor put me on a no sugar, no yeast, no mold foods, no preservatives or additives or processed foods diet to get rid of it. So basically I've been eating organic meat and eggs, and vegetables. I have been really tired so I haven't been doing very much exercise, and from all the protien I'm eating I'm just not hungry. Will my body go into starvation mode if I don't eat the minimum of 18 points, and just eat what fills me, maybe 12 points? I'm five six and weigh 130 something pounds. I know it doesn't sound like I need to lose weight, but the way I gain it, I actually do. Thanks!

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  • What's the best way to keep pressed powder eye shadow in good condition?

    I just bought some expensive eye shadow, and will probably not use it up for a long time. What are tips/tricks for using and storing that will help it last longer? Also, will storing eyeshadows in compacts/palettes make them dry out, since you're often opening the compact, but not using every shadow?


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  • Having trouble using Stila's double ended eyeshadow brush #30?

    I don't get it. The brush I got from longs seems to work better. The large end of the brush is okay, but doesn't pick up as much product as I would like, and doesn't seem to distribute it evenly. The contour end just draws a thin, sharp line! What could I be doing wrong? I'm using it with Stila's eyeshadows, which I love, but it just isn't working. Stila brushes aren't cheap, and everyone else seems to love them!

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  • A natural hair product to bring out existing highlights?

    I'm looking for a product that will not dye my hair, but rather bring out the highlights within it. I have medium brown hair with subtle red highlights. My hair bleaches and picks up blonde tones in the summertime. Any suggestions? Salon or at home. Thanks!

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  • Is Aqualina's pink sugar better in purfume form or the solid? Layering the mousse with the purfume?

    I love the scent and have the body mousse, which I find lasts longer than the purfume itself. However, the solid seems practical for traveling and monitoring how much you put on. What have been your experiances with it? Does it smell the same? Does it last?

    Also, would layering the EDT with the mousse be too strong?


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  • I got a five piece nail kit, but don't know how to use it!?

    I feel really dumb, but I've never really done more than put polish on my nails. What is the proper procedure for a manicure?

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  • I have dry skin AND acne! Any home remedies or better products?

    Acne medicated cleansers, toners, and moisterizers dry my skin out, yet I still need acne medication or I get breakouts! What home remedies can I use? Or products?

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  • Who knows of a beauty store that carries La Femme in San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, or Sonora Califonia?

    I'd prefer not to order online, but know only select individual sellers stock the line. Also, how do you like the eyeshadows? Are they as good as, say, Stila or MAC?

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  • What are the girlie goodies you can't live without? (Makeup wise)?

    Almost all girls and women have a brand they swear by, and what's fun is that those brands differ for everyone. What are your must-haves when it comes to makeup?

    Here's mine: (By the way, I'm fifteen and have brown/auburn hair and green eyes)

    Foundation/Concealer: Bare minerals spf 15 in medium beige (I abosuluty ADORE the blendability and natural coverage of Bare Minerals. Sure, it doesn't cover EVERYTHING, but seriously, if it did would it look natural?)

    Blush/Bronzer: Bare Minerals Warmth

    Powder: (Surprise!) Bare Minerals translucent powder

    Eyeshadow: Cloud (OMG so dazzling in a silvery grey!) and Coco by Stila

    Eyeliner: Eyeshadow/liner/smudger trio in Teak

    Mascara: Still looking, using Diorshow by Dior but not really understanding all the hype about it

    That's it for my makeup ritual, now stop reading this and share yours!

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  • Looking for the best eyeshadow brush?

    I'm going to Sephora next week to pick up a brush to use with my Stila eyeshadow. What brush (brand and product name) is your favorite?


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  • Stila Eyeshadow or Bare Minerals? Or a different brand from Sephora?

    I have stila eyeshadows in cloud and coco and love them, and bare minerals foundation which I love too. However, I'm thinking of trying bare minerals eyeshadows and trying out a more natural look. How do you like Bare minerals? Do you like Stila better? How about other brands available from Sephora? What colors are your favorites and from which brand?

    I have brown hair, green eyes, and medium skin. I usually wear brown, purple, or greyish eyeshadows. What other colors might I want to try out?

    Thank you for your opinion!

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  • I found a good website for last minute cruise details but can't find it again?

    Does anyone know of the one I'm referring to or one similar? I remember it had a number of companies including Princess, and tips on traveling on cruises, having weddings, etc, plus super good prices for last minute jump-ons. Any help?

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  • What is an eye gloss pen and how do you use it?

    I got a vanilla shimmer Color Twist eye gloss pen by Avon at a sale of a rep going out of business, thinking it was lip gloss. It comes in a plastic "pen" which you twist the bottom of to release cream colored liquid through a felt tip. How do I use it?

    (Avon has discontinued the product, so I can't get any information)

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  • Where can you purchase bare minerals (other than online)?

    Also, has it worked for you and is it truly worth the extra money? What is a good rule of thumb to finding your color?

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