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  • Feline pancreatitis.?

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  • How do you get rid of moles?

    I have tried those death traps and have failed miserably.

    Does anyone know of a chemical I could spray on my lawn, flower beds and garden that will kill them?

    Thank you,


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  • Re homing rescued feral kitten?

    Hi there,

    I need some advice on what to do here. I found a 4-5 month old kitten living under my house over the winter months. My intentions were to trap her, have her spayed, then see if I can socialize/tame her to see if I could find her a forever home by sending her to the shelter, though she is just not coming around at all. I had her in a training cage I keep for such rescues and took her out to cuddle, play with, etc., etc. though she wants no part of it! I let her lose in my bedroom, boarded up around the bed so she could not get under it out of reach, yet she climbs the wall looking for places to hide. She could be across the room (I have a very large 20'x16' bedroom) and if I move just an inch, whoosh! She is gone.

    Today I spoke with a gentleman that wants at least 2 cats/kittens to place in his humongous pole barn to tend to the mice. I know the gentleman well and he does take good care of his cats. He feeds them and does not let them out of the pole barn for anything, though they do not get much human contact. To keep the kitten company, I even thought of placing my other cat that is totally unsocial with her for company. She also lives in my house and I have had her since she was very small. They do cling on each other as if they know both know that they just want no part of humans.

    I don't know what to do. I have several rescued cats living in my home and I have to bring the numbers down. If this were you, what would you do?

    Please, no smart remarks.


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  • Submitting answers to questions on YA!?

    Am I the only person who has issues trying to answer questions on Yahoo Answers? Since the platform/software had changed a few months ago, I find it very difficult to submit a post to any question.

    I type my answer, click submit and after several minutes and incessant clicking, I am hold my breathe and pray that the post submits. Sometimes it can take up to 2+ minutes!!

    I post on several computer help boards across the WWW and this is the only site that I have trouble with submitting posts, and this only started back when the software changed.

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  • Is anybody else having trouble submitting an answer?

    Every time I click submit, I have to refresh my Firefox Browser and click Resend for my post to submit.

    Anyone else experiencing this same problem?

    I haven't updated from FF 22.0 to 23.0 yet. I like to hold off a bit to see what issues others have before doing so after an update is released to the public. This just started today. Had no problems yesterday or the day before.

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  • Can you tell a real AV from a rogue?

    Not many people can. Can you tell the difference?

    You can take the test in the link below to see how educated you are at spotting a real AV from a rogue program:

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  • How do you disable Share with Facebook when I submit an answer on Yahoo ANSWERS!?

    Everytime that I answer a question and select Submit, a dialogue box pops up. I uncheck the option to Share this with Facebook yet it still pops up everytime I try to submit an answer.

    Does anyone know how to disable that option?

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  • Injured wild bunny rescued from jaws of cat?

    Just found my cat with a wild baby bunny in his mouth. From what the following link describes as to how to the bunny might be:

    it appears that it is over 10 days old. When I approached my cat, he dropped the bunny and I noticed that the bunny dragged it's hind legs. That's not normal is it? There is a small puncture wound under neath on the chest cavity, one on it's rear left lower back near what appears to be the abdomen area and one further back to the left on his lower back.

    I'm afraid that where the cat latched on to the bunny that the dragging of the hind legs might be due to paralysis. Then again, I'm not sure. It's only been about 20 minutes since I rescued the poor little thing from the clenches if death.

    I am presently following the instructions to make some sugar, salt, water to rehydrate the little one though I am not sure if i should cleanse the wounds or not.

    Any one here have any experience with saving wild bunnies that are injured? I don't5t know of any wildlife rescue near me that I could call this time of day and from experience, I'm sure if I call the University of Illinois small Animal clinic they won't provide information over the phone.

    Any experts on wildlife out there that can help me, please?

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  • Is cat preparing to give birth?

    I know all the classic labor signs of a cat giving birth, such as:

    nesting behavior

    increased appetite in latter weeks

    reduced appetite just before labor

    clingy, seeking affection

    pacing about, appearing nervous or particularly excitable

    Thing is though is that this particular cat/kitten I had rescued from the streets 3 days ago and barely know her habits. She is very small, about 5 lbs, and is not a year old yet and did have a round belly and was starving. You could feel her spine as you stroked her from head to tail. I wasn't sure if she was full of worms and the round belly was overly round due to lack of nourishment, which made the belly look rounder or if she is truly pregnant. My second fear was FIP though I think I was overreacting since she began bleeding from the vagina just a few hours ago.

    I drove her to a shelter today that was going to take her in, vet her and find her a forever home, though the girl wasn't sure if she was pregnant either and couldn't keep her since her facilities were not equipped for a pregnant cat.

    I have her an appt with one of my vets on Thursday that help with my rescue efforts and T-N-R program I volunteer my time for, though tonight after walking away from the food bowl I noticed she left a small amount of blood and her feet are not saturated in blood but just enough where she must have placed her back paws into the blood while sitting and eating. I had a good look at her bottom and she is bleeding slightly from the vagina area. I set up a large trainer cage for her with a small litter pan and a box with a baby blanket in it then draped the trainer cage with a sheet to keep "my cats" from bothering her and to provide privacy. She did go for the litter pan and pee'd. There is no blood in the urine. She also left a nice little feces log which looked as if it was not covered in blood and maybe displays a bit of dehydration. She still has blood dripping from her vagina though and spots of blood are soaking into the blanket.

    Someone please comfort me! Is this a sign that she is going into labor? I will definitely drop her off at my vet on my way into work in the morning to have her checked thoroughly if she hasn't produced a kitten by then, but I am concerned for her now since I hardly know this little kitty, where she came from and if she is truly pregnant.

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  • Panacur, Strongid, Albon or all 3?

    I trapped 2 young kittens in an abandoned house 5 days ago that are approximately 3-4 months old. They are to see a Vet next week (7 days).

    Tonight I weighed them and they weigh 2.4 and 2.2 lbs. I noticed that the bigger of the 2 was vomiting so I administered 0.2ml's of Strongid to both that I keep on hand for the rescues that I foster for our local Animal Rescue. An hour or so later the bigger of the 2 vomited up several roundworms.

    I'd like to start them on panacur for Giardia and Albon for coccidia. Is this too much, too soon?

    I did notice that the momma was still in the house and she had obviously been hunting birds and squirrels for them to eat. Once I get the kittens settled in I do plan on trapping the momma and having her spayed to be re-released unless we find she is tameable and adoptable.

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  • Stool softener for cats?

    I have a rescue kitten that is approximately 7-9 months old that has been in my care for about 2 months now. While defecating, he will be on his hunches pushing and suddenly let out a painful scream and bite on anything that is available such as the blanket that is draped and reachable over the trainer cage I have him isolated within.

    He has been to the Vet today and was given an enema to clear out the feces that is building up in his intestines causing a pot belly appearance. I did take a stool sample with me that is being examined for worms though he has already been treated with panacur, albon, and strongid for round worms, giardia, etc. His stools are not loose nor severely hard. The stools do not consist of blood yet coats the outer part of the stool as it passes through the colon when exiting the rectum.

    He is being given a special diet of ID prescription food from the Vet and 250mg of Lysine BID for a total of 500mg's a day.

    Is there anything else that I can give this poor little creature to help soften his stools besides 100% pure pumpkin? Maybe an over the counter stool softener of some sort that anyone knows about that I don't. The Vet is closed on Sunday and I hate to wait till Monday. The Vet also found that due to the straining he does have a hernia and I'd like to prevent further damage.

    Anyone that has any knowledge or past experience with this?

    Thank you.

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  • Rescued Feral Kitten - Incoordinated gait?

    Yesterday I came upon a small kitten approximately 2 1/2 to 3 mos old. She could be older but she is very malnourished as well as dehydrated. When I first saw her, she allowed me to approach just so close before scampering off into hiding in the underbrush around a tree of a vacant house. As she scampered off I noticed that she kinda had no control over her ability to run in a straight line. It looked as if she had no control over her back legs at first, because they would "fall out" from under her as she ran away, but then I noticed that she had little control over her front legs as well and was wobbly when she stood still.

    After work, I went back to the house to see if I could catch her to bring her home and nurse her back to health. She does have her senses about her and did well at getting away from me till she climbed up inside the wheels of a car sitting in the yard next door. I eventually found a way to scruff her to get her in a carrier that I keep in my car for such rescues. She wasn't/isn't crazy mad as if she has rabies or anything and didn't try to attack me only to defend herself against the human hand touching her, but her incoordinated gait bothers me.

