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Hello im daija and 15 years old i live in florida ;] if you'd like to contact me personally you can email at or

  • What happens at a really wild party?

    I am currently writing a story. I'm working on a chapter that there is this crazy party in a mansion. 18-21 and ages around that. Yes there is alcohol, drugs and anything else you guys can come up with. The main character is a girl that has never been to something like this before. I never been to a party even remotely close this so I need some help.

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  • Help on ear stretching and gauge/plug sizes?

    hi im 15 and i want to stretch my ears. i still need some more information about treating for stretched lobes and how to go about it

    i have two lower ear piercings both are 18 gauge (i stretched one to a 14 but i got caught and it got taken away and it shrunk back down but i now i know how to hide them)

    i want my 1st ear hole to be a 0 and my top lower to be about 4 or 6 gauge and i want this on each side

    but how should i do it? should i do this little by little and slowly stretch it or should i just go for it? help please!! i wanna be fully informed before i do this

    oh and im also confused about the sizes like im used to using the gauge system but while im reading stuff they use terms like 3/64 and millimeters i don't know what that means so...explanations anybody ???

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  • why do i have the urge to smell washing powder/soap?

    im defiantly not pregnant im 15 and a virgin its impossible and i also like smelling dish soap too i never done this before until a few days ago and my parents think its a real problem

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  • 3 way relationship help?

    well long story short have a girlfriend and we've been dating for two months but we both have this friend who is really depressed and i really like him one day he was complaining and saying he think his unattractive and no one likes him. and he really wanted someone in our grade to like him so i told there was someone in our grade that likes him for three school days and a weekend he would stop asking me who this girl was finally i told my girlfriend she told him because i told her too. so he asked her he could ask me out after some deliberating she said yes and i was really happy its only been two days and my girlfriend says she feel like a 3rd wheel i feel bad because i know im giving him more attention even though i like my boyfriend way better. but i don't wanna hurt my girlfriend by breaking her off. help???

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  • who comes to tour with a band ?

    well im writing a fanfiction about my favorite post-hardcore band and the main character is a girl gets hired as a merch girl and i was wondering who else is on the tour bus? so far i have the band of course merchandise seller(the main person) tour manger bus driver one of band members girl friend did i leave out anybody

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  • Why are people afraid of what they don't understand?

    like metalcore music (that i love listening too) music being played backwards wicca (white witchcraft), neo-paganism ,atheistic people, goths, these are just a few things i know for certain have nothing evil or devilish in them but yet people continue to label them as evil or wicked or devil worshiping

    my family are strict christans and they hate the things that intrest me like gothic clothing and rock music but what are your opinions?

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  • Tokio hotet family:I'm back if anyone remembers me?

    Omg!I'm missed all of you soo much I haven't been on in 6 months so I uunderstand Gothic princess is a humanoid doesn't ring a bell for some of you I know there must be so many new members I was kinda new six months a go when my perents said I couldn't go bact to this site :( beacuse they didn't like my description in my info but all of it's beside I'm 14now and was joking about being half vampire and part spell binder so fill me in guys what's been happening how many. New members we have how many sorta remember me ?

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  • tokio hotel family:whats the last song you listened to?

    mine was don't jump and before that was monsoon

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  • what your secret fetish ?

    if your tokio hotel family whats fetish besides TH

    mine is i love mike muller but i dont have a crush on bill but i like gustav better(im so weird) oh wait thats not a secret anymore all of THF knows that now lol i dont care anymore

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  • tokio hotel family:i need to explain something important?

    some of my friends from Y!A have pointed out that i have a problem when i get to many thumbs down on an answer it doesn't brother me that much but like the question about the twincrest pic the reason why i asked that is because i didn't see anything wrong with it and i wanted to know my most recent question was the one about mike muller okay i just did know if i offended anybody i mean i learned new stuff everyday about tokio hotel im new and i want to know more i just get really excited about being in the TH family its fun i feel accepted for the most part i just get frustrated when i don't understand something :(

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  • tokio hotel family:was i wrong for saying this ?

    i recently answerd this question i kinda feel bad for posting it;_ylt=Akb1I...

    it asked who's mike muller

    before i answered this question i didn't know who he was but this is what i said

    i never heard of him before (im still new and even though i've been apart of this family for about 3 weeks i have learned alot of stuff like stuff that make us mad and other facts most fans don't know ) but looking at this mike muller person i think he is gorgeous !(DON'T THUMBS DOWN ME PLEASE!! LET ME EXPLAIN ) i think the reason why everyone thinks he's a girls because when everybody first see's bill they think he's too i did when i first saw him now i get mad when people say that about him (lol)

    but i dont think he's (mike) is trying to impersonate bill or tom i think people just automatically say that about him because there a similarity

    ummm this isnt a hater answer either :)

    so was i mean for saying it i love being apart of this family but i didn't know if that that was something i probably shouldn't have said :(

    i think he's beautiful as well as tom and bill i know you probably dont want me comparing them to each other but its true

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  • tokio hotel family :whats wrong with this?

    a few days ago i answerd this question;_ylt=AuGxB...

    it asked

    so whats your favorite

    th member?

    th song in german?

    th song in english?

    th song in all?

    th quote?

    and finally

    th picture?


    scream or monsoon

    i answerd

    gustav or tom

    Über's ende der welt(ready set go)

    monsoon(when tom sings it)


    sexy hexy lol

    Youtube thumbnail

    this is the best pic of the twins



    what wrong with that i got like 6 thumbs down and i dont know why ?

    can so some please explain ?

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  • tokio hotel family:scene hair cut?

    okay so its not tokio hotel related but i need your help with this :)

    my parents wouldn't let me cut it so i just made so it could look like it do you think i can pull this off as it ?

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  • should i get a gerbil a hamster or a guinea pig?

    im not sure i think i'll get a hamster though

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  • tokio hotel family: survey?

    favorite band besides th ?

    if you could could date any of the guys from tokio hotel who would it be ?

    how old are you?

    what other things are you obsessed about?

    whos you crush outside of th?

    how long have you been a part of the family?

    have you seen th perform live?

    what do you think about the fighting between family members and the ones that left

    last one

    have you stared* this yet?

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  • tokio hotel family:twitter?

    i was thinking about making a twitter account for our family and we could follow each other and stuff like that i just joined like 2 days ago im so excited about being in this group i just had an idea what do you guys think? or is not a good idea?


    cubed ice or crushed ice ?

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