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  • Question about an international flight booking?

    Hello, so this autumn I am flying to Russia for a vacation with my friend. I booked the flight a while ago and I booked the flight to enter/exit through St. Petersburg Russia. My return flight has me going back to the US beginning in St. Petersburg with a stop in Vienna, and then back to the US. Now I have decided to go to Moscow and I thought, instead of going all the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg to catch the first leg of my flight, why not just fly from Moscow to Vienna? I would skip the first leg of the flight therefore. But then catch up in Vienna.

    Now I booked via and the flight is on Austria Airlines. Do I need to go the whole way with the scheduled flight to be able to fly home with them? I checked with Expedia and it would be a 300 charge to change this. But the Moscow to Vienna flight is only about $150. Thus my question.

    I don't travel to Europe very often and so far Expedia hasn't gotten back to me. So any help or advice is appreciated.

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  • Russian visa process for an American.?

    I am planning a trip to St. Petersburg and Moscow in September of this year. I am looking for a tourist visa. If anyone is knowledgable, what are the best ways of getting the visa? And should I wait to buy my plane ticket? I'd love to book it today but I am worried about the visa as the requirements seem difficult. Did anyone ever hear of an American being rejected?

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  • How to lose 30 pounds in 8 months?

    I am visiting Europe next May and June and simply, want to look as good as possible. Currently I am 33 and weigh 248. That is too much obviously. I am setting my standards low but would love to get down to about 220.

    Diets confuse me. Frankly I never eat fast food, I make almost everything I eat. I avoid sugar as much as possible. I try to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. I also have an active job and I do a little exercise, weights and bicycling mostly.

    What else? I do not want to join a gym. I'd like to really get peoples advice on foods to avoid and to eat. It would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Better to go prepaid or buy a sim card?

    Hello I am a novice obviously to the post-contract mobile world.

    I am ending my current contract with T-mobile this upcoming week and am unsure what to do. Firstly I do not want a new contract. I see prepaid plans with Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile, for my area, that seem to offer very good deals for 30 dollars a month. I use less than 2GB data a month and their plans fit me. But... I dislike the available phones except for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4S.

    So on to buying an unlocked phone and buying a sim card from someone. Which is better? I want access to the best phones, such as the Galaxy S3. I also need to save money, so no contracts.

    So for the parameters of a great phone and low monthly rates, what should I do?

    I really appreciate advice and thank everyone in advance.

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  • Cars engine won't turn over. any ideas?

    My 98 malibu this week is having trouble starting. I turn the ignition and it is trying to start. It only goes if i give it a little gas which i never had to do before. And afterwards the engine smells like gasoline.

    Any ideas? I am taking it to a mechanic today and just want advice if possible.

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • Car's brakes making a deep grumbling sound?

    Hello I own a 98 Chevy Malibu. Lately, as of the last two days of driving, it makes a sound I have never heard before. When I begin to brake and slow down it sounds like the brakes in front are grumbling. Its a deep almost grunting noise. I have hardly driven it since and am waiting to take it to a mechanic.

    I have had trouble in the past when my pads wore out and it was metal on metal. That made a very loud screeching sound that cost me hundreds to repair.

    Can anyone give me any advice? I am a novice at car repair and will rely on a mechanic and don't want to get squeezed.

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 years ago
  • typewriter buying advice?

    Hello I am looking for typewriter advice. Please don't tell me to buy a computer as I obviously have one already.

    I just want advice on a model or features I should look for. Smith-Corona? Remington? How do the older ones stand up to a lot of work? I prefer the older ones because they seem a lot less clunky than newer ones. I will use this 90% at home, but sometimes travel and would take it along.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    3 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • HTC HD 7 t-mobile question?

    Hello I was interested in purchasing the HTC HD 7 and just wanted to know from people who have use it or who in general may know, two things. Firstly how much does the data plan cost on average per month with T-Mobile? And how diverse is the Windows application store? I know the big ones like Facebook are there, but how about smaller apps?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Apple Powerbook hard drive erase?


    I am selling my old Apple powerbook and want to be sure that the years of data I have on it cannot be accessed or misused. Does someone know a good software program to completely wipe my hard drive? What else should i do? Do i need to do anything to the disc drive or RAM?

    I was going to completely replace the hard drive but have neither the time or money. I'd really be thankful for anyones advice to make the laptop completely free to sell.


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  • Playsation 3 controller question.?


    okay this hopefully will be an easy answer for some of you. I have a Call of Modern Duty 2 controller, made by Madcatz, that I need to link to my Playstation 3 console. I was given this controller by a friend who said it works fine, and unfortunatly is out of town and cannot help me at the moment.

    Simply how do i link the darn thing up? I connected the usb and the controller into slot 2 and held the PS button down and it keeps blinking no matter what i do. I tried this with the other usb port and nothing.

    if someone just gets the controller to link, they get the points. Thanks

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  • Debit card in Europe?


    I am traveling to Europe, Germany mostly with a plane stop in Heathrow London. I just want to make sure my debit card will work.

    It is a Washington Mutual debit/credit cardwith the Star and Mastercard logo's. Its a good card and always works here and when i charge things from Europe. But on the ground should it be okay? I know Star is not as widely used as Cirrus. My last card used Cirrus and was always fine. But its a Mastercard.

    Any advice would be good. Thank you in advance

    1 AnswerCredit1 decade ago
  • British Airways Strike vote?

    I am traveling in late Feb. to early march to Germany via British Airways. I just read about the potential strike vote this morning. Why I even booked on British Airways is already beyond me.

    But does anyone know how serious or close to a vote this is? Is there a good chance I will be stuck in Germany without a way to get home to the United States?

    Any information would be good. BA just has a statement offering a refund on their website.

    2 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Travel in and out of Heathrow Airport?


    I am traveling to Munich this spring and will be using British Airways. I will stop once in Heathrow airport.

    The last time I went I nearly missed my connection flight. We spent maybe 45 minutes waiting to get off the plane and another 30-45 minutes waiting to take off.

    I know there is a new terminal there but also it is one of the busiest airports in the world. My question to fellow travelers is, has the length of time there improved any? Especially for British Airways?

    Thanks in advance.

    2 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago
  • Burberry Coat size information?


    I am completely confused. I have seen a nice coat that I would like to buy but I am confused as to its exact size. The ebay seller lists it at 48R and says it is a British size 58. The underarm length is listed at 29 inches. It is a Burberry if that helps.

    I have never bought such an expensive coat so any help with sizing and what this would convert to in American sizes, i.e. s-XXL would be so helpful. Thanks in advance to all the Yahoo experts

  • Combining 2 itunes libraries?

    Okay I have not found a clear answer to this on any of the apple boards or online yet.

    I loaded my older itunes music onto my laptop where I had already uploaded some songs, some of which are not in my older library. I have tried to drag the file into the existing file, with the new songs, but it wants to erase the newer one.

    Simply put, how can I just combine both without deleting anything? I use a macbook with the newest itunes and leopard OS if that helps.

    Any advice is quite appreciated

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Do I need a new hard drive?

    I own a first generation apple macbook. I have had it for years and it never gave me problems until this week.

    Its a long story but as i was using it, the computer took a heavy blow to the far right hand corner below the keyboard, above where the hardrive is.

    It beeped and the computer froze and since then it cannot get past the gray boot up screen. Does anyone have any ideas before I buy a new hardrive and replace it?

    3 AnswersOther - Hardware1 decade ago
  • Anyone know some good Books on Afghanistan?


    I am looking for a good and trusty history of Afghanistan for the last twenty to thirty years. I would also like a good account of the war there and the Operation which took down the Taliban.

    I see a lot of books dealing with Iraq but I do not see as many for Afghanistan it seems.

    Any tips or must reads?


    3 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago
  • Ex-Girlfriend advice?


    Okay after 2 years my gf basically said she is thinking of me of a friend than as a boyfriend and just didnt have the romantic feelings for me that she did. This was just weeks after we were talking marriage. She kept saying she wasnt feeling like she should be feeling.

    Now this past week she said she wants to be friends and some friends of her tell me she isnt seeing anyone and calls me her best friend.

    She has been poking me on facebook and even wrote me if I was okay in the earthquake which hit Southern california recently. Thats the only time Ive replied.

    I am not over her and do want her back. I also won't wait for her if I find someone new.

    My question is, how much contact should I have with her? i do want to talk to her, maybe talk her back to me, but then again maybe it intereferes with me moving on?

    Any help would be great!

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Advice on getting a girlfriend back?


    To make a long story short after 2 and a half years of dating and having just talked and agreed on plans to Marry and move in together next year, my Girlfriend said she needs some time to think. She says she is really confused inside and needs to sort out her emotions.

    I have 2 years in this and while I know the dreaded "time apart" is usually lethal, are there things I can do to help get her back? I was thinking to try to make her jelous a little bit. As well as leaving her alone and not talking or writing with her. Just cut her off.

    She asked if we would remain friends if we broke up. I also asked her, do you want to leave me? and She said she is not sure. I know her friends and they say to give her time alone and that she is not seeing anyone else.

    Any advice is helful. Thanks!

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • DVD Recorder question?

    Hello everyone

    well my VHS tape player had died and I do not want to get another one. I have no experiance with DVD Recorders so I do not know what to look for and therefore I hope for some help.

    I basically want to be able to record a movie, tv show, and save them on disc. Is this possible? I work weird hours so I miss a lot of my favorite shows and also some great sports games. Plus sometimes I'd like to save it and be able to watch a month, two months, or so down the line. Thats the main reason I am looking at this. I personally do not like the old tapes as they are clunky and I don't see why I should get another one to record.

    Thanks for all replies in advance!

    2 AnswersTiVO & DVRs1 decade ago