    Last night I set her up in a trainer cage that I have with a litter pan and some Purina Kitten Chow that I moistened with water. I gave her .02mls of Amoxicillin that I have on hand for some other kittens that are in my care and have been administering that BID. Last night while holding her in a towel to prevent from being bitten she was very calm yet on guard. Her eyes are clear and not runny. Her nose is clean too. I checked her ears and they were so blocked with black crud that you couldn't see past the vertical ear canal into the horizontal ear canal because of the blockage. I used Epi-Optic to squirt into the ear and massaged as well as I could to loosen the filth that was blocking the canal and cleaned the flaps as best as she would allow. She shook her head vigorously yet never fought me the whole time or tried to get away. I also repeated the procedure today.

    I know that cats/kittens can be infected with rabies but the chance is low. I have her isolated from the rest of my cats just in case, but I'd like to know if the the symptoms I describe above could be rabies or could it just be severe ear infections or weakness due to malnutrition causing her inability to walk steady.

    She will be going to the Vet as soon as I can make arrangements.

    NOTE: If the advice you'd like to give will not help comfort my thoughts or help this kitten till I get her to the Vet, then please keep your comments to yourself and don't waste my precious time!

    Thank you. :)

    2 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • What is the best way to de-flea kittens?

    I have rescued 2 kittens from under a rose bush about 5 wks ago that are now approximately 8-10 wks old. They are full of fleas. Till now I've just been using a flea comb. I googled and found that I should use Lemon joy to bath them and that the citrus will kill the fleas. Didn't work! But I didn't leave it on for a period of time. And I put the Joy in the bath water and not on the kittens out of fear they would get sick.

    I asked the owner of a local rescue center her opinion when I took them to have them wormed and she said to use blue Dawn dish soap, which I haven't tried yet, and put it on them till they become a light blue in color. (They are 90% white kittens with patches of grey tiger stripes and orange.)

    They are healthy and gaining weight, playing and adapting well in their new environment, yet need their shots. They will both be spayed (girls of course) as soon as possible. I like to wait till they are at least 4-5 months old.

    But, my problem at this time is the fleas!!!

    Any ideas?

    6 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • Why are emails bouncing back?

    I was notified from the Administrator of a site that I frequent that email notifications to my Yahoo acct. are bouncing back because my email address doesn't exist. I then noticed that this wasn't the only site that I stopped receiving notifications from.

    Does any one know how this can be corrected and why it started happening all of the sudden? Has to be a Yahoo server thing. Right?

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  • Malnourished Rescued Kitten?

    On Thursday Sep. 9th, I rescued a 5-6 week old kitten I found on the streets where I work. She is horribly malnourished, yet was very alert. She had an appetite at that time so when I got home, I fed her Purina kitten chow. I gave her .02 mls of strongid that I had received from the Vet a month ago for another rescue kitten that I have. On Friday at dinner time she began to vomit and coughed up so many round worms that I literally had to pull them from her mouth to prevent her from suffocating on them. I then gave her some Panacure that I keep around for my rescues. (I hope I didn't do the wrong thing by giving her the 2nd drug) Since then she is very lethargic, refuses to eat, and just lays there in a crouched position. She hasn't defecated, but has urinated a little. I have been force feeding her and even smooshed up the kitten chow with warm water and put it in a bottle to force it down her. After keeping an eye on her all day, she is finally starting to stretch out some and lay on her side, though it bothers me that she just stares out into space while laying there. She tends to feel cold to me so I put her in a training cage that I keep for isolating my rescues and have given her a soft warm baby blanket to lay on that is on top of a quilted waterproof bed pad,though she prefers to lay on the cool tray of the cage.

    If anyone can give me any advice as to if I should be doing something more than what I have been doing. Please tell me. She will be going to the Vet tomorrow but I have to make sure she makes it through the night. Any suggestions!

    Thank you!


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  • 10-week old kitten with rectal prolapse?

    I have a rescued 10-week old kitten that gets rectal prolapse. He is on a special diet but I ran out of food. What can I replace this special diet food with till I can get him back to the vet on Monday? It has to be a wet diet.

    I've also been told by the vet to buy baby food "chicken flavor", but, it is so expensive.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!


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  • Pasting a help link into Yahoo! ANSWERS?

    Everytime that I paste a link into the answer box, click preview, it is clickable. But, it is not clickable once I submit the post!

    Could someone please help me here?



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