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*I'm back, and planning to stick around here for a while! I'm a bilingual (french/english) hockey fan from Montreal. I support the Habs. I love playing video games and listening to rock music, especially punk rock, alternative and christian rock. I ♥ a lot of bands, but now I'm more into Manafest and Richy Nix. Straight edge until I die! Spent three years of college in social science. Now pursuing my studies in the Youth and Adult Correctional Intervention program. Sports that I like watching OR playing: hockey, badminton, volleyball, karting, paintball, archery, rollerblading/ice skating, bike riding, wrestling, etc. I have an interest for guns. I'm also a sports lover who participates in various team sports on a recreational basis. No team this season though. I'm mostly on Yahoo Answers but I'm also a regular on divers websites. That's all about me, feel free to add me if you want to, I'll add you back :)

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