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i'm just me!

  • here's another riddle~?

    Mr. Puzzle has been coming home from the local watering hole a little bit the worse for wear. Mrs Puzzle is becoming increasingly fed up with his behaviour.

    When Mr.Puzzle arrived home one evening, his wife had left him a bit of dilemma. They have 3 bedrooms and they used them all from time to time. On each door Mrs Puzzle had placed a sign and also another sign stating that only one of these three statements were true and that was where Mrs Puzzle was sleeping for that night.Of the other 2 rooms, one was empty and the other had the neighbours highly strung Pit Bull Terrier- Bruty inside. Mr. Puzzle was very confused, having consumed a few too many that very evening he stared blankly at each door.

    Sign on Bedroom 1: Bedroom 3 is empty

    Sign on Bedroom 2: Bruty is in here

    Sign on Bedroom 3: Bedroom 2 is empty

    Behind which door is his wife, where is the dog and which room is empty?

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  • can you solve this riddle?

    at a recent birthday party, there were 4 mothers and their children, aged 1, 2, 3 and 4. From the clues below can you work out whose child is whose and their relevant ages?

    It was Jane's child's birthday party.

    Briam is not the oldest child.

    Sarah had Anne just over s year ago.

    Laura's child will be 3 next birthday.

    Daniel is older than Charlie.

    Teresa's child is the oldest.

    Charlie is older than Laura's child.

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  • does anyone here know portuguese??

    what does eu te amo mean in portuguese????

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  • a sorta naughty poem?

    She whispered "will it hurt me?"

    "Of course not" answered he

    "It's a very simple process,

    You can rely on me."

    She said "I'm very frightened,

    I've not had this before.

    My friend has had it five times

    And said it can be sore."

    It was growing rather painful

    Tears formed in her eyes

    It was hurting quite a bit now

    It must have been a size.

    "Calm yourself" he whispered

    "His face filled with a grin

    "Try and open wider

    So I can get it in."

    "It's coming now" he whispered

    "I know" she cried in bliss

    Feeling it deep within her now

    She said "I am glad I'm having this."

    And with a final effort

    She gave a frightened shout

    He gripped it in anguish

    And quickly pulled it out.

    She lay back quite contended

    Sighed and gave a smile

    She said "I'm glad I came now

    You made it worth my while."

    Now if you read this carefully

    The dentist you will find

    Is not what you imagined

    It's just your dirty mind!!

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  • what is ...... famous for?

    what is Italy and England famous for?

    please name at least 3 things for each...

    see cause i need to know about these vacation spots and stuff...

    can anyone pls help me?

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  • can someone explain briefly....?

    what is theology?

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • the girl in titanic,what's her name?

    the main star there called ROSE what''s her real name?

    21 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • who is a fan of ....................?

    a) John Cena

    b) Avril Lavigne

    c) Eminem

    d) Ciara

    just asking, i'm bored, kinda.

    29 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • how to use a Ouija board?

    how does it work? can christians use it?

    16 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • do you want ........ ???

    do you want to start doing somethin'bout global warmin

    or u just want are planet to die?

    which wold you choose

    6 AnswersCurrent Events1 decade ago
  • what do you think?

    what do you think is the youngest age to have a boyfrnd?

    18 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • confused or depressed?

    i like 2 guys i know one of them likes me but i'm not quite sure of the other one what should i do?

    11 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago