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  • How does mandating health insurance help me afford it?

    I'm not interested in any partisan rhetoric or giving a forum to any flag waving/burning knee-jerk reactions; I want to understand, not give a shout out to hate.

    Can someone explain to me how I am supposed to pay for mandated health care. I have recently become unemployed (like 1 in 4 in my area), but have enough savings to buffer the storm (for now).

    How does mandating that I have health insurance help me? It would hurt me to have to use my emergency funds for this. I've heard some arcane language about tax credits, but that's a little after the fact if I've lost my house.

    The solution to getting some 30 million uninsured insurance is to tell them they have to get it? Will they kick me and laugh too?

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  • Remedies for muscle fatigue and tendonitis?

    I'm a piano player, but recently I've been experiencing shooting pain and muscle fatigue. The pain runs from the third knuckle of my little finger, up my forearm to my elbow. The fatigue is in my hand and wrist. I've tried cold, hot, and rest. After a period of rest (a week) the pain returns after just a few minutes of practice. Help me out folks.

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  • Can you remember the name of this Sci-fi book?

    I'm looking for a book that I thought was written by either Zelazny or Silverberg, but can't track it down. It was about a man who designed planets. His secretary and he used Gregg shorthand to code messages since it had been forgotten..

    Aside from living a long while in the style of L. Long, I can't remember the title of the book! Please don't recommend similar books, just let me know if you've read this one.

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