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I am retired from federal law enforcement and make my home in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. I am also a writer and photographer. My first book Spook Rock is still in print, as is my second novel, The Lazarus Culture. I also have many short stories both online and in various anthologies.

  • Should someone give their credentials in the source when offering a critique or editing?

    Someone sent me an email that brought up a good point. I believe if someone is going to offer to edit your work or critique it, they should at least put in the 'source' why they believe they are qualified to do so. I put 'published author.' This particular person believes I should not.

    How do the rest of you feel?

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  • I have MS-Office 2003. When I'm typing something why do I get screens that pop up out of nowhere?

    They're legal MS screens for doing various functions in Word, but I don't know why they pop up. I got no answers from Microsoft (like I thought I would) either. Anyone else having this kind of problem? It's not virus related.

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  • Here's something that's been bugging me!?

    In the movie 'Wolf.' Jack Nicholson says, "I've never loved a woman so much, and I thought, if civilization fails and the world ends, I'll still understand what God meant when he said, ....

    What does Jack say? Something that ends with:

    'with her.'

    There's a word before that and I can't understand it.

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  • The guide to publishing a novel - Please Copy and keep!?

    So many people have asked how to publish a novel. I'm really tired of this question. So, here is the way to go about it.

    1. Write the novel.

    2. Edit it over and over again so it's free of grammar and spelling errors. So it's free of any contradictions regarding the description of characters or times and places.

    3. Buy a copy of Writers Market. About 30 bucks. Then buy some books on writing. These books will help you with formatting your work . . . Industry Standard.

    4. In Writers Market, find a literary agent that accepts the genre you've written the book in.

    5. Write a query letter along with a synopsis. The books you buy on writing will show you how to do this. It should be free of errors in grammar and spelling. Errors in a query letter are an instant reject.

    6. If an agent has an interest in your work, you will be asked to send the first three chapters. These must be formated properly.

    7. If accepted, you will be asked to send the entire manuscript.

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