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  • Where can I find games to used on an Invion Slide PMP?

    I have an Invion Side PMP, but can't figure out where to find games that will work with it. Anyone have good websites for the file types this system needs?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games10 years ago
  • On Farmville, how do I use a harvester on someone else's farm?

    I just bought a harvester and plower, but cannot figure out how to use them on someone else's farm when hired.

    Does anyone know how to do this? I have them both in my storage and have tried to select them. I've clicked "use" on the harvester, but when I try to use it on the farm job, it only shows up shadowed in red. I cannot get it to work.


    2 AnswersFacebook1 decade ago
  • Why can't I find True Blood Episode 12 of season 2 online yet?

    Why can't I find Episode 12, season 2, of True Blood online to watch yet? None of the places I've gone before has it.

    My friend was trying to watch it on HBO on demand last night and even she could get it.

    Is HBO having issues? Anyone know what's going on or a place I can watch it that's actually got it posted?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • Thoughts on the Doctor Who Final Journey's End?

    Personally, I think this was the best season final I've ever seen of Doctor Who. It was incrediable having everyone there at one time.

    One thing though that's been running through my mind is that since Donna does have the Doctor's memories then could she also have gotten some of his regeration energy?

    Remember River knew the Doctor's't Donna also know his name? If something happened that Donna could die, IF she did get regerative energy and regenerate..she would then have the Doctor's memories again and know his name. Could Donna possibly become River?

    Just a wild thought here. Any ideas?

    1 AnswerOther - Television1 decade ago
  • Are there any Bookstores in Merida, Yucatan Mexico?

    I have a friend who moved to Merida Mexico last summer. She misses the bookstores here, but not sure if there are any nearby. Does anyone know of a bookstore in that area?



    8 AnswersOther - Mexico1 decade ago
  • Directions needed- How to get to Roanoke VA Science Museum from TGI Fridays at Valley Mall?

    I am taking my son to the Science Museum in Roanoke Virgina for his birthday, but am having trouble finding directions how to get there from TGI Fridays at Valley View Mall in Roanoke VA.

    Can anyone help me out?

    I've called the museum, but only get recordings, no real people.

    1 AnswerOther - United States1 decade ago
  • CD Player- I want to record my son songs to play, but what form do they need to be in?

    I know there are free songs out there to download, but what format do they need to be in so that they will work on a portable CD player?


    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • Car trouble. Any ideas what it might be?

    I was pulling my car out of the drive way just now and the wheel jerked, along with grinding noise and was hard to turn. As I drove a little, it was very hard to turn. The power steering fluid looks fine. Doesn't look like a leak anywhere that I can think of. It was fine this morning when I drove it and has only just now acted up.

    I have a hyundai elantra. I think 1999.

    Anyone have any ideas what it might be. I'll try to get it to the mechanic Monday if possible, but otherwise I won't be driving it until I can get there.

    9 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • How to get gum off of the seat in the car. Cloth type cover.?

    My son accidently left some of his bubble gum on the seat in the car. It's cold outside so I've tried scraping it off, but what else can I do to get the gum off. It's not sunk in, just kinda spread across a little.

    11 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Azureus- How do you use this program?

    I just downloaded Azureus, but can't seem to figure it out. I thought it would be like LimeWire, where you can see what files are available for download, but I can't seem to figure this one out.

    I've read the HOW TO files, and still can't get port access either.

    Any ideas. The Help files aren't helping and they use terms I have not idea what it means. I'm familar with Limewire, and another program, but for some reason this one has me baffled.

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Needing help with Azureus please?

    I just installed Azureus and went to test the port it suggested for TCP connections 57245, but when I test it I get NAT Error. I'm not sure what else to put.

    I'm running Windows ME

    Any ideas on what port to put or what I might be doing wrong?


    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Dr. Who- Is there a place to watch that online?

    I don't have cable TV, can't afford it raising an Autistic child alone. Not to mention the fact he can't handle having regular TV around.

    Anyways, I've been trying to find a place online to view full TV shows, like DR. Who, while he's at school.

    I've been able to find a about three of the shows on so far, but that's about all. I haven't found any on youtube.

    Does anyone perhaps know of a place to watch current TV shows online for free?

    2 AnswersInternet1 decade ago
  • Can Window ME be set up for Administrator control?

    I am looking to set up my computer so that I can block out certain computer functions from my son, even possibly internet access.

    I've tried the parental control software, but my son has figured out that with most you merely have to reboot the computer to get back to the orgional screen.

    He has Autism and doesn't listen to bounderies well at all. I've tried a child's desktop program, but quite a few don't work well with my older computer. I've had it for years and it's running Windows ME. Unfortunately, I won't have the money anytime soon to get a new computer. My computer cannot handle Windows XP either, already checked.

    A friend of mine suggested setting up my computer as Administrator so that I could set up accounts and be able to block out certain areas to him.

    Any idea if this can be done with ME or how to even do it? Or even if this will help me with the problem at all?

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Why do they take away points now when you ask a question?

    Yahoo answers used to give points for questions asked, now they are taking away 5 points for each question and I don't know why.

    Isn't that like shooting yourself in the foot, so to speak? They rely on people asking questions, why punish us when when we do?

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • What's a good book series to read, perferably super natural related.?

    I'm looking for a good book series. Any ideas?

    17 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • fat in foods doesn't seem to be digesting. Any idea why?

    I ate at 1pm and it's 11:10pm now and I'm throwing up the fat from my meal. I don't understand why, but if I eat low carb fat seems to digest better.

    Does anyone else have this problem.

    Any idea what might be causing it. It's like the fat doesn't want to digest and I've no clue why.

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • What would be a good holiday treat to cook for a diabetic person?

    I'm trying to find something that I could make that a diabetic relative can eat during their visit with family around Christmas time.

    14 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • How Do I Get Motivated Again To Loose Weight?

    I'm having trouble getting myself motivated to loose this weight that that Dr. said I needed to loose.

    I'm at a loss for ideas on how to get going again. There isn't the fire, or even a spark, that was there before when I lost 50 pounds in the 1980's. Unfortunately, I failed to keep it off when I left a highly active job of being a nursing assistant in a nursing home, to being a preschool teacher.

    31 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Are there Card shops near Blacksburg Virginia that buy trading cards?

    My late husband had a huge amount of baseball cards and other types of trading cards. I have no room for all of these. Does anyone know of stores near Blackburg, Roanoke, or Radford Virginia that buy trading cards as well as sell them?

    I've thought of ebay, but I don't have the money to post there.


    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts1 decade ago
  • Yahoo 360 won't let me click-n-drag pictures to it from flickr anymore. Anyone else having this problem?

    Yahoo reciently fixed things so that you could click-n-drag a picture from flickr to your 360 blog, but now it's taking me to the picture at flickr instead of posting it.

    Any idea what's going on?

    1 AnswerYahoo Profiles1 decade ago