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I'm a dancer, pageant lover, model (I will be) M.A.C addict, and makeup artist (I will be). Email me if you questions for the above obsessions and I'll try my best to answer it.

  • Can I take my makeup case on the plane?

    I have this case:

    I was wondering if I can take the case on the plane if take the 2 halves as my 2 carry on.

    I'm wondering about the size and because it's made out of aluminum and steel.

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  • what kind of lighting should i use for photoshoot?

    I'm an aspiring makeup artist and I am looking for some pictures for my portfolio. My sis needs pictures for her portfolio so we are going to be getting together to do a photo shoot. I'm obviously going to be taking the pictures with just a plain ol' digital camera nothing special. What do I need as in equipment wise I guess? What about lighting? We are doing both natural head shots and glamor style. I think the natural shots will be outdoors and the glamor ones indoor. Thank!s!!

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  • what do you need to know for a mac interview/demo?

    Do you need to know all the products or some?

    I haven't used fluidline or any of the primers so if I were to get to the demo part would I need to know it?

    What happens during the demo?

    Do you need to replicate a look like and Eva Longoria look or something? Or do you just make a face up and explain what your using?

    Also is there a chance of me getting the job if I've never had retail experience? Are the interviews conducted in groups or one-on-one?

    Thanks for all the help!

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  • Can someone explain to me how student loans work?

    I don't know anything about loans and I need some help. I want to go to make-up designory school in New York. It cost about $15,000. I'm most likely living on my own. Can I get money to help with housing cost and with school? The loan that the school has is Sallie Mae. CAn anyone give me some info on it? Also, I have no credit so can I still get a loan? How much do they give you adn how much do you have to pay each month? On the website it says something about repayment loans up to 15 years, does this mean you have to pay the loan off within 15 years? What happens if you don't? What happens if you don't have a credit worthy cosigner? Do they have to be living with you?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!

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  • Can anyone tell me about IMTA?

    I got a letter about auditioning to IMTA in LA. I've never had any modeling experience except for one pageant and I never did any kind of schooling like Barbizon or John Robert Powers even though Barbizon really wanted me to. I didn't think it was worth the money but I was refered by them. I have tons of questions.

    How much is it?

    What are my chances of winning or getting an agent?

    What do you win?

    How long is it?

    What do you do?

    How is the auditioning process?

    People like Eva Longoria and Ashton Kutcher have been discovered there. Like I said before I've never done any kind of modeling. I think I'm kind of short.

    So what are my acutal chances?

    Do I need a portfolio, etc.?

    Please don't waste your time and mine if you don't have an answer.


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  • What to wear during the winter in New York?

    I'm moving to New York when I graduate (2008) and I might visit for christmas.

    I was wondering what should I pack?

    I'm from California so I have nothing for winter in New York.

    Also, Where would be a good place to get stuff.

    I'm 17 so nothing for old people.

    Also, anything in packing in general.

    Last time I traveled out of state was back when my mom did everything for me.

    So yeah I don't know what I should pack.

    O And I might be in New York for christmas break which is 2 weeks.

    What about during the spring?

    I want to go during spring break too.

    Please lots of DETAILS and perferably LIST form.

    I'm giving 10 points to whoever can give the most DETAIL.


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  • How much money should I save before moving to New York City?

    I will be moving from California to New York City when I'm 18. I've had no job experience. I’m not going to college but I will be attending Makeup Designory School (MUD). How much money should I save up? And How much do you think I’ll pay?

    Here is what I have so far:

    Rent - $900 for a one bedroom or $1500 for a 2 ($750 with a roommate) per month

    School - $14,200 (not sure about payment yet)

    Gas - $35

    Electricity - $40-$100

    Cable/Internet - $115

    Phone - $100

    Food/general household items - $250

    Transportation - $76 30 - Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard

    Furniture - $500-$1000 (basic stuff to start out with; bed, some kitchen appliances, desk/chair, etc)

    Water –

    Sewer –

    Laundry –

    Entertainment –

    I’m not sure about other utilities such as water and sewer.

    What else am I missing and approx how much are they?

    Also when would be a good time to work? I can take either day classes (8am-5pm) or night classes (6pm – 10pm).

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  • How do you get a job at MAC Cosmetics?

    What should be included in a makeup portfolio and resume? Also what happens during an interview for MAC Cosmetitics? How should you dress, etc.? What the difference in working in the Pro store and the counter. Like is the pay different, interview, skill, etc. And during the Demo part, do you bring your makeup or do you use theres? And do all the makeup you use during the demo have to be MAC?


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  • Can you major in dance?

    I want to own my own dance gym/studio. Does anyone know what I should study? Something in New York City and not Julliard. I'm not that good lol. and how should I go about researching a school. I'm not sure what I should be doing.

    Thanks and please don't be rude

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  • How can I grow faster?

    I'm 17 and about 5'2", how do I grow about 5 or 6 inches fast? I dance 9 hours a week. I'm not sure if that effects anything.

    It's for modeling.


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  • How do you make a skirt out of shorts?

    I didn't realize when I bidded on a pageant suit that they were shorts, and no one seems to be outbidding me. So if I have to buy it I'm going to have to convert them into a skirt. How do you do that? Is it a difficult to do?

    This is the skirt:

    I'm going to have to get it altered anyways I just don't want it costing too much.


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  • What makeup colors should I use?

    I'm wearing a yellow dress with silver accessories for prom and a pageant. What color eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, etc. Should I wear? I prefer MAC but you can just name colors. I have black hair and dark eyes. My eyes are big and round and I like them too stand out but not too much. I'm kind of dark skinned with golden beige undertones. I don't want anything too dramatic though.


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  • Starting out on my own….?

    I am already thinking about how I am going to live on my own. I am graduating high school June of 2008 and I will be living on my own for a while or until I decide if I want a roommate. I need to know everything about living on my own including bills, schooling, jobs, etc., keeping in mind I want to move to New York around the Soho area

    I need a VERY detailed list about bills like grocery, rentals insurance, car insurance, health insurance, electricity, water, etc. I also need a VERY detailed list of furniture and appliances.

    I want to be a makeup artist and I know some places I can apply for a job but I do not know how I should write resume. I have never had a job and I want to work at a MAC store or counter. I will have some experience in makeup artistry as soon as I start school.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any websites for starting out will be great as well. You can also email me if you have even more stuff to say.

    Thanks a bunch!

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  • What is the approximate starting salary of a MAC makeup artist/salesperson?

    Considering that...

    1.This will be my first job ever

    2.I have no makeup sales or makeup artist experience yet (I will be attending Makeup Designory School-New York)

    3.I will be living in New York ( Soho area preferably)

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  • Do you believe pageants are bad? Why?

    First off DON'T BE RUDE

    Why do people beleive pageants are bad. There are different kinds of pageants like glitz and natrual. Those who haven't been in pageants don't know that they are actually fun. You only say all these things about pageants because your stereotyping. How do you know your child doesn't like something if you don't try it. What if your child is a soccer star or a football star or something like that. How did they become that way? Well, you put them in it in the first place. Pageants are just another activity the child can do in there spare time. Look at the parents that put there child into dance or gymnatics and sooner or later the child is in there everyday for five hours. Does that make them bad parents? Be nice please. I'm not trying to be rude I just want to here your opinions.

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  • Where can you find bright colored pageant interview suits?

    i;m going to be in a pageant and I'm trying to start early. I'm looking for a bright colored pageant interview suit. i've looked ecerwhere even Ebay, I'm all out of ideas. I'm a size 0/2.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago