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  • Please help...son is facing serious charges for defending himself in KY.?

    I have a problem…and I need advice

    To start with I have a 14 year old son and for months now he has been getting bullied by another student. Thursday this student pushed my son and a fight extruded. My son at 5’7 172 lbs can defend himself with no question he has been in boxing for quite a while now. He is fully aware that he cannot under any circumstances other than self defense fight. Anyways the fight broke out and the teacher grabbed my son’s arms behind him and the other student kept hitting my son while the teacher was screaming for help, my son was saying racial slurs at this student long with cursing. I get a call that my son has to be removed ASAP and that the law was in route. Once I get there the police are there and my son is in a room (closet) with the officer, I go into the room to find the officer is upset because my son would not talk to him until I was there. The officer informed me that my son was facing assault charges, racial slandering, and threatening a life…..The other student no charges as to school policy states for fighting the punishment is 3 days suspension…..I am so at a loss. Isn’t there something I could do in reference to the teacher holding my son while he was being assaulted, the other kid could have stabbed him or anything while he was restrained, he had no way to defend himself other than with words….Please advice. I do not need rudeness so if that’s all you know refrain from responding. Thanks

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  • This is driving me crazy!!!Please Help....?

    There is a "parked website" That keeps coming on my screen every 3-4 minutes...How do I get rid of it? I have ran anti virus and searched for it, yet cannot find the source, Please help.

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  • I need some insight from someone I don't know....?

    Me and my husband moved to a very rural town from a very fast city to raise our children. We've been here 6 mo. our children are happy, but we're not. There is no work and our savings is almost gone. (our children aren't aware of any financial strappings) What should we do? I am an educated person. I have went to 2 interviews and I'm waiting on a decision. My husband was seriously injured 11 months ago. He has applied for SS but at 37 we doubt that will go through.(even though he has paid taxes since he was 16). I just need some outside advice from a non judge mental person. Thank you all so much.

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